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Has it been updated somewhat? I only see this unit at #12 in overall rating.

Looks like they updated it last night, the unit dropped to #4 in 1-year adjusted +/-, which is what I was sorting by.

Heat and Pistons are getting in good shape right now, while we will be lucky to finish at .500 if we continue at this (horrible) rate.

I smell a first round sweep here, if nothing new happens, reguardless of the opponent.

If I was DiLeo I would make them watch the OKC game in a loop for like 24 hrs

Ouh, and good recap of that game Brian, I read it too late and didn't comment there, but just wanted to tell I shared your same feelings, 100%.

This team is making me mad, and I am by far one of the most positive and optimistic Sixers fans you can meet on earth...

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