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Real and Speightacular on Mar 17 at 13:36

Makes good sense, you explain things very well, Brian. 'Cept I can't agree with the Reggie trick. Sure, try something unorthodox in an effort to discombobulate the other team but I think you wanna try something you have a chance of getting away with (excuse the grammar).

You want to try something different but still with players who have a good chance of executing the strategy w/o giving up too much. And you have to use the best tool in your box for the job at hand. For instance, you're going to use Donyell for the flood-em-with-threes strategy and not Reggie.

Reggie's clearly an above average defender (may still depend on matchup), but his negatives on the offensive end...? If you have a guy on your bench who's not a million miles from Reggie defensively but is light years ahead in offense...? Having Reggie out there will slow things down alright, but slow down the offense too much to make up for his skills on dee. They'll just cheat off him and make things next to impossible for Thad and Iggy. Sez here.

I say pick an pop em to death with Speights. They wouldn't be expecting that, would they?

I don't think trading baskets w/ the Lakers is going to get the job done. It's rare, but sometimes Evans can change a game, this is one of the cases where it could happen.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 15:28

Well I'm not sure I'm fully getting it. Your man Oliver mentions six strategies. Two are clearly defensive strategies, three are offensive strategies and one (big/small lineup) can go either way, depending on personnel. Thing is, these are all team strategies.

Playing Evans more is not an overall team strategy.

And, again, all he can do is slow down a lil more effectively than the other PFs on the team the opposing PF. I mean, it's better than a kick in the head, but that's no strategy and he's not doing it leagues better than anyone else than we can forgive/excuse his offensive ineptness. Sez here.

Let's say, for argument's sake, Evans, over 36 minutes, can foil three more opposing FG attempst than Speights would in the same time (hm). Over the course of that 36 minutes, would that 3-foil advantage help make up for the differential Speights would create on the offensive end?

Let's face it, Sixers dee begins and ends with Sammy having a great night. If he's off, it won't make that much difference if Evans is on Odom or Powell. It also won't matter too much if guys can't/won't close out on the Lakers' distance bombers.

Trading baskets -- iow, going all out defense -- might in fact be the best way for this team to have a shot against KobeCo. Might as well have your most efficient scorers out there as long as possible.

I'm just talkin out my ass here, I don't have the answers either. Just sayin.

The point isn't Reggie's D on Odom, in fact, Reggie will rarely play D on Odom. When Reggie's in the game, in this situation, he's almost always used to trap the ball as soon as it comes over half court, and/or, to trap the screen and roll. It creates turnovers, it creates havoc. Most importantly, it doesn't allow the opposing team to run their offense, which is wildly efficient. It's like gumming up the works, when it works.

I think it works better against the really good teams because they're accustomed to running their offense against stagnant defenses, and running it very effectively.

Now, does Speights provide more offense? Absolutely. I'm not denying that. But would having speights on the floor disrupt their offense? I don't think so. And that's the rub.

I'm not saying you put evans out there for 35 minutes. I'm saying you use him for spurts to disrupt what the Lakers are so successful at. It's worked against great teams before, and I think it's something they should try. I'm not saying you cut Speights' minutes, what I'm saying is that you have to do something against the grain, something with a less than favorable risk/reward quotient if you're going to make up for the talent discrepancy. Running the pick and roll w/ speights isn't exactly out of the box.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 16:12
"Trading baskets -- iow, going all out defense offense -- might in fact be the best way for this team to have a shot against KobeCo."

sorry for the error there.

anyway, i remain thoroughly unconvinced while accepting you've made a great argument. Whatever you'd have Evans doing out there, let Speights try the same thing. He may (may) not be quite as good at it but ... (you know the rest)

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on Mar 17 at 16:20

oh and sorry i didn't mean to imply you would have evans out there for 36 mins, just to say if there wouldn't be that much diff over 36 mins, there'd be even less diff (defensively) with fewer mins (say 10-15).

The problem, as I see it, with the slow it down strategy is that the sixers 'strength' is truly restricted by this problem and it would require good execution in the half court set consistently to work.

And since 'posting up' seems a foreign concept to the sixers, I'm not sure.

I'm also not sure Tony DiLeo has read basketball on paper - sadly - so they'll just try and do what they always do probably.

Not necessarily. Not if you're slowing it down by forcing them to use more of the shot clock and you aren't stopping your running game, when you have the advantage.

Almost agree with the half court trap idea. If it can take some time off the shot clock and break up the Lakers flow it is worth the risk... but with great passers at all 5 positions you are taking too much of a risk of giving up easy baskets. Guys like Odom and gasol are just too good of passers to be successful with the trap.

As for Evans- I actually agree with you on this one (even though I usually rail against using Evans.) Evans (and Speights) never back down against even big name opponents. Evans can mess up the flow (for both teams) and really change the momentum of a game. This is often not a good thing, but against a superior team it can give you a chance that you don't have if the other team is in its comfort zone.

Make this game ugly. At least show some scappiness and hope to steal a win. Evans will without a doubt mix things up.

Also, I expect Iguodala will play this game full bore, and even be more aggressive than normal. If he somehow can draw some fouls on Gasol it could help even things.

Evans sure turned the tide with his havoc when we played Boston the last time in the infamous Ray Allen dagger three game. He came in in the 2nd quarter and turned the whole game upside down and if I remember correctly, Allen even gave him a shout-out in his before halftime interview.

Ah the reggie evans myth

It's like David Eckstein being 'good'

It'll never go away

I should bookmark the 82 games page just so i can reference it every time there's an argument for reggie and his 'positive' impact

Overall, he's a negative. I'm not arguing that. All I'm saying is that in certain circumstances, he can swing a game. This is one of those circumstances, so use him in the one role he can be successful at. And Bryon is right, Reggie had a huge impact on that Boston game.

john reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 17:09

And I'm just saying the small sample size of his positive impact doesn't impress me enough to take away from the more important thing which is the development of Speights

Brian, I have been telling my readers to pick that book up since I started blogging. Glad you are getting into it. Great stuff.

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