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This Is What's Wrong With The CBA

Well - this has been a problem for a while now - the clippers even when they were atrociously bad always in the lottery trading guys away were one of the most, if not the most, profitable team in the league.

The problem (for me) has always been that I always have thought that sports teams should just be like 'toys' for REALLY rich people - and you always want your toy to be better than the other toys - i.e. winning titles - i admire the fact that a guy like Daniel Snyder will spend money (i don't admire that he's a moron who doesn't realize he doesn't know anything) - to me that's how you own a sports team - if you can afford to spend the money - you shouldn't buy (and note I think the NFL prohibits corporate ownership of teams)...

There's no perfectly solutions - personally all salary caps do is protect owners and GMs from their own stupidity - they are the complete OPPOSITE Of competition but in a sports league each team needs the other to survive for the league to survive so there's some propping up.

The problem I think stems from owners who care more about profits and loss than winning titles - and my personal opinion is you shouldn't own a sports team if your number one priority in owning that team isn't winning a title.

Oh and hollinger loves per (and does acknowledge its limitations, ever been to the APBR board?) but he came up with it - ESPN hypes it - and him - so he has to still support it - i'm sure if he could come up with something better - or you did - he'd acknowledge it...L:)

The league should really contract, but they never will.

Do you have any stats on teams owned by corps.?

john reply to Brian on Mar 10 at 10:45

It's purely anecdotal from my own observations honestly - i never did indepth research. Only teams I ever noticed were the disney owned teams, which were sold quite shortly after they succeeded.

I know comcast owns the flyers - but since they haven't won a title since the 70s:)
FOX and the Dodgers for instance

I think corporate ownership has reduced some recently due to the 'non profitability'. I don't know the corporate owners now compared to 10 years ago.

As for contraction - that's not always a leagues decision - unions get REALLY testy when you put their members out of work.

I don't think contraction is the solution in the NBA not really - bad teams will still be bad teams - smart teams will still win - bad teams need to stop being run by idiots :)

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