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Catching Up With The Bulls

Brian: interesting take on Rose. Media pressure... ignorant public perception aside, you just might be right. Refreshing to hear. havent seen much Rose tape this year, but seeing him against slow-footed Andre Miller would probably not be a good barometer of his offensive ability. I thought he looked pretty good in the 1st meeting though.

He's a talented player, and he will be very good. But right now he can't guard anyone. Not sure why the team is better offensively w/ him on the bench, haven't seen enough of them to draw any conclusions.

Ha! Last year you bashed Durant and look what happened. Rose is going to be a lock down defender eventually, I think. He's got the attitude and all the physical tools. All he needs is a coach to emphasis defense and teammates who buy into it too. The Bulls are horrible defensively. Tonight should be fun though. Maybe I'll check in on your game thread.

Yup, Durant has blown my mind with an 18-win season and one of the worst defensive ratings in the league, it's even worse than Rose's, if you can believe that. :)

I'm not really bashing Rose, I'm just saying the Bulls are a better team w/ Hinrich on the floor right now, VDN was right to play him down the stretch. Rose is going to be an offensive stud, defense I'm not so sure.

Miller's going to be pissed tonight, I'd expect some abuse for the rook.

Durant scores a lot of points on a crappy team - he must be great

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