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Thad Leads Onslaught

I had Sam as the player of the game, too. But you misled me in the comments that I thought you were going to pick Thad. Sam played with a purpose tonight and as you already said, was reminiscent of the stretch last year. We are such a different team when he brings it like he did tonight.

The team would seem to be more productive by feeding Speights down low (within 8-10 feet) for an inside-out game. It would at least cause the defense to sag or cheat enough to open up a perimeter shot or driving lane for our many slashers. For his limited minutes I would feed him often to see what kind of looks it presented. But him and Lou do pretty well with the high ball screen also, just wonder what that element would add if attempted.

I was at the game. While I definitely agree Sammy was the player of the game, I believe Lou and Reggie caused the tide to change by playing very D in the 2nd quarter. They also made the game faster. And NJ just lost to the Warriors!

Lou was torturing their backup PG in the second.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 12 at 6:28

Sam had a monster game and his motivation is not totally surprising considering that mess with Team Canada last summer (you guys know Sam's a Canuck now, right?). He was out to prove something.

Bosh really dislikes playing as or against a centre, he prefers being the power forward. The Raptor's centre is a bit of a creampuff though, so it's a waste to put Sammy on him, really. Sam was the man tonight, tho Thad and the Philly bench was a beastly, too. Sam shut down their best player and provided great scoring himself. Couldn't ask for more.

Detroit ran out of gas. I agree that Miami (DWade) is on serious mission tho the Celts are kinda cruisin til the whole gang is back hale for the playoffs.

Beat Chicago on Friday and then it's just a matter of how high Philly can climb (I still say 7th).

Real and Speightacular on Mar 12 at 6:30

p.s. just for giggles, would you trade Sam for Bargs and Parker? That's a dip in defense, but if you replace Green with Parker and add a 3pt shooter?....naaah, nevermind.

Bargnani would drive me absolutely nuts. I don't think you can play him at the five and hope to compete.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 10:16

FYI: Only single tickets at $90 and $150 are available for Friday's Spectrum finale vs. the Bulls.

A bunch of former Sixers (Julius Erving, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Wali Jones) are expected to attend, but Mo Cheeks and Billy Cunningham are not.

It's too bad Mo won't be there.

I'm glad there don't seem to be too many tickets left, it'd be sad to play to a half-empty arena on a night like that.

"Honestly, I don't see any reason why Evans should ever play more minutes than Speights in a game, and he did tonight. Speights poured in 13 in his 16 minutes of action tonight."

Foul trouble would be one.

Fair enough.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 11:07

Also, if the Sixers are ahead, DiLeo may opt for more defense (Evans) than offense (Speights).\

In another matter, the Sixers don't have interest in former Net pick Marcus Williams, according to Ed Stefanski.

I'm not sure there's any way to quantify this, but I think Evans' defense isn't really conducive to holding a lead. He's very good at doubling at the top of the floor, and increasing the pace of the game by pressuring the ball, but using him in that role is essentially taking a gamble that the opposing team won't be able to punish the Sixers for it. The lane is wide-open, usually, and the rest of the team is constantly scrambling to make up for the double. It also hurts the team on the glass.

When you're down by 10 points, and you need something to shift momentum, it's probably worth the risk. When you're up by 10 with 6 minutes to go in the fourth, I think you're better off playing straight defense and making them earn every hoop.

One thing that's frequently overlooked is that the team, as a whole, is actually a worse defensive rebounding team with Evans on the floor. Mainly because he's rarely in the lane when the shot goes up.

To me, Evans should really only be used when the team desperately needs to change the game. He gets offensive boards, he's physical, and he can disrupt the other team's offense, but playing him is a very big risk.


I have for months tried to figure out why I go up and down on Reggie. You hit the nail on the head. Thank you, perfect point and correct. Now I can just enjoy watching Reggie when he should be in there and not go crazy think why he is in when we are up. Great point, I wish it would get back to the sixers staff.

john reply to Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 15:28


Defensive rebounding is part of defense

If Reggie Evans is in for defense, his impact on defensive rebounding is TRULY an issue

Zero offense and negative impact on defensive rebounding

How is he an asset on the floor at any time - the sixers most likely will be outscored when reggie is on the floor, and the opposing team will have more offensive opportunities off misses than if he is off the floor.

So I tend to think reggies 'defensive help' is a myth.

Offense matters at all points of the game - so if speights and evans are equally bad on their defensive impact - put in the guy more likely to at least produce some offense.

Sat Thad last night over Aldridge Rashard Lewis and McDyess - who knew Lewis would crap the bad :)

One thing that's frequently overlooked is that the team, as a whole, is actually a worse defensive rebounding team with Evans on the floor. Mainly because he's rarely in the lane when the shot goes up.


I didn't say you overlooked it :)

john reply to Brian on Mar 12 at 12:13

I know - it's just I've been fighting the 'reggie evans' battle for over a year now :)

Well, I think you're too far overboard in the other direction. He has a role, and he can be very effective in that role. It's just a much smaller role than the one he plays.

john reply to Brian on Mar 12 at 12:44

The primary argument from reggie evans supporters is that he helps rebounding - my counter argument has always been he only helps offensive rebounding and yet i was still roundly dismissed by many.

Plus - I still think his offensive rebounding impact is minimized by being a crap offensive player and crap free throw shooter :)

He's a minor player and he really shouldn't get into games before speights

Well, you'll be happy to learn that Evans got more touches than Speights in the post last night :)

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 12 at 13:36

Gotta agree with you fully, John. The difference between Evans and Speights defensively does not make up for the offensive difference. The net effect is plus Speights by a mile. Evans should consistently be inserted if/when Speights gets into serious foul trouble or -- if you really insist -- in a defense-for-offense per possession swap in the waning seconds of a close game. Sez here anyway.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 14:17

Iguodala (lower back strain) and Miller (sore calf) sat out Thursday's practice at the Spectrum, but are expected to play Friday vs. the Bulls.

So the calf is more of an issue w/ Miller than the shin? Hopefully they'll both be at full speed for tomorrow night.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 14:41

I believe so, Brian. Miller seemed to pull up on the break and grimace in the fourth quarter. I waited for him to come limping into the locker room after getting treatment well after the game, but he said he didn't tweak it there and was OK.

Thought it was encouraging how others picked up the slack with Iguodala and Miller not 100 percent.

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