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A Proper Ending

Real and Speightacular on Mar 14 at 7:27
"Is there anything Marreese Speights cannot do on the offensive end? "


Fiyah. Breathin. Dragon.

Iggy, again, played 40 minutes tonight. I want him to stay fresh for the playoffs, but that seems like too much to ask right now.

John reply to hanwayl on Mar 14 at 13:51

It's a necessity though.

The sixers really need 'an Andre' on the floor at all times.

It's a function of the poor bench

I was actually shocked he wound up w/ 40 minutes. DiLeo got him a much longer rest than usual in the 2nd quarter. Then basically played him the entire second half.

haha i noted the sammy jumper with everyone in the building screaming "nooooooo!" but forgot to include it. it was hilarious because he made it, but yea literally everyone in the building was screaming at him.

Gotta love it, Brian, that even in your 'downer postscript', an 'end on a high note' bullet point made it in there. Pumped up - you were.

On another note, I wish the Wach would have lesser lighting like the Spectrum, where it is just lit up on the court. The Staples Center is like this. I would assume it helps the sight lines of the players when shooting, with not a lot of illumination in the background.

Also, so nice to see DiLeo go against his norm and change up the lineup late by pulling Lou for Willie as you mentioned.

I just wish the Wach could be filled like that couple times before the end of the season. When I was there for the 2001 playoffs it was the loudest/best atmosphere i've ever seen at a live sporting event, and I've been at several world series games and the 2003 aaron boone HR game 7 against the sox.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 18:28

oh man i hate the yanks but that HR was one of the coolest things i've ever seen. watching that with a bunch of red sox fans was something i'll never forget. as a philly fan in 2003 i could relate to that pain.

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