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I don't really care anymore what seed we get. These last two games have depressed the hell out of me.

This team has the athleticism, youth and talent to steal a game but we'll go down in 5 games anyway.

Doesn't matter to me either. Sixers are not getting out of the 1st round against anyone...but the experience will be good I guess for the young guys. On a side note..does ANYONE think this team will be any more than 6 or 7 games better with Elton Brand next year ? I dont...

I want Detroit to win. We should be hoping for the 5 seed- even if they don't play like it.

The only chance the Sixers have is if they go on a hot streak. If they are not hot entering the playoffs it does no matter who they play. If they enter hot and Atl goes back in a funk they have a shot to make the 2nd round. That would at least end this wasted season on a good note.

Based on the way the sixers have been playing - it depends on if you'd rather have the six or the seven seed. Honestly, even in my game I picked the Kings to win today. I have no faith in this teams ability to put together 4 solid quarters in one game to win any more.

So i'd root for the heat so that the sixers didn't lose ground to detroit tonight when they lose to Sacramento.

Tray reply to John on Mar 22 at 13:03

When we lose to Sacramento? Didn't we just beat the Lakers? You're all way too down over a couple road losses. Golden State has a better winning percentage at home than we have overall and a much better winning percentage than we have on the road - they really aren't some team that we should have easily beaten.

John reply to Tray on Mar 22 at 13:17

Did you watch the game? The sixers were pathetic, awful, atrocious, home or away it was embarrassing and honestly if they played halfway decent they should have won the game.

Yes I believe the sixers will lose today to the Kings cause they're in a 'bad place' that I don't think you can get out of on the road.

By the way - the sixers are a bad road team aren't they?

Alvin reply to Tray on Mar 22 at 14:27

Yes the Sixers did beat the Lakers but I think we've established that when this team plays hard and gets the rolls it can beat any team on a given night. The victory against the Spurs and the one on the road against the Rockets were good examples.

Unfortunately this team commits too many basic errors to be consistent. Basic errors like the wrong people taking shots at the wrong time (Lou, Ivey), leaving people (usually the best perimeter shooters) open for 3-point shots, ignoring the hot hand (usually Thad), not giving enough minutes to effective bench players (Marshall, Theo).

John ,are you really a sixers fan

Yes I am, but I also realize how bloody mediocre and inconsistent this team is Chrissy. Anyone who thinks this team is 'good enough' to accomplish anything is a rose colored glasses wearing polyanna - and that's great if it works for you - but I like to deal with facts and reality.

I also don't get overly emotional over wins or losses, my life (and my happiness) is not defined by whether or not a team i root for wins or loses.

Love everyones thoughts here. Depressed w/ the sixers, of course, how can you not be. But, everyone agrees they are mediocre, NOT BAD. Let's get back to being fans. Critical but w/ suggestions. Not just stupid comments like they stink, bad, etc... I think Alvin is correct about ignoring the hot hand, wrong people taking shots (Sammy is my leader for that), not covering the 3's, but ALL THESE ARE CORRECTABLE. SO, do you think they will correct it this year. As a fan, i Hope so. Let's go sixers, make it a blow out win tonite!

With Brand out this season I see it a moot point how the season ends up. To be frank this season is not about trying to get into the second round, but a stepping stone towards next season (when hopefully we can give someone a tough second round series at least).

What I was looking out for, therefore, were signs that this team is doing the right things on the court. I think when a team does most of the basics well it will show in the wins column. Despite a few really good wins, I haven't seen too much to show that these players are maturing much. The defense, IMO, has taken a step back from last season.

I don't expect these correctable flaws to be sorted out this season, perhaps we need a permanent coach to work on them in the off season.

John reply to Alvin on Mar 22 at 16:22

Which is why I want to see more Speights and Less Evans
And More Iguodala 2 / Young 3 - because that's the future of the team

The Kings have not beaten an Eastern Conference team all season. Let's not get carried away with the negativity here. The Sixers will win tonight & lose tomorrow in Portland, ending the road trip at 2-3 like we all thought they would anyway.

Bryon reply to Mike on Mar 22 at 15:11

The Kings just beat the Knicks for their 1st win against an EC team and this is their last game against an EC foe.

I agree with the 'getting carried away' though. I had a feeling the Lakers win would do more damage than good if they didn't beat the Warriors. When they send you on a high as a fan, the crash doesn't have much cushion.

Now saying that, I sure would like to see the defense they displayed as a team against the Lakers re-appear b/c even though the Lakers were knocking down shots and having faulty turnovers on their own, the individual and team defense as a whole was much better than they showed the last 2 games.

This is their last game against the East, too. Extra motivation for them.

Didn't realize they beat the knicks, strike that motivation thing :)


I agree with you completely.

For the record, I'm rooting for the Pistons. No difference between #6 and #7 for me. #5 has to be the goal.

Detroit up 85-82 w/ 5:18 to go.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 15:28

Isn't it amazing how Detroit can play like this without Rasheed, Hamilton and Iverson?

It's a team game after all, and having a good understanding of the game and a commitment to getting the basics nailed down throughout the roster can cushion the blow of losing a couple of starters.

John reply to Alvin on Mar 22 at 16:24

They're better without Iverson - it's been established pretty well.

Heat win it. Detroit implodes in the final seconds. not sure why they would go with a rodney stuckey iso on wade to win the game, but hey i'm no coach.

The refs blew two calls on that last play. Wade fouled him, then he was out of bounds.

Do you really think that was a foul on Stucky? Announcers did not think so, I kind of think if it was Wade driving it would have been BUT I have seen alot let go at the end of the game. Was he really out of bounds?

I thought it was a foul, but his foot was definitely on the line.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:40

It was a foul, plain as day. Heinous non-call.

Damn that D Wade, he's so good and without him we'd actually be #5.

Without him they'd be fighting for the #1 pick in the lottery.

Oops, they gave me some network error and it turned into a double post. Sorry, please delete the above.

I think the refereeing overall in the NBA is very slanted. Do ya'll agree with me?

Mike reply to DeanH on Mar 22 at 16:32

yea if wade is driving on stuckey in that same situation they call a foul on stuckey.

didn't realize the kings beat the knicks the other night. still though, they are horrible, even at home.

Bryon reply to DeanH on Mar 22 at 17:19

It's been like that for far too long. I don't care if it is Efthimios Rentzias that gets fouled, if it is a foul by the rule book then call it. This is the issue that bothers me the most about the game over the last 20 years.

It should always be about the play and not the player.

What's the record for 'worst record against the opposing conference' since they went to 30 games.

I would think no ones gone 0-30 in those games but maybe 1-29, 2-28 would be the record?

I know the suns were almost undefeated against the East a couple of season ago, but the Sixers beat them late in the year. Not sure what the record for futility is.

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