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Sixers Need To Regroup

Wasn't Morrow undrafted? What was Stefanski thinking? I've seen this dude play a couple times and he seriously never misses an open three. What a shame.

Joe reply to Jordan on Mar 20 at 19:21


I think a lot of people missed the boat there. Ed did a pretty good job IMO. He went with 3 vets which seemed to make a lot of sense at the time.(after signing Brand) 2 seem to have worked out. One, Rush, hasn't.

You should blame Thad if anyone. He went to school with Morrow. He should have talked him up more. What can you do?

Yeah, I understand Ed wasn't the only one. In hindsight there are always going to be things we wished went differently. I still think he did a good job with Theo and Donny-Ice. And even Rush seemed logical.

I just wish he would've done more with the draft i.e. take a look at Morrow, or trade up into the second round to get Chalmers -- which I think we all advocated before the draft.

Joe reply to Jordan on Mar 20 at 21:51

Yeah man. I wanted Chalmers so badly. A similar love seems to be growing inside me for Darren Collison. That is a long ways away though.

I don't understand how no one in the league saw that the guy could shoot the lights out. I mean, what was wrong with him that no one even used a second rounder on him?

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 20:17

Interesting to note...


He was pretty good in college too. Nothing spectacular, but probably worthy of a 2nd round look.

He is shooting the lights out too, which I think is a little because of the sample size or he has improved.

Heat @ Nets, Pistons hosting Clippers early. Should be wins for the two teams in thee hunt w/ the Sixers for the #5 seed. Maybe one of them chokes.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 20:51

Nets 51 Heat 39 at the half. Hmmm.

Is that really Ellis's mo-ped?

Joe reply to Jordan on Mar 20 at 22:02

The Ellis looks photoshopped on there to me fwiw.

Yeah, it was photo-shopped :)

The history of the NBA is littered with tons of hits that were supposed to be misses and misses that were supposed to be hits. Scouting in the NBA seems to be pretty bad.

One reason the sixers might have 'missed' on a guy like MOrrow is a team that's supposed to contend doesn't have a lot of room for an undrafted rookie.

Also - why don't the sixers use the NBDL - ever?

Joe reply to John on Mar 20 at 21:43

They did with Lou right? That is about it. I think they would have with Speights this year as well, but then Smith got hurt and then Brand got hurt and that kinda killed that.

This year, they really don't have anyone they could send down there.

Yeah, they used it for Lou. No one else though. Not many teams really use it, unless they get someone they don't know what to do with (Sean Williams, Morris Almond).

Nets beat the Heat so another chance to close in on #5.

They need this game tonight badly. Miami is leaving the door wide open.

Detroit beat the Clips. They're only 1 game behind us now. Crucial game.

Sixers are actually favored tonight by 1 1/5. Sixers getting a little respect? Shocking.

Usual starting lineup. Let's go!

Thad on the blocks from the get go. Stay with it.

Willie green was born to play against the Warriors.

11-2 run to start it up. Looking good early.

Fresh legs.

Anyone watching on league pass? They just showed a graphic about free agent signees who have missed a ton of games. Conveniently, they left Monta Ellis off the list.

Do you realize already 3 missed shots by Sammy and 1 turnover. He needs to play D and rebound, please.

I think he has 4 offensive boards and he's missed a shot on each of them.

Jesus. 18-2 run for the Warriors. Getting sloppy out there. 20-16, Warriors, timeout DiLeo. Wonder if we're going to see some early subs here.

All these offensive rebounds with nothing to show for them.

OMG, I totally spaced taping the game. How much time is left? I gotta start taping.

Joe reply to Jordan on Mar 20 at 23:07

It isn't the end of the 1st yet.

2:06 left in the first Q.

Let's have a 'lakers bench game' game tonight.

Speights guarding Maggette, that's a tough, tough matchup for him. Ellis picked up his third foul in the first quarter and he's still on the floor. Wow.

Sam is all over the o-glass, he just struggles with the touch on the put-backs.

Here's my rule for Sam. If you dunk it, dunk it. If you can't, get rid of it.

OK, they weathered the run. Finished the quarter up 33-31.

Speights and Lou sparked a nice little spurt there at the end of the quarter. Thad at the three when Iggy went out w/ 2 fouls.

10 shots for Thad in the quarter, only hit 3. I'll bet he winds up close to 50% for the game, though.

I was hoping that Donyell substitution would have meant more than a last second no Dalembert foul thing. Oh well.

Nice dish.

Totally different combos and rotations tonight.

Get Reggie out of there. I hate this lineup. Speights, Evans, Willie, Ivey, Lou? WTF.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 23:28

There is/was nothing positive that could come from that lineup. It is just a terrible lineup.

Anyone want to guard Morrow?

Love it, take Sammy out and put Reggie in. Going from the frying pan to the fire. What a waste. I hope Dileo realizes this REAL soon.

I cannot stand to watch the game w/ Reggie in. I am about ready to change the channel. I am not happy.

This is not the type of game that you want Reggie in there. He's basically useless against this type of offense. 16-22 with him out there.

Give Marshall the rest of this quarter, please.

Bench Lou right the fuck now. Why is he walking after a loose ball?

Similar to the Suns game, our D is lacking. Too many points given up per quarter.

Lou has to start knocking them down with regularity at the line.

Hey brian,

I was just thinking imagine what the score would be w/out Lou!

Overall, he's played a good half. Terrible shooting, which we expect, but he's got 6 assists, 4 boards, 4 steals and 0 turnovers. His performance is fine. But that lack of hustle, I just can't stand that from anyone.

Listen, getting beat on defense happens. Being in the wrong spot on the floor happens. But walking after a loose ball and letting the other team get it and take it in for an easy layup is inexcusable. I'm disgusted with the effort.

And 1.5 seconds of action for Donyell? You're telling me he shouldn't have gotten some of those 7 minutes Reggie got?

Very disappointed right now. The second half better be a different story.

Down 62-56 at the break.

I agree 100% w/ you Brian. I do not think I can watch Reggie this 2nd half. I actually will turn the channel if it is like the first half. WHy, why why do they put us thru torture w/ Reggie. It looks like maybe Sammy realized he needed to stick to rebounding and dunking ( I hope).

was staying up to watch the game live worth?

5 AM here and at halftime I have the feeling I'd better go to bed, LOL

hanwayl on Mar 21 at 0:02

Green turnaround fadeaway jumper from 16-feet? Man, that's ugly

Sammy's gonna finish w/ 30 boards.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 0:09

No reason why he shouldn't.

I'm glad I'm not paying money to watch this crap though.

You can't convince me that the Warriors can force you to take nothing but jumpers. Get the f in there already!

mood lighting

They should never have agreed to play this with that glare on the floor.

I wonder if it's as bad for them as it is for us. You'd think they could get them to stop playing those stupid graphics right above the floor, right?


you thought Lou was lazy. Do you sit the whole sixer team on the court??

If they're really packing it in and forcing jumpers, maybe putting in a guy who can stretch the floor would be a good idea. Just a thought.

they still look sluggish to me.

This is embarrassing. I fully expect Miller to do something right now.

I don't know what I expect. This is a disgrace. Every time they get an opportunity they blow it. This game better be under 10 by the end of the quarter and DiLeo better keep Evans glued to that bench for the rest of the game.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 0:34

And it looks like he needs to keep Ivey over there too, somebody could knock down those 3's. Cause he sure has a difficult time doing it.

Someone besides sammy has to want this game, right?

91-79 after three.

Making that would have been nice Ivey.

Ivey off the dribble. That's the best offense you can come up with in this situation?

The Warriors do not look like the team that played last night.

Is Miller hurt?

He might be. He hasn't played much at all.

Speights can't guard anything. It is pathetic.

Why was Watson that open?

I have no idea. Why is Ivey seeing so much time?

So many questions w/out an answer tonight.

Miller is back in... what the hell is going on? Why was he sitting when it was a 10 point game?

He's only going to play about 30 minutes if he finishes it out. May be a health thing.

7-0 run to cut it to 11. Need a couple more stops to make me sit up.

THis pisses me off. Miller took a good charge and just made a nice, hard pass in the open court during the break. If he was in when it was a 10 point game this could have happened then... so frustrating.

So disappointing.

last chance right now.

No chance if they go 1/2 from the line every time.

And can't get a stop to save their lives.

Jackson's just an idiot, apparently.

This is riduclous. It really is. This should have been a win.

The Warriors are retarded.

Ellis has had 3 horrible possessions recently. One, he threw it away. Jump ball here. And his horrible make.

This is why Miller should have been on the fucking floor. Christ. He is the anti-Monta Ellis. He is not a moron.

2 possessions. Come on.

You are dead to me Lou.

Joe reply to Joe on Mar 21 at 1:01

I shouldn't say this. He actually hasn't taken many bad shots tonight. Only about 4 and no TOs.

Shit. Wide open look for Lou, rims out. Damnit.

Anthony Morrow would've drilled that :)

He would've hit that lefty.

Why didn't Thad just bank that in?

And Iggy throws the inbounds away. That's just awesome. I love this game.

Nice to see them just fucking give up too. Pad your stats Lou, you earned it.

I'm sick. Enjoy the rest of your night guys, my wrap is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I can't stomach it right now.

Sigh. I'm kind of glad I missed 3/4's of the game now.

I guess as much as I hope for greatness, the Sixers will still be the same old Sixers.

I'm sure whatever you were doing was more enjoyable than that 36 minutes of basketball.

Eric Weiss on Mar 21 at 1:07

Monta Ellis is quite a game closer. No answer for that dude off the drive.

Sam had a huge rebounding night tonight -- great effort wasted.

Ellis is really tough off the dribble. They did a good job on him for about 3 minutes, then let down at the very end. That one circus shot was amazing.

Can't ask for much more than that from Sam, except maybe hitting a couple more of those point-blank put backs.

I hate watching the Sixers. I really do. And now it is 1:00 AM and there is no chance my heartrate will drop low enough to sleep until about 3. Awesome. Fuck all Sixers that played tonight not named Andre or Sam.

You been alright, man? Haven't seen you in a while.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 3:16

I was alright. Not so much after that loss.

As for not being around, I've been working odd hours/stretches while shuttling between DC and Philly. Kinda cut the forums(and my fantasy teams) out of my work time, since it got busier. I'm on the computer 8 hours at work too, so I'm not really breaking down the door when I get home to get on my laptop.

I can understand that. Glad everything's going well.

So much for my key to the game. the Sixers had a 50% offensive rebound rate, which is pretty much unheard of. It's particularly unheard of in a loss.

I'm really going to be disappointed in this trip if they don't win the last two. Problem is, I think it's more likely that they lose both of them w/ the way they played the past two games.

I cannot stand watching games when they cannot shoot, dunk the ball. Iggy and Miller had horrible games that cost us the game. Dalambert will mixed, Thad mixed, but why do guys shoot so poor they don't even belong on a YMCA team. I just don't get it. No defense but they can't make shots. And, honestly, my respect for Iggy has dropped greatly tonite. Did you see his throw away. It looked like they did not care. They will be hard to stay up Sunday and watch. Good night and thank you for listening!

Thanks for hanging in there guys, this was a tough one to sit through.

And, I think this proves we need a coach. NO Marshall in the 4th. What a disappointment.

Tom Moore on Mar 21 at 1:43

25-6 bulge on offensive glass and 14 more made free throws than Warriors attempted. Difference was too many wide-open 3s and easy buckets.

Since swearing isn't really condoned on my blog, especially F-bombs, I thought this was a safe place to let off a little bit of steam.



I feel better.

It seems like some stiff gets a big score against us every loss. Brandan Wright, Hakim Warrick, Matt Barnes, etc. Getting beat by someone like Kobe or LeBron is sort of excusable but they shouldn't let another team's fourth and fifth option go off like they have (getting career or season highs).

What happened to our defense? Last year they were better at shutting down teams.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 21 at 7:17

Scan across the boxscore and you have to double-take when you see the relative score totals. Sixers had just about every advantage they could ask for in this game, esp shot attempts and rebounds. The problems as I see em were that a) Two guys who took a lot of shots weren't finishing. Generally can't afford to have more than one high-volume shooter stink up the joint. And b) Golden State was hitting too high a percentage of their threes.

Figured Sam would (or should) have a good game if Biedrins was out. Turiaf's a great shot-blocker but he's undertall vs Daly for boards. He's been playing pretty well lately.

Tell me something, I was only paying attention to the boxscore feed and this thread for about 15 mins or so; I noted when Brian said Speights was going to have trouble guarding Maggette but during the time I was paying attention, I don't think I saw Maggette's name go up even once for a score (mebbe not even a shot). Allowing for the fact that everybody gets burned/has a lapse now and then (or else there'd hardly be any scoring in these games), was Speights doing ok defensively for a while there? He got 50% of the team's blocks this game, so that's somethin. No surprise that he at least did his thing offensively.

38% vs 56.5%

I'm not sure what else you need to look at to understand why they lost

I had the feeling this would happen, I missed the game completely.

Die, Lou, Die.


Lou was the one sixer that had a decent game, IMO. Can't say that about most of the others.

Alvin reply to DeanH on Mar 21 at 11:56

I get upset when I get reminded about how much my team sucks. Sometimes I overreact. But Lou has been the biggest disappointment for me this season. Even in a good game he throws up a half dozen bricks.

God why do I support this team.

Dreadful game. Teams like the Warriors and Suns are dangerous for the Sixers. It seems like when this team matches up against an opponent that is not trying to slow the tempo down, it is content to try and match buckets. They basically throw defense to the wind. As we know, this is not a team that can outshoot an opponent. They seem to match up far better with teams that want to slow the pace down---allowing the Sixers to use their uptempo more strategically.

Lou Williams is NOT suited for this team.

John reply to chris on Mar 21 at 12:38

Neither is Willie Green
Or Reggie Evans

I'm not sure why everyone wants to pick on lou for last night, EVERYONE was terrible - Thad got 23 points but on 21 shots - sam dalembert may have grabbed a lot of rebounds but couldn't shoot from 2 feet away to svae his life.

The entire team was terrible last night

Tried to watch this AM on my DVR. Late in the 3rd checked the final score and turned it off. Not a huge surprise given how up and down this team has been all year.

DiLeo may have made some changes, but on defense he is the same coach. He also likes to play Lou/Ivey/Evans together for heavy minutes...

I really am ready for a completely new coaching staff. This team fundamentally cannot guard shooters. They switch too much and leave the 3 pt line on any hint of a drive. Maybe that works in practice (against players who can drive and can't shoot) but in games it becomes a bit of a joke. I mean why would you ever cheat off a guy like Morrow?

I may not be the biggst Larry Brown fan, but when he coached the team always played solid defene (regardless of who was on the floor.) It was something they could depen on against lesser teams even on and off night. This team has the athletes to be a good defensive squad, but they kill themselves with too much helping and switching.

I watched most of the first half - but found the second quarter disappointing - in the fourth there were some exciting finishes working on CBS (Wisconsin/FSU and Siena/OSU) that I paid more attention to.

Sam Dalembert may have gotten some points - but I'm not sure what the hell he was doing offensively in the first half - it was kind of embarassing.

The 'cut across the baseline pass for the easy basket' play that the warriors were running seemed a bit ridiculous...too many players seemed open too many times, the defense just seemed bad, almost lackadaisical at times.

Now - I predicted a 2-3 road trip (with this and the kings) as one of the wins - but even if they end up that way it's gotta be considered a disappointing road trip since it started off so strong.

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