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So Good, Yet So Bad

After last night I somehow would be disappointed if we don't win this one.

The one big disadvantage we have is that all our bigs will get eaten badly by Shaq in the post. Neither Daly nor Theo nor Speights has the mass to deter Shaq in the slightest. And I'd hate to see us resort to fouling him.

I dislike teams that don't attempt to defend. I'm hoping Miller will raise his game against Nash (he's about due a huge game). Iggy should be confident whereas Young should do what he's been doing the past four or five games. Teammates need to recognize and give Thad the ball as much as they can.

I'd like more minutes for Speights (no point putting Reggie in there except to foul Shaq), some for Marshall (must make open 3-pointers). This is one of those games we may not need Ivey a lot, unless Lou has one of those bad days. I'd like to see Theo out there to protect the paint when Daly's out.

I'm hoping Dalembert bounces back from a horrible offensive game. And by "bounces back" I mean goes back to taking less than 5 shots/game.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 17:17
"I'm hoping Dalembert bounces back from a horrible offensive game. And by "bounces back" I mean goes back to taking less than 5 shots/game."


I have a feeling this is going to be a track meet. Nash knows how to goad teams into run n gun. The whole thing'll hinge on how well Philly can defend the three.

Speights has just got to see 20+ minutes unless he's somehow racked up 5 fouls in a quarter.

I'd be thrilled with joy with Daly's offense if all he can do is set a screen, catch passes and make open dunks and put-backs. Plus the offensive rebounds and minus the turnovers.

Someone tell him that the 'D' in Dalembert stands for defense and that is what he should focus 90% of his efforts on.

I believe history will show that Sam Dalembert enjoys playing in Phoenix (from a numbers perspective)

It's not often you see a team that rebounds worse on the defensive glass than the sixers - that efg differential is SCARY

This is a game I think where Speights could do a lot of damage since it will be more about offense than defense - and he might be able to get fatso in foul trouble

just checked sammy's stats vs. phoenix, nothing really jumps out. good board numbers (11/game, seems like), but not much scoring.

john reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 17:57

Maybe i'm making the game better than it was - he doesn't have a 20/20 game against Phoenix?

Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 18:21

Sixers started season 13-2 when Speights played 20-plus minutes, but have lost the last four times he's logged 20 or more (Denver, at Miami, New Orleans, at OK City). Not sure what that means.

john reply to Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 18:26

Denver and New Orleans are good
Sixers stink on the road
Off games
Bad Matchups

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 18:32

It might mean he's still just a baby dragon, not yet full blown. In any case, 13-6 sure beats .500, yes?

I'm no good with advanced statistics

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 18:51

Actually, by my count, Speights has only played 20 minutes or more 17 times this season. Philly's record in such instances is a sterling 13-4.

Anyone care to double-check my math?

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 19:00

Just for laffs, I looked up Philly's record when Reggie plays 20+ mins: 3-6. You do the math.

Your math is right. Typically, they count anything over a minute as the next minute up, so 19:01 would be 20 minutes of PT. Depends where you look for the game log. On ESPN, for example, he'd be 13-6 in games w/ 20 minutes or more. Yahoo breaks it down by the second.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 19:41

Hm. Interesting. Well, when you're dealing with such a small sample size, accuracy counts. A round up here and there can really skew things.

Anyway, it's obvious kid does more good than harm.

Dileo admitted on DNL that he was worried about a letdown after last night's big W. he said he will probably turn to the bench quicker and generally make more substitutions. he also said marshall will play again.

It was a good win last night but as professionals you have to get ready for the next game. If you come out against Phoenix without the required energy and hustle they can run you ragged in a hurry. Whatever you do, don't go too far behind early.

I'm glad he said Marshall will play.

He's going to need the bench. 46 minutes for Iguodala last night. I'd like to see some rest for him tonight, with Thad at the three.

9pm. For what it is worth, the LA game is on replay now, 6 minutes left in 4th quarter. Going to enjoy it again!

Ugh. Pierce just had a chance to beat the Heat at the buzzer and blew it. Overtime. Need a Celts win.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 21:54

Can't expect much from Pierce. He's always been an ass and only won a title when Garnett and Allen came to bail him out.

John reply to Alvin on Mar 18 at 22:46

Yeah - total ass - thank god the sixers drafted larry hughes instead - that worked out perfectly

Celts up by 8 now, I think they have it. Heat looks cold!

Miami lost, Detroit is in Houston.

It looks like the usual lineup. Hope we're going to see some fun basketball and creative lineups from DiLeo in this one. He needs to keep fresh legs on the floor.

Man, that Phoenix defense is just pitiful. It's like they give up.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 22:17

You're making it sound like they even try to begin with.

Ugh, Willie going under screens giving nash open looks.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 22:19

Nash of all people.

Check out Thad on ShaQ

10/14 start from the floor. Think they can keep that up?

phoenix D is some funny shit

Alvin reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 22:25

Thank God we don't have that mentality. Basketball is played on both ends.

Sixers are doing a good job getting back on D, but they aren't doing a good job of finding their man once they're back. Phoenix has gotten three or four mismatches already just because of confusion in the transition d. Need to be better at that, or just get Green out of there and go bigger, then there won't be mismatches available.

Looks like we won't get to see too much of Barbosa vs. Lou. This looks like a bad injury.

I really don't like Reggie against this team. Speights should've been the first big off the bench.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 22:37

Evans will have his hands full with that long livewire Amundson.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 22:37

Keeping Speights on the bench just doesn't make sense, unless he's going to give him a long run in the 2nd/3rd.

34-31 after 1. Donyell saw 8 seconds of action :)

nice take it to the rack lou. dileo should make him do push-ups every time he takes a jumper instead of driving.

John reply to Mike on Mar 18 at 22:48

Will DiLeo make every other sixer who does the same thing do push ups as well - or only lou?

Speights in to start the second. Lou is in attack mode, I like it.

Speights and Evans trying to handle Shaq, that's not going to work.

I think Ivy no longer belongs in the rotation except for defense.

That's just ridiculous. We may not see Speights again tonight after this showing.

What the f? Get back on d

9-0 run to start the second for the Suns. That was some lazy D played right there.

You know - the sixers defense isn't exactly what i'd call 'not sucking' either - and since the suns are better shooters anyway - that's not going to help

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 22:54

Phoenix has Nash out now trying to put a foot on Philly's throat. DiLeo better figure this out at before the half.

2nd unit hasn't gotten the job done, but thad is looking strong. I'd keep going to him.

they should run a play for marshall out of the timeout

No one on this team can guard Shaq -

Alvin reply to John on Mar 18 at 22:59

That was my point, exactly.

Honestly, how many guys in the league can guard him? I'm fine with his 10 points on 9 shots, to be honest with you.

Don. Yell.

Oh my goodness, Marshall!

Miller three.
Donyell three.
Donyell three.
Iggy jam.

11-0 run.

it's like a video game watching him shoot

Amazing the flow of this game. By the time we post a comment, mommentum is changed again. Fun, would I say?

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 23:03

Oh it's on. Sixers counterpunching. Gon' be a barnburner of a second half.

Anyone else want Miller to kick out to Donyell on that break?

you hear miller yelling "need a stop" on D?

Speights is having a bad day!

29-18 run in Donyell's 8 minutes in that quarter. Unbelievable.

66-63 at the half.

Need something out of the bigs, I don't care which one it is. The Suns play no interior D, Speights should be having a field day. I feel like the pace of the game is making him speed up everything he does. Needs to calm down.

gotta play better D in the 2nd half. they're lucky they're up 3.

CWebb mails in his NBA TV gig almost as bad as he mailed in his time playing for the sixers.

13 second-chance points for the suns. Unacceptable.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 23:27

I think the free throw shooting is far less acceptable.

We SHOULD win this game.

free throws, damnit.

nice D sammy. wouldn't wanna put shaq on the line and make him earn it or anything.

I think Shaq is mad with Thad.

Thad is just abusing them.

I know we're a young athletic, team but playing Phoenix on the 2nd night of a back-to-back will take its physical toll.

How many times does Young have to prove that he's one of the best offensive options on this team?

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 23:35

THis is rapidly becoming Thad's team. He's declaring it.

They're tired out there. Slow to the ball. Need to get these guys a breather.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 23:37

they look exhausted

Now Miller is heating up. I'm supposed to be disgusted by the lack of defensive effort, but somehow I find this somewhat exciting.

This is going to be a big stretch if the bench comes in out of this timeout.

I'm anticipating Marshall inspiring yet another 4th quarter run.

Iggy looks like he's saving it up for the fourth quarter (I hope).

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 23:39

Phoenix succeeded in getting the track meet they wanted. They're ballin on Suns terms. But Thad is in the phone booth affixing a cape...

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 23:40

I still think they should put Speights in when Amundson's out. Energy for energy.

Just keep it close at the end of the third.

We just can't get a stop to save our lives out there.

There should be retribution for that Amundson bullshit.

Actually, I guess that was retribution for Miller's hard foul on Barnes earlier.

Stage is set for Iggy again. Miller, Young and Marshall have done their part, let's see if the 80m man can take it home.

2-point game heading into the fourth. Iguodala looks like he needs a breather. Wonder if Donyell is in there to start the 4th.

Stop missing the free throws damn it! It'll be such a damn waste to lose this one.

Hey, Ivey hit a runner!

Real and Speightacular on Mar 18 at 23:55

Trading shots....

I don't mind having Evans/Ratliff/Ivey in there, if only because they still have energy in their legs. As long as we're within touching distance with 5 minutes left we'll may be able to pull this off.

this game is going exactly the way phoenix wants it to go

Now make those free throws.

Now we stay alive until we can get Miller and Thad in there.

Man, why does ivey keep shooting?

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 0:05

I call it the Lou syndrome.

Timeout. Damnit.

Too much Ivey and Evans (and Sam) for a high scoring game.

Where's Thad???

Real and Speightacular on Mar 19 at 0:07

This is it. For all the marbles. Will. Power.

They need to put Shaq's tail on the line.

If we lose, 1 word, Foul shots.

Where's THAD?????

You have to be shitting me. There's no way that was a clear path.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 0:14

Thought had to at least have possession to have a clear path called.

Does Thad disappear because he is only 20, becasue teammates forget him or becasue the coach does tell them to go to him?

Way too many possessions run through Lou and Ivey. Its like Young became invisible.

I don't think he's touched the ball in about 5 minutes. It's definitely not the defense. Maybe they just forget about him.

Chris reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 0:58

Thad doesn't disappear because he's 20. He disappears as they stop passing him the ball. He isn't a primary ball handler so he only gets the rock if someone passes it to him (other than steals or an offensive rebound). Look at yesterday as an example. He was 6/9 from the field in the first half and he took one more shot the rest of the game.

I think when it is crunch time they need to go to him a lot more. As far as scoring ability goes, he has more than anyone on the team.

I'm not even saying crunch time, he may not be ready for that. But how about in the third quarter when this team always goes cold from the field? Why not run it through him for a while?

this feels like the end of the world for some reason, but just remember going into these 2 games i think all of us would have been more than happy with a 1-1 split.

I hate losing. Hate it.

plus miami lost. and detroit is down 3 in houston in OT.

Hack-a-Shaq. Ugh.

Lou is pissed he didn't get that foul call. Hopefully he can drop 10 more in the final 2:18 of the game.

Letdown, but at least they didn't come out flat. Just ran out of gas. That three was after the buzzer. Refs didn't help.

Chicken and egg question for you...

At this point is Speights playing poorly because he is on roller-coaster minutes or vice versa?

Either way, he has looked a bit lost out their the last several games. I do think younger guys struggle more with inconsistent minutes, but I also see his bad defense.

He was absolutely horrible tonight and last night on D. If you're going to play for the playoffs, which they should be right now, you can't live with that. I thought he'd have a big game tonight, but he looked anxious on the offensive end too.

Ultimately, he's earned his minutes, good or bad, and I really can't argue with that type of treatment for a rookie who came into the league with a reputation as a guy who would be hard to motivate.

oh of course i hate it too. i have to think of it that way or i get too pissed off.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 19 at 0:24

JRich: dagger

Pistons in a dogfight, too. Now in 2nd OT

Dagger after the shot clock.

at the same time, the sixers have proven all season long to be a mediocre team. this is what mediocre teams do.

Miami and Detroit both lost. I'll look at tonight as no harm, no foul, rather than a missed opportunity.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 19 at 0:37

Most coaches want players to get offensive energy from great defensive play. Speights is naturally wired in just the opposite way. He needs to play his way into dervish defense so he needs to be on the court a while, crown a few players, get steam snortin thru his nostrils before he starts raining the swats with gusto. There've been exceptions, but that might be the theme with him so far.

I think it's counterproductive tho to keep yanking him at every turn. In the timeout give him an earful and see if he gets it. Can't learn without burn.

Under usual circumstances I may agree with you. But his defense tonight was shameful, absolutely shameful. Two weak fouls leading to three-point plays. Completely losing his man for a dunk. On three consecutive plays. Anyone should be benched for that, not just a rookie.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 0:49

He was out there for four flippin minutes. Fast-paced game, rook needs some time to adjust, to aclimate. If DiLeo's putting him out there to be a stopper than he's a bigger idiot than we think.

My boxscore sez he got 3 boards and blocked a shot in the four minutes. Yes, there will be lapses. He's young, certainly not used to a game like this (typical of him, he gets quick fouls but in the past he figures it out and goes a long stretch before the next one), and defense is not his preferred forte. But it's not like he was a complete stiff.

OBVIOUSLY Philly was not going for the grind it down game so pulling him that quick, with no opportunity to go back and make up for it in the way that he can (mad offense) seems ... well, i don't know.

Anyway, I'm out. 1-1 so far and the closest rivals lost. Not too bad.

I agree. As much as I wanted them to make moves in February to look ahead to next year (and start Speights)- at this point they are in the home stretch fighting to get the 5 seed. These next weeks are not about player development. That ship sort of sailed when they decided to stand pat at the deadline.

That said, wish Speights could have got some starts earlier this year.

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