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What Do They Need From Thad?

Choopong on Mar 15 at 1:56

Instead of drafting a small PG like Ty Lawson or Darren Collison, how about drafting a tall SG who can handle the ball like Evan Turner? He's very versatile and can replace Willie Green in the near future. The 2 PGs may be too small and can not play with Lou Williams any way.

Chris reply to Choopong on Mar 15 at 5:33

As far as a tall PG, I'd say draft Nick –°alathes. He's 6'5", can pass near Jason Kidd's level and he is a very high % shooter from outside (a la Calderon). He isn't that athletic but he has supreme skills.

With Thad, I'm sort of happy with his progress so far. He has gotten better at scoring (which is important) but he isn't defending, rebounding or passing at last year's level. First off, they need to move him to the 3 and move Iggy to the 2. He really isn't a PF. Second, they should use him as the primary scoring option now. He probably has the best offensive repertoire on the team already.

I'd still like him to improve on his ancillary skills though. I agree with Brian, he should be an excellent defender if he works on it. He also has to board better as there are some midget PGs in the league averaging more rebounds than him in less minutes a game. He possesses the wingspan of a pterodactyl and has amazing hops so he should be rebounding better than he has this year.

choopong on Mar 15 at 3:18
deepsixersuede on Mar 15 at 9:20

Brian, it is nice when Iggy doesn!t have to be the #1 option and can just play.The sooner Thad becomes a 20 ppg. player the sooner the Sixers may decide to get a lockdown, pressure the ball p.g..Or A.Miller!s minutes may be able to be cut some [32?] so we can pressure the ball a little more.As far as the draft, L.Will. hopefully will have a defined role by the end of the playoffs; if he is our backup 2 guard and Iggy our starting 2 guard the only place for a shooter is the backup p.g. position, and he has to be tall to guard the opposing 2 guards [Ivey].It is tough to be pigeonholed when drafting and look for a certain type, that is why I hope L.Will. can be our backup p.g. and a backup 2 can be added.I like Turner and Terrence Williams because they are good creators and in Williams case, a lock down defender but my guess is shooting is at the top of their list when looking at players in the draft.

Brian, I agree Thad needs to become the go to scorer. I am not on the same page with you about Miller.

Miller might be one of their top 2 players right now, but Miller/Iguodala/Thad just does not work. Not enough shooting. Even ignoring 3pt shots, look at 2 pt shooting (http://www.82games.com/0809/FGSORT7.HTM .) Thad is developing a decent spot of 3 ball, and can score inside, but he still is a horrible 2pt shooter, just like Iguodala. They shoot 35% and 34% on 2pt jumpers. They are both bottom 15 of the 125 regular players listed.

They can get away with this if they have a shooting PG. They also have less need for a 'true' PG with Iguodala's ability to create. They need a PG who can shoot- even if that player is overall not as good as Miller. Even if that player is a rookie.

Look at Lebron/Kobe/Wade. All way better than Iguodala, but similar in that they create enough where a good shooting PG (Mo Williams, Fisher and Chalmers) is a better fit than a pure PG with limited range like Miller. I argue Iguodala has reached the level as a creator/slasher that the same thing is true for the Sixers.

The other key is that with tall/long wings like Iguodala/Young your PG must be able to cover quick PG's. Right now Green does this for Miller. Iguodala will not be covering the PG for Miller like Green has. They really need a Chalmers type (they almost traded to get him for good reason.) Not a great player or PG, but can defend and hit shots. In the draft Curry could fall to them perfect fit on offense), but he is going to be killed just like Miller by many PG's. Maybe he is a better defender than I think?

IMO miller is a better defender than you give him credit for, but we've differed on that for a long time.

If you're looking for a rookie who can come in and shoot jumpers better than Miller (he's currently about middle of the pack on that list you showed above for PGs at 41%), and cover quick PGs, you're asking a lot. Chalmers doesn't even fit that bill (he isn't on the list at all).

I'd love to have a definitive stat to point to for Miller's defense. 82games only breaks down opponent's production by position, not by who the player is actually guarding. In general, I think it's overblown and I don't see a drop off at all when Miller eventually slides from the two to the one. From what I've read from the coaches, they start Green on the opposing point so Miller doesn't have to work so hard on defense early on.

This is all a conversation for next season, but personally, I'm fine with Miller on the ball. With Brand back, they'll have two guys protecting the hoop if guards can penetrate.

Draft Express doesn't project calathes to come out this year and has him a top 10 in the 2010 draft.

WHy is this interesting to me?

In the 2008 draft, draftexpress didn't project a certain player from Florida to come out at this time last year and projected him as a top 10 pick in the 2009 draft.

If Stephen Curry falls to the sixers how much of it is because he was more hype than substance - he's a kid who worries me - he was impressive in the tourney - but suddenly you got people cooling off on him who look at the game with a more analytical eye who aren't 'just' impressed with his points per game.

Only player i've developed any interest in is a late second round pick kid named woodside at North Dakota State as a back up point guard (who could not be on the floor as the same time as Lou, but that's ok - I'm of the 'one andre at all time' school)

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