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Another Bad Matchup?

Real and Speightacular on Mar 11 at 18:00
"They can take turns failing to box each other out, then not going after the ball off the glass."


Barg's is hilariously rebound-phobic. But he can shoot the three. If he's in, there's a load of mismatch problems for the Sixers defensively.

If the sixers let Bosh do his thing and the raps let Andre do his thing leaving all else to status quo, who wins?

The Raps are better than their record would indicate, but you just never know what team is showing up on any given night. It's a battle of the schizhoids.

That's a good question. If both Iguodala and Bosh score 25, I'd probably give the edge to...wow. I guess the Sixers, because Iguodala doesn't score 25 unless he has a very efficient game, he stops shooting if he isn't efficient.

You know, it's been over a month since the Sixers won a game by double digits. Not a good sign.

Same old, same old starting lineup. We're about to tip it off.

Thad on Bargnani. Sammy fouls Bosh on the first play of the game, good d on the second.

Can't leave Bargnani open for three. Someone should realize that, right?

Man that ball was sitting on the rim.

That was a bs call.

Wonder why we never see Sp8's with it low on the blocks, esp. since he is sort of the center with this lineup here. He's always shooting the 15 footer after a pick and pop, but I would like to see how he operates down low.

He's good in the post, they should go to that much more often.

19-19 after the first. Speights was the first guy off the bench. Bargnani hit 3 threes in the quarter, the last one was very much contested by Sammy, though.

Iguodala is feeling good from three, looking for it. 2/3 so far.

Ukic can't handle Lou off the dribble.

Nice. And Lou is taking it to the rack every time.

Man, they are hopeless w/out Calderon on the floor.

Any chance they just cruise to a win from here? I could use a low-stress game.

15-point lead w/ 3 and change left in the half.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 20:00

You realize you are watching the Sixers, right? :)

Iguodala is hurt. Not good. Minutes for Thad at the three now.

Andre Miller directs the heck out of traffic, huh.

Glad to see Sam looking fierce in the 1st half. I was ticked that DiLeo had him in the doghouse the last 2 games.

Now if Evans can get those touches on the low blocks 2 straight times, can we try Sp8's please??

Seems silly, right?

I'm hoping Speights will get the start in the second half if Iggy can't go.

Miller, Green, Thad, Speights, Sammy

Evans in the post on back-to-back possessions. Wonderful offense.

Be nice to extend this lead out of the gate so Iggy can rest that back strain.

56-39 at the half. The bench dominated in the second.

Would be a big win if they hold on as the 3 teams in front of us all have tough opponents tonight.

Ugh, just turned on the Knicks/Pistons and Detroit reeled off an 11-1 run.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 20:26

and the Hawks are up by quite a few at the half on the Jazz.

Iguodala's back.

Thad is running the floor and stroking the heck out of that J tonight.

Jesus, if Thad can shoot like this regularly, or somewhat regularly...

Every time down they are running a play tonight, guess they had an extensive look at the film from Sun.

I liked the way they were punishing Toronto when they tried the press. I think that might be the first time I've seen a team try full-court pressure against the Sixers this season, other than at the end of games.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 20:41

Well to counter that, it is the 1st time in a while that we have had a substantial lead where a team was forced to that, to try to create a turnover or speed the game up.


Sam is not messing around tonight. On a serious tip for sure. How I long for that from him consistently...

Sam has been huge.

Up 18 heading to the fourth. Push it up to 25 so Iggy can get some rest, please.

Uh-oh, here comes that run. Stop relaxing B and get up on the edge of that seat again.

still double digits, my blood pressure won't really rise until it's less than 10.

pick and pop, lou and speights. good offense.

Hey, Ivey has absolutely no feel for that floater, runner in the lane, or layups for that matter.

Alright, sitting up now.

Time to get miller and thad back in...or just miller. Why is Thad still on the bench, he's never been this hot before.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 21:03

He's got to pull Reg at the 5 minute TO to get Thad back in I would think

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 11 at 21:07

He pulled Iggy instead.

Nope, Thad for Iggy.

Tom Moore on Mar 11 at 21:05

Still scoring, but slow rotations allowed Raptors back in game.

Terrible defensive half, good thing the Raptors can't defend either.

Player of the game rather easy tonight. Curious to see who you choose.

Thad had his two free throws to get to 30 points, missed both and it looks like he's getting pulled here. Yup, Rush for Thad.

Still haven't won by double digits in a month.

My wrap will be up later tonight, need to eat some dinner.

Earlier comment about Speights on the block

Honestly I am starting to think the sixers don't understand the strength of posting up on the low block - hardly ever done by anyone - maybe sam being so bad at it made them forget?

Missed the game - interesting box score - FT shooting comes in handy :)

Knicks just came back to beat the pistons in OT, Heat beat the celts and the hawks ended the jazz streak. Ill take it although I was surprised the heat beat the celts.Wade is on a mission.

Gotta love having Starbury starting for Boston.

Damn I was real bad in my picks tonight

I had the knicks. Not sure if i took the heat. definitely took the jazz.

John reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 23:03

I didn't know marbury was starting, took the jazz, took the pistons cause they been playing better.

hmmm...injury updates

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