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Upset City?

Im predicting a win tonight for the sixers, with Iguodala outplaying Kobe even though he wont score more points. Thaddeus also has a big game, scoring 20 plus.

That's what I like to hear.

I'd really like to put Thad on Kobe. Give the kid the task, show him that you have confidence that he can do a good job. No doubt he might get burned this time, but it will help his development a lot.

We'll probably lose the game anyway, might as well try something different. I still have some hope that Thad may eventually become a defensive monster. I think Thad is the kind of guy, if you give him a goal, a target, he'll "break his back" to reach it.

When we reach the point when we can alternate Iggy and Thad on the other team's best wing man, we'll be really tough.

That's interesting. How would you feel about an immediate double on Kobe every time he touched the ball? Make someone else beat you.

It'll probably be Odom beating us since we can only have either Ratliff or Daly out there at one time, and there's Gasol to contend with. Speights and Thad will suffer trying to defend Odom. And I don't really want to see Reggie out there too much.

Please play Marshall though. We can't stop LA scoring so we need as much offense as we can get.

It'll be better to do immediate double rather than let Iggy get in foul trouble. That being said, LA's ball movement is so good, even if they don't knock down 3's they'll find plenty of easy opportunities near the basket when we double Kobe.

I think I'd double him the entire fourth quarter if the game is close. You know that's when he's going to try to take over.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 21:43

Makes sense. Knowing Kobe he'll probably try to shoot over the double anyway. Sometimes he makes them, sometimes he doesn't. I would live with that.

Same starting lineup. Detroit is losing to the Mavs in the 4th. Big game.

Green on Fisher
Miller on Ariza
Iguodala on Kobe

to start the game.

11-2 start for the Lakers, Sixers 1/10 from the floor and they look tight out there. iguodala missed a bunny, Thad airballed a 15-footer. Hopefully this timeout will settle them down.

perfect start.

i'm sure no one was out partying in LA last night

Ugh, that was great defense and just unbelievable ball movement that led to that Gasol dunk.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:08

My point exactly, the ball movement sets them apart from most teams.

You can't defend it any better than that.

This would be an obscure stat but I definitely think this team botches the most put-backs/tip-ins/2nd chance opportunities.

Points/play off offensive rebounds is one of the stats that i wanted to track, i'll get around to it one of these games. I think you're right.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Mar 17 at 23:07

You aren't the only one who notices that or feels that way.

Shaky start, decent ending to the quarter considering.

Strong end to the quarter. Down 20-24 heading into the second. Lou made his first shot, how nice would a good game from him be?

Reggie causing havoc. BS jump ball call.

There's your Reg havoc, Brian.

christ he just jumped on top of ivey. awesome D.

Is Pau too quick for Theo? Cause Sp8's can't handle him on the block.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 17 at 23:14

Well Theo is in now.

I think Sp8s is too young for Pau. He's smart down there. Theo should be able to hold his own.

I'm liking what I'm seeing from Lou.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:15

Glad he's being aggressive and not settling for the jumper.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing from Lou. They don't have a guard who can stay in front of him. Keep going to the hoop.

Lou is hot, Finally!

Late whistle on Theo, those don't help.

Dag, we are already in the penalty. No jumpers, everyone attack.

Lou with 2 nice dishes already.

What is the world has happened to Lou???? Any ideas?

I have no idea, don't jinx it.

Let's go. This defensive lineup is just killing them. Keep the pressure on, keep going to the hoop, keep getting to the line.

If the Lakers 1st unit is going to manhandle us like the start of the game, our 2nd unit is going to have to win it and play like they just played in that 2nd quarter run.

+4 w/ Reggie in there, 14-10 run.

When Ratliff, Iggy and Thad are on the court at the same time, I love watching this team because it reminds me of the 2001 team before the Mutombo trade.

3 on Kobe.

NICE! They just called Lou, "A Three Point threat."

Sammy needs to stop shooting. He's doing everything else well.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:36

No one cut or moved on that last jumper he took. I was puzzled why the team stood around and watched him as if they wanted him to shoot it.

I think they knew he was taking it.

some ridiculously bad calls this half

Hey Brian, if a foul has been called and say a guy takes 4 steps and shoots and makes it, b/c the whistle was blown - that doesn't throw out the rest of the rule book does it??

If you walk, there's no continuation. That was a bullshit call.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:39

That's what I thought. He should have just been awarded 2 free throws if he was indeed fouled.


Lou's heat check is up. Did he miss 4 threes on that possession or 3?

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:41

3. They should have taken advantage more of the early penalty.

good subs by dileo

or not

50-50 at the half. I can live w/ that, obviously.

Need to keep pressuring the hoop. Sammy needs to keep working on the glass. I'd also love to see Donyell out there to take advantage of some of these open looks at three.

Come on, 24 minutes of high-quality basketball. That's not too much to ask on a Tuesday night, is it?

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 23:48

We are going to have to do something different to start b/c you know they are going back to Lamar Odom on Thad and I don't want to see us double.

This is the best Lou we have seen in a year...

Entertaining half. Second half will probably be Kobe's.

4 on Kobe. Iggy is in his mind.

Or maybe Kobe will get to watch from the bench ;)

Come on Sammy. Don't stink up, you are causing our chill.

Jesus, Iggy is 2/12 from the floor. I think both makes are dunks too.

Young FTW.

they are brian

There we go Iggy. Get hot.

Gasol is a freaking robot scoring at will.

Good work by Thad blocking out Odom. Thad has been good on the boards tonight.

Box his tail out Thad.

We need to give Thad the ball if we're gonna score enough. That and give Marshall some burn.

I'm crossing my fingers that we'll see Donyell for a long run in the fourth.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 0:16

I want to see him too, but if he did put him in against the Lakers 1st unit - who would he possibly guard? DiLeo should let him come in against the Lakers 2nd unit.

I'd put him on Ariza. I'd also put Iggy on Odom. Now that Kobe's back in, I'm not sure that's an option.

ugh. free throws.

This is the type of game Thad should be getting every game soon. He's boarding well, getting some assists and scoring efficiently.

He's been hot all game and the guys taking the shots lately are the coldest ones on the team. Give it to the natural scorer. They should bump him to primary option.

must finish this quarter strong


I stated IF SAMMY PLAYED LIKE THE LAST 4, WE COULD WIN. Sammy is not and we are losing. Sam has missed EVERY SHOT. If he would just rebound and block shots, we would be winning. SAD.................

Man, only 12 points that quarter and 4 of those were on very difficult, defender in his face jumpers from Iggy.

Disastrous end to the third. 11 points is doable, but barely. If Kobe comes in and takes over this one will be a lost cause by the 10 minute mark.

1/13 from three. Get Marshall in there sooner rather than later.

Here's donyell. Him and Reggie up front, don't like that. Donyell on Powell.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 0:27

He had to put him in against some of the Lakers subs b/c Powell is about the only one he can guard.

3pt shooting differential and FT shooting. Sounds like a broken record.

donyell for threeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i like that he only puts in marshall when they're down 11. they had how many open 3's the 1st 3 quarters? marshall could have made how many of them?

I'd say about 11 out of their first 13 were pretty much open.

Bryon reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 0:35

But I don't think he could afford to b/c of them exploiting us on defense.

Look whos missing...... Yep.....

I hope Tony gets the starters some rest for tomorrow. No reason to lose 2 games in one night.

Do you even like the Sixers? How can you not be excited right now?

Sorry, 3 min behind on my DVR. They were still down 9 when I was posting.

That was a charge on Kobe and it should've been his fifth.

Let's GOOOO!!! 3-point game.


I can't believe my eyes. By the way, Marshall just got a steal, he had a sweet pass for an open layup, he had a board and drew an over the back penalty and he hit a three. Not bad for 3:22 of work, huh?

I cannot say enough about our 2nd unit tonight.


NBA TV has it live also, Laker's announcers for a change, fyi.

regardless of the outcome, they have shown a lot tonight. i can't believe they came back twice after being down by both 11 & 12.

Let's go. Pick and pop w/ Donyell.

OK, I take back the post about conceding..


haha they can't call if they can't see it!! go reggie!!


Brian, great call on the Reggie effect tonight

sounds like there's some 76ers fans in the building

Get Ivey out and Miller back in.

Good call.

Good foul by Donyell, need a timeout to get him some air here.

Basketball gods, please if we lose, just don't let it be a last second shot.


Too much forcing, just run a play on the last 3 possessions.

donyell for three for the win? that was superb defense by iguodala, absolutely nothing you can do about that jumper by kobe.

go figure...

Well maybe they get the winning 3 at the buzzer (finally)

Get Thad in there for this last possession. Put Marshall at the 5.

i'm sure that's what phil is thinking too. no way he will get an open look.



they did IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Question

oh my god. how badly have they earned that this year, huh?

Fucking Lakers, on the road, Iggy takes it, Iggy makes it, Iggy wins it.

Brian Ward.... Alvin.... Mike... DeanH.... Andre Iguodala.... Hell YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!


KARMA... and against the Zen Master. All is perfect in the world.


I woke up both kids and the wife with my yell. Holy crap.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 1:01

Same here except substitute a significant other and goddaughter.

My wife I am sure is awake! Having surgery in a few hours, can't sleep!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, Iggy!

Take me down to Upset City,

Where St. Patrick's Day was green and the Sixers were pretty,

Oh, won't you please take me home!

YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Now how in the heck are all of us going to be able to wind down and go to sleep????

No chance in hell I'm sleeping any time soon. I feel like I could run a marathon right now.


Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 1:09

Run down to the Garden and back 3 times:) Yelling LETS GO SIXERS!

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 18 at 1:28

Never was a fan of Guns N Roses, but it was too good to pass up with the title of this post.

hahahaha that was the most excited i've been after a game in years!!!!!!! iguodala hit a buzzer beater in minnesota when AI was still here. and i think AI hit 1 against the wizards. neither were as dramatic as this though. fucking AWESOME!

I honestly don't think I've ever seen the Sixers hit a three when down by 2 to win the game. What a fucking ballsy shot.

WOW dileo acquiesced to iguodala's demand to win the game w/ a 3 there. i couldn't tell from what he said if dileo called a different play and iguodala said fuck that, or if iguodala went to him immediately in the huddle and said "give me the rock."

damnit, can't see the post game.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 1:12

I'm glued to NBATV to hopefully see some interviews and not GP or C WEBB.

oh wow. dileo DID draw up a play, and then iguodala told him "no, i will win the game." that is awesome.

Bryon reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 1:15

Mike, really? Is that what they were saying on the Sixers feed?

Mike reply to Bryon on Mar 18 at 1:22

yep. iguodala was interviewed by zumoff afterwards and that is what he said, close to verbatim.

Man that was....I can't even explain it. 3 possessions before that one:

They try to set up the pick and pop with Lou and Donyell but the Lakers turn Lou the other way and he takes it all the way to the rack but blows the gimme layup.

Sounded like DiLeo was calling for the same thing next time down but Miller takes it deep on the left side and turns it over on a bad pass between two guys.

Then it seemed like they wanted the pick and pop with Lou and Donyell again and Lou never gave it a chance and rushed and darted through the lane with not a prayer of getting off a decent shot for the layup.

And well you know the rest......... HAHAAHHAHAHAHH!!

Mike reply to Bryon on Mar 18 at 1:09

yea what the hell was miller thinking passing to evans in that situation

Watch out Donyell - with 3 dimes and 2 steals.

12 points by our starters for the whole 3rd quarter and 32 in the 4th quarter by the 2nd unit with a mix and match of both the Andres. Damn strong.

At the start of the 4th quarter, Iggy was defending his tail off on Kobe, contesting everything. Then at the end, after Igs playing that kind of D, they flip it up and have Miller on him for all but the last possession. Crazy but I'm sure not complaining.

Holy crap what did I miss?!?!

Please tell me you didn't miss the fourth quarter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 1:27

No shit I did!


Kobe had ZERO trips to the line.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Mar 18 at 1:35

But he had quite a few to the bench.

Oh sorry, I'll stop blowing up the comments sometime before 5 to 6 am!


Brian, can you find a picture of that game-winner?

Not yet. I put one of the celebration up on my wrap. Let me know if you find video, I just checked youtube.

We MUST have some video!!!

As soon as i find it, i'll post it.

This is probably the most pumped I've been post-game since Game 1 in 2001.

You called it, it was an upset.

unbelievable, right?

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 3:24

Unbelievable. And beautiful.

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