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Statistical Oddities, Sixers Version

Don't suppose you have an easy way to compare the team stats to other teams around the league - i'm curios how much variance you'd see

pick three teams and i'll run the numbers.

john reply to Brian on Mar 12 at 16:30

Hawks, Pistons, Bulls :)

In wins - Shoot: 36.6% Allow: 31.1%
In losses - Shoot: 35.8% Allow: 42.7%

In wins - Shoot: 37.1% Allow: 28.9%
In losses - Shoot: 30.8% Allow: 41.5%

In wins - Shoot: 40.7% Allow: 30.2%
In losses - Shoot: 35.6% Allow: 36.7%

In wins - Shoot: 41.7% Allow: 33.1%
In losses - Shoot: 31.0% Allow: 35.6%

I threw in the Celts too, just because I was curious. These are all three-point percentages, by the way.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 17:39

Good stuff. I love numbers, such as the Sixers being 15-2 when they shoot 50 percent.

They're also 8-3 when Young scores 20-plus points. They started 13-2 when Speights plays 20 minutes, but have lost the last four when that happens.

Hollinger takes shot at Iguodala:

Joel (Philly via Youngstown): What free agent signing from last offseason goes down as the biggest mistake? Has to be Elton Brand, right?

John Hollinger: So far it's brand, but at least there's an excuse there that he's been injured the whole time -- maybe he comes back next year and turns out to be a monster. The same cannot be said for the folks who inked Andre Iguodala, Emeka Okafor, Luol Deng and Andrew Bogut to such big deals. The restricted free agent contracts from last year were the real mistakes, and nobody's talking about them.

I'm actually kind of surprised by that. Iguodala has the most win shares of any free agent signed last Summer.

I don't think Hollinger's shot was at Iggy but ALL the free agent signings last summer at such high numbers. Am I wrong and missing something?

Well, he did mention Iggy by name. Personally, I'd rather have Iggy right now than any of the other restricted FAs who signed last summer, and I don't think the value of his deal looks bad at all right now.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 18:48

I think Hollinger is blaming management for overpaying these guys moreso than the players. I still say Stefanski should've given Iguodala the $3.8 million qualiying offer for 2008-09 and see what happens in July. With this economy, there's no way he would've received an offer anything like the six-year, $80 million deal Stefanski handed out.

Plus, the Sixers still could've paid him millions more (10.5 percent raises vs. 8 percent by everybody else) next summer. Stefanski took the safe way (in terms of not risking losing him). I'm still stunned Iguodala turned down King's five years for $57 mill in October 2007. To think he'd score a raise after the Detroit series ...

Now, it definitely looks like there's no way anyone else would've offered him that much, not even close, but it didn't look quite so clear cut back in July. A lot has happened to the economy since then which has made every dollar spent last summer look a lot more expensive now.

At the time I think everyone would've preferred the qualifying offer for one year to see how these guys played side-by-side (iguodala at the two) before committing long-term to Iguodala.

I think you're probably right, Stefanski took the safest rout. I guess he decided Iguodala was a key building block and he wanted him locked down before someone could come along with a crazy(ier)offer (like what happened with Brian Dawkins).

I still think if you compare his salary to his peers, it isn't out of whack for what he brings to the team.

Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 18:51

Besides, the Sixers have two natural small forwards (Iguodala and Young). Unless one of them really improves his perimeter shooting, somebody is going to have to play out of his comfort zone.

One of the other writers has floated the idea of trading Iguodala for Ben Gordon in a sign-and-trade. What would you think of that?

Personally, I wouldn't do Gordon for Iguodala straight up. For one thing, it would mean you're paying Gordon way too much money. I also think you'd be giving up way too much to address the shooting issue.

If you could hold on one more year, I'd consider an Iguodala for Joe Johnson sign-and-trade, but I'd have to be pretty certain that Thad is going to be a pretty special wing to consider moving Iguodala.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 12 at 21:32

Iggy is worth so much more than Ben Gordon. Gordon is more assertive offensively but Iggy just brings so much to the team with his defense, ball handling, court vision, rebounding, etc

Speights and Young will be the biggest factors though. Assuming Miller stays and Brand is healthy next season we might only be a first-round, maybe second round team. If Young or Speights can raise their game in the coming months that might give us hope of giving CLE/BOS/ORL a good series.

Real and Speightacular reply to Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 19:59

You have to keep Iggy.

I, for one, am happy to see Marreesse lookin beasty against all comers. :D He needs to grow with a regular spot (ie comes in and leaves about the same time, plays about the same time) in the rotation next year.

SixersPhan on Mar 13 at 10:23

Glad i found this blog.

Can you guys talk about why we bever see them dump the ball to Speights in the post?

I am pretty much watching the Sixers these days just in the hope that Speights will get 3-5 touches in the post and we can see what he has. It is so frustraing to see him out there and all he does is the high screen and roll.

Why aren't they using him in the post?

john reply to SixersPhan on Mar 13 at 11:40

I think it's a team 'block' against the low post cause really they haven't had anyone who can play there in a long time.

Again, I think that falls on dileo and the coaching staff for not calling the play

That's an excellent question. Speights is a very, very good mid-range shooter, so I think they're trying to take advantage of that, but his work in the post has been stellar too. Maybe they're just blind to the post, I'm not really sure.

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