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Close It In Style

Just hoping for the home team's coverage tonight, but I'm sure League Pass will provide us with Funk and King. Would be nice to see some Spectrum memories.

Tom Moore on Mar 13 at 18:51

Here's one: Chris Ford had an up-close-and-personal view the night Andrew Toney went off at the Spectrum.

Ford was the primary defender March 21, 1982, when Toney, then a second-year reserve guard, scored a Sixers’ and Spectrum record 25 points in a quarter – the fourth – in a losing effort against the Celtics.

“They called him the Boston Strangler for a reason,” said Ford, the former Sixers’ and Celtics’ coach who is now a Sixers’ pro personnel scout.

Asked what he remembers about the game, Ford laughed and said, “That he was a little warm.”

“Myself, M.L. Carr – we threw everyone at him,” said Ford, an Atlantic City native. “He was in a groove, a zone where few players get to be.”

Tom Moore on Mar 13 at 18:53

Harvey Pollack's favorite: Wilt Chamberlain's double-triple-double.

In the Sixers' 131-121 victory over the Pistons on Feb. 2, 1968, Pollack watched Chamberlain accumulate 22 points, 25 rebounds and 21 assists. The 21 assists remains tied for the team record with Maurice Cheeks.

"Nobody's ever even come close to it," Pollack said. "Anybody gets a triple-double today and it's a big deal."

Recording of Zinkoff to start the introductions. Nice.

Dag, several good defensive possessions, and in particular, good rotations and closeouts on the one with just under a minute left, but a risky, quick outlet pass was stolen and a buzzer three. ugh.

Miller and Thad in early foul trouble. Good half considering.

This may just be a good stretch of games for him, but Thad looks blossomed overall and his body movement within his jump-shot is more fluid. He looks rather comfy.

Good third.

Man this game has a certain feel and air about it. I wish they could play their playoff games there this year. Intimidating and nostalgic, to say the least.

Speights with a nice touch on the block and roll.

Laser beam from Miller!

Speights with a hammer all in Rose's grill after coming through the net. Ouch.

The crowd oohhinng on Sam with a Yeeeaaaaa!

I just got home and did see SPeights TRYING to establish position on Brad Miller and Williams looking for him - but Speights couldn't get open - then again the clock was running down and Lou had 4 seconds left and it turned into a turn over

Wish I could see a replay of that Lou travel call. Looked like he shook the guy legally.

John reply to Bryon on Mar 13 at 21:15

That's what the home team announcers think too - also think Millers offensive charging call was weak.

If John Salmons beats the sixers tonight - i'll be upset

A little heart displayed by Igs.

Free throws and rebounding REALLY PISSING ME OFF


And again when I don't play Thad he spanks me

13 and 13 on the 13th.

Holy crap.

They should've beaten the bulls much easier than that, but I have to say that was one of the most entertaining games I've seen all year. And Sammy followed up his best game of the season with a better one.

I'll have a lengthy post game later, for now I'm glad the Spectrum can be torn down in peace, knowing it ended on a high note.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 13 at 21:49

If they win game 7 of the Eastern quarters, that will still be the best game of the year. Wow.

I'm very pleased that the team closed the Spectrum on a high.

Thad has become this scoring monster over the past 2 games eh?

He's been unbelievable. If they didn't stop going to him, he could've had 40+ easily. The Bulls had no answer.

He had a great game but he still needs to work on being a little more well-rounded (like his was last year). He is on pace to be another Rudy Gay (with more skill and defense) or Danny Granger (with more athleticism). He can be better than that. If he rebounds and passes a little better he could be scarily good. The other thing is, he needs to work on drawing some contact and getting to the line. If he can get to the line 6+ times a game (should be possible) he'll be nigh unstoppable.

Were they playing the promised lineup yet (Miller, Iggy, Thad, Speights and Sammy)?

Not once tonight. I tracked the rotations.

I will say this, though. The past two games, Thad has really gone off when he's played the three. Both games, it has allowed DiLeo to give Iggy some extra rest (although against TO, it was probably the injury that necessitated the move).

Alvin reply to Chris on Mar 13 at 23:40

Yep, definitely there is a lot of room for improvement, but if he can find a way to sustain his scoring (especially at such an efficient rate) it will give this team what it sorely needs.

I am beginning to worry because I keep seeing Thad have games with 5 rebounds. I know that the two Andre's are very good rebounders for their positions and in that respect Thad is disappointing.

Getting to the line more and making a higher percentage of those free throws is the easiest way for him to improve. His overall defense is good. He needs to become more comfortable handing the ball though, and that's hopefully when he'll learn to pick a pass or two.

Remember that this is Young's 2nd season and he's still 20 (4 years younger than Iguodala) and think about what Iggy was like before the Iverson trade 2-3 years ago. If 2 years down the road Young is as good as Iggy is now we'll be a really good team.

Thad is light years ahead of where Iggy was offensively, but I think Iggy's overall game was better than Thad's even when he first came into the league. They're going to be different players, but I think they'll complement each other well when all is said and done.

Chris reply to Alvin on Mar 14 at 0:39

I think Thad could take a couple cues from Iggy in being more well rounded. He'll never be as all round as Iggy but he can improve quite a bit. I think he can be a better passer, rebounder and defender than he is now. If all they / we want from him is to score I think he could do that now. If they let him shoot more (if he was 1st option) I think he could be at 20+ a game right now. Which is pretty decent.

But, if you look at Thad's skills and attributes though, I think he could average what Carmelo does on the offensive side (low 20s, 7 rebounds, 3 assists) while shooting in the 50% range AND playing plus defense. That is a lot better. Someone with Thad's reach and athletic gifts should not be getting out rebounded game in, game out by Rajon Rondo.

Question, guys. Does the NBA review the games for refs calls? Does anyone know. I find it hard to understand HOW one team can have 3x the number of foul calls. Just does not make sense. And, I agree those 2 calls mentioned above were very weak as the other team DID THE EXACT SAME THING NEXT PLAY and got no calls.

I thought sixers did not play well but won ugly. And I felt the Bulls had a sixth man in the refs.

Refereeing has been pretty bad all year long. The Williams travel was b.s. I thought the Miller charge could've gone either way. The sixers got a couple of and-one calls that I thought were questionable. Overall, it seemed like a pretty typical poorly called game, but you'd expect more calls to go in the sixers favor, especially w/ a packed house. I mean, that is the home court advantage.

That was the most confusing part, Brian. The sixers were at home and it the way it was reffed was SO one sided. Only 1 team foul most quarters for Chicago??? Confusing, not trying to blame them, btw.

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