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earl J on Mar 9 at 2:42

i'm in sydney...and i get a lot of flack for supporting the sixers (which i've done since AI got drafted)...and usually i defend them to the best of my ability...i log onto nba.com during lunch break at uni...saw the little box showing the Loss..and i didn't even bother to look at the boxscore. If the sixers lost to such an inferior team...i don't know if i will be following them anymore...it frustrates me so much that iggy can be a superstar...he has the tools...but he is so damn inconsistent! i've been following your blog for a long time and i feel your pain, i share your tough times (ai leaving, korver getting traded...EB being pretty much ineffective) ...i just hope we all pray for better times ahead.

Earl, thanks for reading, man.

I'm having a hard time looking for positives tonight. Hopefully they can pick up the pieces before Wednesday.

Brian (or someone who has seen the last few games),

Have you noticed if DiLeo has played the promised lineup of Miller, Iggy, Thad, Speights and Sammy yet? If so, has he been playing it much and how has that lineup looked?


To the best of my recollection, we haven't seen one second of that lineup in the past two games. Nor have we seen Iggy at the two and Thad at the three. If anyone remembers differently, please chime in.

At the 4:41 mark in the 3rd quarter of last nights game Speights entered for Willie providing the line up of: Miller, Iggy, Thad, Speights and Sammy was in for a short period of time. It lasted a minute and 14 seconds until Theo came in for Sam.

When I saw it I made note but it didn't last long enough to even mention. I think everyone would like to see more reps of that line up together.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 9 at 8:37

I was a Sixers fan in the time of Dr. J, Malone, Cheeks, Toney an those guys. I followed up thru the Barkley era (didn't much like Barkley then). Interest faded in the team during the MJ ascendancy. Never liked AI (but I respect him), shrugged when he left.

People still won't get it thru their heads that Iggy doesn't have the right ego to be a superstar. He lacks the consistent force of will of real superstars. See Scott Pippen. He's just a great all-rounder, nothing more. Nothing wrong with that, lots of teams should be so lucky, but when the chips are down, don't stack your chips on his number. Bad idea.

I've obviously been excited by Speights' potential, willing to start following my old favrit team, but I can't "watch" this anymore. There's no way a serious team would have allowed this to happen. No. Way. It would've been an impossibility. So I'm just going to disengage before I explode, wait til DiLeo's relieved and summertime shenanigans (trades, picks, buys) begin anew.

Good luck to all the diehards. Aspirin, I hear, is good for both the head and heart.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 9 at 8:48

p.s. one last comment, this was of course another good writeup, Brian. How does your team's best player play for 43 mins and take only 11 shots (two of which were hope-an-a-prayer half-court heaves at the end of a quarter)? Tired cuz of the back-to-back? Too bad. Kobe, Iversen in the same position? Fuhgeddaboudit.

I won't be defending Andre Iguodala in any way shape or form today, so all you Iguodala haters, have at it. I'm disgusted.

I'm either numb or zen or whatever, I wasn't upset (or even that surprised) when the sixers lost last night. They aren't a good team, (as i've said repeatedly) they're a mediocre up and down team - they beat teams they shouldn't they lose to teams they shouldn't - it just happens - they aren't a title contending team and Brand wasn't going to be the difference maker because this team still has too many flaws.

Brand can't make them defend the perimeter better OR make them better 3 point shooters
Brand might help the pick and roll defense, but the rest of the team is clueless as how to defend it (and this is a problem all the way back to Randy Ayers
Brand might help rebounding as well - but this team has got to get guys WHO KNOW HOW to fight for rebounds, box out, throw their body around and still have some offensive skill.

And yes - go right ahead - blame Andre Iguodala - he had a crappy day - but he's still the best over all player on this team - period.

It's a mismatched roster - it's been a mismatched poorly constructed roster for a long time now, Stefanski probably compounded that by over paying Louis in the off season without finding a taker for Willie - no team should have two guys of that skill level on long term deals (hell neither of them should really have long term deals probably)

Sams still lost -

Young is young and showing the growing pains associated with youth and being 20 (though they are unacceptable here)

Speights slipped in the draft for a reason and it's not going to be solved in 2/3 of an nba season

There's a reason DiLeo was never a coach in the NBA until now

It's just the island of misfit toys - NBA version - and it'll take a long time and a smart GM to fix it.

Hope we have a smart GM

I'm sorry, but the up-and-down, mediocre team argument just doesn't hold water for me in this case. They lost to a 16-win team missing it's two best players. There is no excuse for that, unless you're the absolute worst team in the league.

john reply to Brian on Mar 9 at 12:52

That's fine - doesn't have to hold water for me - i knew it was going to be a crap game after the first quarter - Iguodala just wasn't there (most of the first half) offensively, who knows why, but if he ain't there, the sixers can't really beat anyone.

They're not a very good team, and they were on the second half of a back to back - both on the road....5-10 on the second half of a back to back going into last night, don't have the time to research how many of those were road/road game back to backs.

And BTW - again - people are discounting a few things.

For instance, Jeff Green IS NOT the second best player on the thunder - the second best player played last night.

That's questionable. I like westbrook, but I have a hard time calling a 40% shooter the second best on any team.

john reply to Brian on Mar 9 at 13:00

I have a hard time judging a point guard by his shooting percentage in his rookie year.

BTW 'the worst team in the league missing its two best players' also beat the mavericks at home in the past week (march 2nd)

Not sure about you - but in a 7 game series - i'd take the mavs over the sixers.

Dallas was ALSO coming off a back to back.

First, I didn't call them the worst team in the league, I said only the worst team in the league should lose to them, when they're missing their two best players.

Second, Dallas should be ashamed of themselves as well.

Third, I'd take the Sixers over the Mavs in a 7-game series. Not the Sixers who showed up last night, obviously.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 9 at 13:44

Geebus, didn't I say I was gonna lay off til end of season? Sigh.

  • Dallas is a .600 team, nearly splitting road games and dominating their home games. Any team can beat any team on any given night, but when you're in a tough spot and you must win a clearly winnable game there's no way you should lose like this. Not like this. Dallas, otoh, can afford a clunker here and there.
  • Westbrook is a good rook, but if a guy with his shooting percentage and turnover rate is your best player, you're not supposed to trip up a "playoff" team with a true sense of urgency. Krstic is playing out of his mind of late tho.
  • Uh, say what now?
    "Speights slipped in the draft for a reason and it's not going to be solved in 2/3 of an nba season"
  • Slipped? Oh, did most mocks have him several places above where he went? Not so. Anyway, you can't put a whole lot of stock in where guys wind up in the draft as a barometer of true worth. Year after year, lots of late 1st rounders and 2nd rounders wind up performing better than so-called lottery picks. GMs are made fools of each and every draft.

    But the same rope you keep extending to Westbrook you could save some for Speights, who at least has a much higher PER. Speights needs reps. That's it. You'll see. Westbrook has improved each month with the full faith of his GM and coach to work thru his flaws. Just wait til Speights gets the same love. Dragon by the tail, I'm telling you.

  • Agreed tho that this team has flaws in how its complimenting its best player. Miller is aging, the window won't be open forever and a day so this summer is crucial.
  • Also agreed that DiLeo's not the guy to put this gaggle of humpty dumpties together in the right way. Cleeearly.
  • Have you looked at the west standings recently? The sixers are more 'secure' in their playoff positioning than the Mavs - if any team NEEDS wins against a short handed OKC team - it's the mavs because of the tougher competition and it being a 'conference' game (possibly division game) and who knows how tie breakers work in the NBA - not me.


    Have you looked at the west standings recently? The sixers are more 'secure' in their playoff positioning than the Mavs"

    Not really.

    The Sixers are 2.5 games from being out of the playoffs. The Mavs are 6 games from being out of the playoffs.

    To make matters worse, there are multiple teams on the Sixers heals. There are 4 teams currently out of the playoffs within 4 games of the Sixers. Dallas has to hold off Phoenix (who are 4 games behind them, but in a free-fall). the next closest team is Golden State, who are 13 games behind the Mavs.

    Well crap - that's what i get for not looking at the standings recently :)

    Hopefully i don't like like too much of a heal

    Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 9 at 15:00

    Whoop, sorry, obviously I didn't read the whole thread before responding :P

    Anyway, I can more easily excuse a .600 team with an "off" night (they lost by less than Philly did too, btw) than a barely .500 team with a wretched night.

    "The Mavs are 6 games from being out of the playoffs."

    and by that I meant 4 games.

    proofreading is good.

    Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 9 at 14:57

    Have you? The Mavs are 4 games up on Phoenix for the last spot. That's their only competition. Barring an unbelieveable mad run by Phoenix, I think they have a comfortable cushion on that team considering the amount of time left.

    Do we really have to compare schedules of the Mavs, Suns and Philly?

    I would have to agree with John. this team is what it is. that's a mediocre team that doesn't have anything to hang its hat on (outside of running the break). A team that's not good enough to consistently defend, not good enough to consistently shoot, not good enough to consistently score in the post, and not good enough to consistently get defensive rebounds. Some nights, they combine everything and are able to beat really good teams and play complete games. Some nights nothing clicks and they can lose to anything. That is the definition of a mediocre, .500 team.

    At this point I'm finding very little to look forward to, short term. Long term I'm still excited by the potential futures of Speights and Young, but depending on 20 and 21 year olds to carry you to playoff victories is unrealistic. This team, once again, is stuck in that middle ground that's so hard in the NBA. About a year ago this time I interviewed Stefanski and asked him what he thought was harder, making a bad team competitive, or making a good team great. To me, it's much harder to go from .500 to great than it is from a 20 win team to .500. The Sixers now don't have many tradable assets (as the players have played well enough to be overpaid, a la Dalembert, Iguodala, Brand and possibly Williams). They don't have cap flexibility. They won't have draft picks that will be valuable commodities, either as trades or to get top flight talent. If Young or Speights don't turn into studs (or they aren't traded at the peak of their value for a top talent), then this could be very difficult.

    If Brand comes back (as Elton Brand), and speights and young develop, but not to star-level, then this team could be a 45-50 win team. But greatness? Ed has a lot of work to do.

    Yeah... Lou, Sammy, Reggie. Bad contracts. We're gonna have to trade bad contracts for bad contracts... and hope that the guys we get in return were just bad fits for their previous teams. The John Salmons effect in reverse, if you will. A really, really good GM will be able to find the guys we need... guys who other teams' fans spend their time complaining about, but who might be quite effective in a Sixers uniform. I'm not gonna be pessimistic, or else I might quip that this can never happen, since Sixers uniforms appear to be lined with some sort of anti-good-basketball poison of some sort. No... I'm going to remain positive and believe that a good trade or two is on the horizon and that we'll get at least one guy who can shoot the ball reliably on this team.

    john reply to Rick on Mar 9 at 14:45

    guys who others teams fans spend their time complaining about

    If there's a GM out there basing his trade possibilities on a fan base - let me at him.

    At the beginning of this season, THIS fan base couldn't stop complaining about Andre Iguodala.

    Rick reply to john on Mar 10 at 9:26

    Ehhh, you completely missed the point as usual, John... which was almost impossible, since what I said was unbelievably clear.

    I'll make this simple for you, moron... very simple. Read slowly, though, and concentrate on understanding every word. If you don't understand one, just look it up here (http://dictionary.reference.com/)...

    We have some players who don't work for us. Other teams have players that don't work for them. A good GM can recognize bad fits and pick up talent that didn't work for other teams but that will work well for us.

    In no way did I even begin to insinuate that GMs should consider fans' opinions.

    You're a complete idiot in every conceivable way, John. Have a terrible day.

    john reply to Rick on Mar 10 at 10:41

    Well aside from the useless name calling, you're the one who seemed to think that whether or not a fan base complains about a player is relevant.

    If it's not relevant to your point, why include it in your point.

    Is the loss to OKC the one where CUBAN went off in the Mavs locker room?

    I think someone needs to start yelling at the sixers - a lot - that works for about 6 months before coaches start to irritate players (see Skiles, Scott reportedly) but if it gets guys playing better, and more focused, i'm all for it.

    Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 9 at 15:06
    "Is the loss to OKC the one where CUBAN went off in the Mavs locker room?"

    yer off yer game today, John. That was the Clips owner who went buckwild in the lockerroom.

    Cuban has the relationship with his players that he could not only get away with it, but it'd be effective for a while. fwiw, I don't think he's that guy.

    Somebody needs to yell at somebody tho.

    Real and Speightacular on Mar 9 at 17:49

    Right, which is different from how Sterling did it.

    Aftermath... Clips got creamed by Grizz the next game.

    What bugs me most is what seems to me like a sheer lack of effort out there. The Sixers were beaten in every imaginable way and in every statistic.

    If I was out there on the court yesterday I'd have disowned myself by now.

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