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Do You Believe?

"Defining moment" and "Transformation" sum it up beautifully.

BTW I'm stealing your picture.

No problemo. I'm still in shock. Can't believe John hasn't shown up to complain about the defensive rebounding yet :)

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:01

Well I didn't want to be the one to crack on John...but since you went there....

..maybe he can post his 'bookmarked' page that he so passionately wants to reference Reggie by from the 'Change the Script' post.

I'm not laughing.......................... Sike!!!!!

John reply to Bryon on Mar 18 at 9:55


Someday you'll learn the definition of small sample size and people in general will try to understand that winning a title is what matters, not 1 game out of 82 - a career isn't changed or defined in one moment - it's defined by a series of moments and games...

At least I do something very few people ever do - I admit I'm wrong - you just wait until Reggie has one of his rare 'positive impact' games and ignore all the other times - that's a much better way to deal with things.

Here's a prediction.

If/When the sixers win the title any time soon, reggie evans won't be on the roster.

Bryon reply to John on Mar 18 at 13:44

Naw John, someday you will learn that your opinion is not always the gospel and everything you say is not the truth. Just get some napkins to wipe that crow off your top lip.

Way to go out on a limb after looking like a nitwit - your prediction of Reg Evans not being on the roster if/when the Sixers win a title. Well since they haven't won a title since '83, a span of 26 years, I would say that quite a few players have went and gone from the roster without winning a title.

If you want to be hung up on the winning a title mantra - fine - just stop being such a prick for the others out here that like to enjoy the journey regardless of the outcome.

Those sour grapes don't feel so good on the stomach do they?

once all the postgame comments are printed, you will hear iguodala tell us how he overruled dileo during the timeout, and told him to give him the ball because he will win the game. THAT is almost as defining a moment for iguodala's transition as hitting the actual shot, in my opinion.

Man, I wish I saw that interview. The LA feed had Donyell.

transformation, transition, you know what i mean ;)

How amazing is it that this team has beaten the Spurs (should have swept) and Lakers this year? They beat some top teams last Spring, good to see them stepping up again.

Legler chooses Salmons as his hoop hero on nba fast break. joker.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:01

LOL jinx!

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:03

I saw that, too. And he is a Philly guy isn't he?

Read his playoff preview in the daily dime. He's just an idiot. basically said detroit is going to the conference finals.

i like how no one is talking about this game on espn. the "hoops heroes" on nba fastbreak were john salmons & lebron. not one mention of this buzzer beater. and on philly.com the headline is "Red Wings Come Back to Beat Flyers." unbelievable.

I was watching nba fast break. You think they're about the fifth or sixth story on sportscenter?

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:05

seriously. fuck espn. and yea tim legler coached a girls team in south jersey.

Mike reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 2:07

and he didn't just coach them, but i will refrain because i do not want to slander him on a public message board. it's a true story though well known throughout the area.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:08

Had 2 TV's going during the game with one on ESPN...Funny how while the game was still going on SC went to game break/look-in boxscore like 3 times with some highlights but they don't want to seem to crow about it now. Love it. Absolutely love it.

Oh and when they went to those game breaks the Lakers were winning:)

Because everyone is still asleep.

I feel like I should be live blogging sportscenter. Where are the friggin' highlights?

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:11

They actually had the play-in game as the 2nd highlight and now hockey?????

Hockey highlights should always be dead last.

I'm celebrating by playing my friend in 2k. Lakers vs. Sixers. I just won game 1.

Let me guess, your starting lineup is sammy, speights, thad, iggy and miller :)

What're the odds they show Celtics/Bulls highlights first? I'd say 70/30 in favor.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:16

Wouldn't be surprised b/c they 'broke' down that game on FastBreak but the Sixers got about a minute lead highlight.

John reply to Bryon on Mar 18 at 9:57

Yeah, on st patricks day they focus on the game between the two most irish cities in America.

I tell you - what a shocker.

Are fans of all teams as insecure as sixers/eagles/phillies fans when it comes to freaking ESPN?

hahahaha! they lead off the highlight by showing kobe's shot and casually mentioning iguodala ended up hitting the game winner. this is hilarious.

Screw the media if they don't recognize.

The Sixers kicked ass tonight!

Marshall for the comeback, Iggy for the WIN!

I gave up on ESPN a long time ago.

BTW guys, really enjoyed the in-game discussion tonight.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:24

He may not have proper form, but he definitely has the balls. Never mind that I would have yelled at him if he missed.

Why they didn't put Kobe on Iggy is beyond me.

John reply to Alvin on Mar 18 at 9:59

Cause Ariza is the better defender?

I'm curios why they didn't take the foul and shorten the possession in the back court (Farmar had some excuse on the FOX Sports West post game show)

Guy's 0 for 6 and has Iguodalas career from the 3 point line - odds aren't in his favor that he's going to make it - but he does - and everyone goes wild and makes it a career defining team transforming moment.

The sixers still won't beat the magic/cavs/celtics in the first round.

30 seconds. Longer on Ty Lawson's injury.

i wonder if iguodala knew that fan he went straight for at courtside after the shot

He had to, right? I mean, they're on the road and I don't think the guy was wearing a sixers uni, was he?

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:27

no he wasn't. i'd rather see him go for one of his teammates, but whatever.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:31

g'nite fellas. it's nights like tonight that remind me why i love sports.

Amen. See you tomorrow night, Mike.

Bryon reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 2:24

If he didn't know him, he sure had the guys hand stinging afterwards.

Brian: 'defining moment', 'transformation into a star'? thats a bit too much of a reach. I will say this; AI-9 has always had the 'mindset' of a star player, go-to-guy whatever you like. he displays attitude like a leader but he still doesnt have the consistent jumper to enforce it. he had a bad shooting night - didnt have the friendly roll on close play-ups and air-balled 3s, but he kept his head up, played hard and closed the game out (with help from Marshall). I am excited for him, he can tell this one to his barber or save it for his diary.

I'm running with it for the night. You can save your dose of reality for tomorrow :)

John reply to jkay on Mar 18 at 10:02

I disagree almost completely - his make up/approach to the game has NEVER been the go to guy - the star - the guy who wants to make the basket.

Never was the leading scorer at arizona - I'm not sure about high school but i think i heard from that derek fellow once he wasn't the leading scorer on his high school team either

Iguodala is a good to great player who is underappreciated by most here who were ready to throw him overboard after a slow start this season (which you all conveniently forget) but his on court personality has never really been 'the guy' - it's not his game - his game is more 'do everything pretty darn good' and he does and I think people just have (and have had and continue to have) unrealistic expectations of the player he is.

Bryon reply to John on Mar 18 at 14:11

John-ism = I know everything and you guys know nothing.

Spare us all, John, spare us all.

I found the picture of the game winner, it's on the post now. Still no video on youtube.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:30

Just saw that. Man, what do you think his vertical is? He looks to be off the floor at least 2 feet? Nice elevation.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:35

Great pic Brian.

Tom Moore has the money quotes:

"Six seconds to go, I said (to my teammates), ā€˜Iā€™m going to win the game right now,ā€™ ā€ Iguodala said.

"He did it," said Sixers coach Tony DiLeo.

What a blast guys, I'm done. 7 a.m. isn't going to feel good in the morning and tomorrow night on top of this one. Ugh.

It was worth it.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 2:41

One more thing...to go back and read the quotes from the game thread is just as enjoyable as the game itself...starting at the top with you and Alvin discussing some finer points...

It was a great night all around. I'm going to try to turn in.

We're not depressed at all tonight, eh?

john reply to Alvin on Mar 18 at 12:33

I am - but because i misplaced my iphone at class and no one turned it in to L&F or security

Did you call the phone?

Fantastic win and good to see Iggy finish strong (and Marshall get minutes). However, they still go away from a hot hand. Thad was 6/9 at halftime and he got one more shot attempt the rest of the game.

He barely played in the fourth, which looks like a good decision in hind sight. I agree, though. They should've gone to him in the third when they were seriously struggling.

Iggy's shot was #10 on plays of the night. You're kidding, right?

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 3:04

That's BS. On most any other day it'd be #1. It isn't like they beat a small market or non-contending team. They beat the Lakers, arguably the top team and certainly a media center.

I think the Sixers are getting disrespected as they aren't seen as having a 'superstar'.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 3:37
"Reggie was +10 in his 20 minutes of work, he grabbed 8 rebounds, and wreaked havoc on the Lakers' precision offense. He basically got all of Speights' minutes, and you know what? It was a good call by DiLeo. Marreese got torched by Gasol in his limited run and the Sixers couldn't afford a mismatch like that on defense."

I'd have to change my name if I let that slide ;-) Sure Marreese got torched by Gasol for the five minutes of burn he got tonight, but, hello, so did everyone else! Again, you're putting too much stock in the plus-minus thing. That stat isn't completely useless, but it really does depend on who the other nine guys on the court are.

I think the Sixers barely have a shot against anybody when Reggie's out there for 20 minutes (hm. might be a cute stat to see what the W-L record is when Evans is out there that long) -- nevermind the doom that is the Lakers. But, give it to him, at least he put a few points up on the board this time.

Extrapolate Speights' time and you'll see he would've done about the same as Evans, if not more once he got warm and on a roll. Evans didn't hurt, but can you say he was a major factor in the win?

Anyway, great, great night. If I'm Ariza, I think I'm probably playing Iggy for the drive too, considering how many 3pters Iggy missed throughout the game (all six) and it's not something he's known for. Then again, guy was hot.

But this is why they play the games. Forget about a series, but on any given night, any team can beat any team. If their star player has an off night with bad shooting, foul trouble and zero trips to the line (and Iggy had something to with that)...you never know what can happen.

I think the star of the game has to be shared with Donyell tho. To come off the bench and go three-for-three from 3PT land, PLUS the rebounds and steals?! In only ten minutes of floor time?! Dude, Donyell would've had a great night if he went 2 for 3, but the Sixers needed all three plus his extracurriculars to get this win. He was amazing.

I dunno if it's Red Bull they're putting in those Gatorade bottles now, but Iggy was feelin his oats tonight. Good on 'im.

Turned the corner? Let's see. Consistency is the thing.

Next up, Phoenix. Sixers've done it before. Mind you the last time Philly put up 94+ points against a top-tier opponent was the 99 they earned against Boston on Feb 3 (a killer 1pt loss). Sixers won't have to fret about cracking a vaunted defense, but Phoenix, you may've heard, is on a nutty run of late. "Slow" them down and they're still good to run up 120 points.

Now what? Well savour this win for a few hours more.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 8:24

Last time, Philly was up against Terry Porter's mindset and they won handily with Speights playing a big role.

Now it's Gentry's team, with his now famed 7 seconds or Shaq attack. Now this is defintely a team you want to beware getting into a shootout with but is the answer again more Evans or more Speights?

Y'all know my vote ;-)

I will say that if the Sixers can pull this off and beat another plenty dangerous opponent, now on the back end of a back-to-back...well, not to jinx anything, but i think we might have something here.


That's really all I can say about last nights game which I missed - got into the car to hear the lakers post game show (and they had some excuses/reasons the lakers lost) and I must say I was a little shocked to hear that the sixers won AND that they won on a last second three from Iguodala.

Man - that was a good feeling after realizing i had misplaced my phone and book while leaving class and now couldn't find it

BTW - Lakers post game radio said this

Here's what the laker announcers said

1. Poor defensive glass work by the lakers
2. Why not foul on the last possession, they had a foul to give
3. The Lakers ignored the fact that Pau Gasol was working any one offensively the sixers could put on him - he should have had like 24/25 shots in their opinion instead of 12

1. Both teams were right around 70% on the defensive glass.
2. They should've fouled, Ariza said he was waiting for Iguodala to drive, by you pretty much always see the guy coming out and taking the foul in that situation.
3. Isn't that kind of the rub when you have Gasol? He isn't an assert himself and dominate kind of guy. he's a take 12 shots and score efficiently kind of guy. Kobe is their closer, they love talking about it when he scores 20 in the 4th quarter, then when he's shut down they bitch about it?

caught the highlights on this one...cant stay up THAT late. Soooo surprised the sixers won. Maybe one of you guys can find it but I recall Kobe saying that Iguodola defends him better than anyone in the league. (I think he said that...maybe someone elze can chime in)
Anyway...BIG shot for Iggy and hopefully we will see more. As far as ESPN...the Sixers are a 500 team with no superstar...of course they arent going to get any respect. I follow the nets too and they get even LESS respect...and this is when they were on their championship runs with really fun to watch teams. ESPN seems to cover whoever the hell they want.

Iguodala was all over him in the fourth, and Miller even wound up on him a couple of times and did a great job. I don't think he had one easy drive to the hoop all night.

I'm not sure I see this as a defining moment of Iguodala turning into a star. I remember when he went shot for shot with LeBron in the 4th and outplayed Kobe in two huge wins late in the season two years ago and thinking the same thing. One game, one week, even one month isn't going to change who Andre Iguodala is, what his shortcomings are in the half court offensively, and whether or not those are correctable.

He's still what he was. A perennial all-star candidate. Not a superstar.

I also don't agree with Evans role last night. I think DiLeo went with the Marshall/Evans lineup too long, and almost got exposed. If it wasn't for Iguodala's last second 3, today we're talking about how we blew a 6 point lead with 4 minutes left, how we couldn't get a defensive rebound late in the 4th, and how we couldn't even think of stopping Gasol down the stretch.

Oh how one shot changes our opinion.

That's not to say that last night wasn't great, but I don't think Reggie was the main reason for his +10. I think +/- has limited usefulness, and very little on a game by game basis. It's a correlative stat. It doesn't prove who caused the +10, only that the Sixers were +10 when Reggie was on the court. He was -2 in the first half, and in one good shift which was much more effected by Donyell coming in, making shots, and opening up the lane, and it creates a +/- that isn't necessarily indicative of what caused it.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 11:55
"Isn't that kind of the rub when you have Gasol? He isn't an assert himself and dominate kind of guy. he's a take 12 shots and score efficiently kind of guy. "

Excellent point. Gasol's not that guy.

It was an obvious clearout for Iggy. Yes, in hindsight, mebbe he should've been in Iggy's jock and if Igs managed to get past him, then hack away, but I still can't fault Ariza too much. Mebbe Iggy read a page from your boy Oliver's book and decided to try something completely unexpected (taking a 3 even tho he's a poor 3pt shooter and has missed 6 shots previously). Happened to work out this time, but, man, talk about your low-percentage plays.

Oliver ended that chapter about winning as an underdog with this quote:

"Play for the win on the road, play for the tie at home."

Going into last nights game gasol was 21 for his last 25 shot attempts (and 9 for 12 last night so 30 for his last 37) - when he's getting the ball he's scoring - and based on what i heard - the sixers weren't stopping him - the lakers ust didn't go to him - which is good for the sixers...

He's taken more than 15 shots 9 times in 67 games. He's taken 20+ shots only twice. He's just not the kind of guy they're going to force feed the ball to. Maybe they should, but last night was a pretty typical Gasol game.

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