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First-Person Report: Sixers vs. Bulls

Tom Moore on Mar 14 at 0:44

I covered the Sixers at the Spectrum for eight seasons (1988-96). I forgot how dark it is behind the baskets and how narrow the hallways are -- reminds me of when you go back to your elementary school as a high schooler or older.

Love how the crowd is closer and way into it. They were going back and forth with Brad Miller from the second quarter on.

They still need a lot of work on closing out on 3-point shooters, especially in the corners, and defending the pick-and-roll.

So being there was as cool as watching it on TV? The light contrast played really well on Digital TV. Definitely brought back alot of memories of those 80's teams, too.

That pick and roll w/ miller and rose nearly cost them the game. good thing they didn't discover it until late.

agree, Tom. Could you make some commments on my questions at the "Close it" Blog, please?

Could not believe how hard it was to get anywhere in the corridors.

hanwayl on Mar 15 at 0:14

It was interesting to see Iguodala in the Top 10 Plays of the Day because of his block against Gordon. Maybe the league is paying him a little more attention than before?

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