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Marshall Law

I'd like to thank the heat for going 0 for 12 after starting 5 for 7 from the line and being a pretty crappy free throw shooting team as well :)

Marshal 10 Pts AND 5 rebounds in 10 minutes, plus 15 - seriously Tony - get it together

The rebounds were huge and he was decent on defense as well. Give this guy 10 of Reggie's minutes every night, I guarantee the Sixers will be a better team for it.

You mean give this guy all of reggies minutes right?:)

That too.

i don't know what the deal with iguodala's FT shooting is. he improved each year in the league until he peaked at 82% in '06/'07. now over the past 2 seasons he's shooting 72%, which is pretty horrible for a guy who gets to the line as much as him.

I remember Iguodala talking about how much work he put in from the line in the summer prior to the season where he shot 82%. Might be a good idea to go back to whatever he was doing then.

and you are spot on about the crowd this afternoon. people were going nuts for donyell.

I'd like to thank the Jazz for taking the Heat to triple OT. They amy have lost, but it certainly showed in the 4th, where the Sixers showed themselves the fresher team. DWade was pretty much spent, and credit to the Sixers for hanging in there and taking advantage in the 4th.

Went to the game(first one this year !!) and it was a pretty good one. The sixers were pretty much onto their 32nd loss of the season before Marshall came in. Lou Williams was flat out awful --he just looks soooo indecisive out there. I was sitting in the Mezz (7.85 a ticket...props to stubhub) When you sit up high you can really see the plays develop better and he really seems kind of lost running the team. Jermaine O Neal looked pretty good on the low blocks...hes still got some moves to score. I hope we see more of Donyell...he contributes more than just threes. Crowd was decent but the house was probably only 80 percent full at best.

I was surprised to see attendance listed at 20K, you think it was much less than that?

Good game to pick as your first of the season.

Think the game where Donyell came in late to seal the win was at Detroit when Brand was out with the hamstring and not Chicage as mentioned. But not sure as I may have missed him helping us against the Bulls earlier in the year.

As for the trip, 2-3 is an absolute must - whereas 3-2 would be gravy. The Golden State and even Sacramento games are going to be rather tough, not to mention that there are 2 back-to-backs to deal with also.

You're right, it was Detroit. Your memory is better than mine.

I had them going 2-3 on the trip back when I broke down the schedule. I think I should probably stand by that now. 3-2 would be a great trip, considering the circumstances, but it's doable.

Quote from Donyell after the game: "It shows when your team needs a game, Coach is willing to do whatever we need to get a win," Marshall said. "It doesn't mean I'm going to play the next game."

It doesn't mean he's going to play the next game, but it means he should.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 19:31

Marshall was the zone buster the Sixers desperately needed, even if it means Young sitting more than usual despite coming off games of 29 and 31 points.

To be fair, fatigue was probably a factor with Wade coming off his 50 points in 52 1/2 minutes Saturday. He only had 18 to snap a streak of 21 consecutive games with at least 20 points. He had just two of his 18 in the fourth quarter on 0-for-5 shooting.

Wade had averaged 43.3 points, 9.3 assists and 14.3 free throws in the previous three games – all Miami wins. He went to the line just three times in 34 1/2 minutes, had three assists and missed all six of his 3-point attempts after going 10-for-21 from downtown in the past three outings.

Tom, was there any indication from DiLeo that he plans to use Marshall more?

For a team that lacks a shooting option it's amazing how skeptical the coaching staff are about playing Marshall. He does more than just shoot, as others have iterated, just his presence along the perimeter will play in the minds of opposing defenders.

Marshall has always been an above average rebounder and that can help us since we can be such a weak defensive rebounding team at times.

We signed three free agents in the off-season, all three have shown they can contribute in certain situations. However only Ivey has been given the PT. Marshall can make more threes on an off night than any other Sixer can on average.

Rush hasn't shown jack, and he was given minutes early on. I'm fine with him on the very end of the bench, but Donyell has contributed every time he's been given an opportunity. They really need him, and I hope this wasn't just a blip on the radar.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 20:09

Sorry I didn't make it clear, I was referring to Ivey, Ratliff and Marshall.

Ah, gotcha. Makes more sense now :)

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 20:53

I shouldn't have said 'all three'. I had conveniently forgotten that we had signed a dude called Kareem Rush. Obviously he hasn't done anything for us at all.

no way was there 20,000 people there. I would say more like 14000...they may have sold 20,000...but there just wasnt that many people there. A lot of Wade fans though thats for sure. I dont get Dileo with Marshall...I really dont. This guy can play...he can rebound and is a big body out there. And of course hes deadly from 3. The sixers looked like they couldnt score a point for most of the 3rd and part of the 4th and then he came in and it ALL opened up. Did Marshall ask out his daughter or something ? What gives ?

I have no idea, maybe DiLeo sees him as this fat, out of shape guy who couldn't possibly fit the "defense first" run and gun philosophy of the team. Which is all complete crap, by the way.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 21:23

No indication, Brian, that DiLeo would use Marshall again like that. He said he just decided to "shake it up." I think he didn't know what else to do. My thought is: Why not try it -- especially against a zone? If he misses a few shots, take him out.

John reply to Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 21:44

More demonstration that maybe DiLeo is over matched - Marshall fills a desperate need (if he's on) for this team and defensively he doesn't provide much less (if anything less) than Reggie Evans while providing an offensive spark that no one on the bench can provide...the 3 point 'differential' is always a problem for the sixers and there's only one player on the roster you can have any real confidence in helping bridge that differential.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 21:25

Wasn't the first time this happened -- remember the win in Detroit?

Yup. That time they used him again the next game, with similar results, but lost the next game.

yea around 14,000-16,000 sounds right. it was a better crowd than just about every other game this season, but still nowhere close to packed.

A few comments from the game today (I was there):

1. Willie Green offense is non existent (CSN says 28% and 1-13 for 3 in March). But, he has been ok w/ Defense

2. Definitely the crowd likes 3's much more than dunks. I think the crowd was approx 17-18K.

3. Sammy is been a big reason for our wins. I have been a trade Sammy, I am now wavering and actually think we need him (if he keeps playing D). Today, he seemed to get EVERY D rebound in the 4th quarter.

4. Lou. Did make a few but I don't think he is hurting us as much as Willie is right now. He helped in the 4th to get the win in many ways. He hustles out there.

5. Marshall was great today but I do remember other times he was in and all he laid was bricks. I definitely would rather see him than Reggie. I really think our worse person of the rotation is Reggie, folks. Until the last 2 games, he could not even lay up a ball. Just waits to get fouled and then misses atleast 1.

6. The sixers, for some reason, are not getting calls when they drive. Earlier this year they were getting them.

Enough ramblings. Any thoughts.

Getting the calls when you drive is about three things.

1. Who you are.
2. What your intention is when you drive. If you're looking to get a call to bail you out, you won't get the borderline calls. If you're always looking to finish, no matter what, you'll get more of the borderline calls.
3. Who you are.

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 1:50

With Thad, he drives quite a bit and never gets a call even though he always looks to finish. I've never seen a slasher type like him get so few trips to the free throw line. Imagine how much he'd score if he went to the line as much as Iggy.

Well, that's another difference. Thad's interior moves are kind of designed to avoid contact and finish, rather than taking contact and finishing. He's got slippery hooks and scoops. Iguodala is more of a power driver, looking to take the contact and score.

This was such a big win to not only close the gap but also even the season series. I wasn't expecting it but I guess the past few games took too much out of Wade. Still the team had to earn the victory and Donyell was the x-factor. Good start to the week for me.

Perhaps dileo doesnt want to use someone who is not going to be hear next year ? If thats the case he REALLY is clueless...anyone ever hear of Robert Horry ?
Maybe he doesnt play lockdown D but cmon...wh on the sixers does besides Iggy ?
The guy can rebound and score and plays smart. Thats at least one more thing than Evans and 3 more things than Lou Williams.

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