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Friday Morning Links and Updates

Whether the Lakers would do it will probably depend on how Lou closes out the year. If he plays like he has lately, maybe. If he plays the way he was a few weeks ago, not a chance.

What do you have in mind for the sweetener? Cash? A second round pick? If cash, yes. If a second round pick, possibly. Sometimes you can get a good trey shooter in that round (since they'll be limited).

Real and Speightacular on Mar 20 at 9:06

Re Charlotte, earlier in the month, Hollinger was not alone.

It's not Charlotte making the playoffs that bothered me, it was hollinger saying their best chance was to catch and pass the sixers.

john reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 11:29

Didn't the sixers at the time have the most difficult schedule of all the remaining teams?

by at the time you mean yesterday?

john reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 13:20

I guess - i didn't know it was yesterday - usually read all the chats on ESPN that are NBA related to try and find something interesting - So what was the SOS for the two teams as of yesterday?

Chicago has 13 games left. 9 home, 4 away. 5 against playoff teams, 8 against non-playoff teams.

Detroit has 15 games left. 7 home, 8 away. 7 against playoff teams, 8 against non-playoff teams.

Sixers have 16 games left. 7 home, 9 away. 8 vs. playoff teams, 8 vs. non-playoff teams.

Again, Charlotte is 6 games behind the Sixers in the loss column, 1 away from Chicago, 4 away from detroit.

Personally, I think Charlotte has zero chance of making the playoffs. They have 14 games left, 5 at home, 9 on the road. 8 against playoff teams, 6 against non-playoff teams.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 11:43

Might be getting in a snit over nothing here, Bri. Fact is, for the balance of the season Charlotte has only 3 games against clear top-flight teams. The rest, excluding Philly, are against teams with losing or so-so records. They have two games vs Philly and only one each against Detroit and Chicago.

Philly has to displace somebody; Hollinger doesn't think it's going to be Detroit and Chicago's remaining schedule is nearly as soft as Charlotte's.

"Looks unlikely for Charlotte -- their best bet is still probably to beat Philly twice and hope the rest of the Sixers schedule hammers them."

Really and truly, that is in fact Charlotte's best hope. But that's not saying a lot -- it doesn't mean he thinks it's going to happen.

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on Mar 20 at 11:53
"Philly has to displace somebody..."

I'm hoping it's obvious I really meant to say Charlotte has to displace somebody ;-)

Oh, I'm absolutely making something out of nothing. Still think it's ridiculous to say there's a better chance they make up 6 games in the loss column to the sixers than 1 game in the loss column to the bulls. especially when they play the bulls head to head.

Anyone watching ND State vs Kansas?

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