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Sixers Must Bounce Back

As you pointed out, by all statistical measures this should be an easy win. But as you also pointed out, statistical advantages don't always apply to the Sixers. What bother me most about this team is not the inconsistency shooting the ball from outside. I can live with that. What frustrates more than anything is there inability to commit to defense on a nightly basis. They have the personnel to be a solid defensive team, but as you talked about earlier, seem content to gamble. They also seem to take the concept of team defense to new heights. With a shot blocker like Dalembert defending the rim, there is reason for the entire team to sag into the lane an opposing player gets a step on his defender. Defense is the one thing you can guarantee on a nightly basis with the proper amount of effort and this team just doesn't seem to buy into that. Hopefully the last two games will open the collective eyes of this team and get thing going in the right direction.

Yeah, I mean, team defense is one thing, but what the Sixers do looks to me more like they don't trust each other at all. They need discipline, more than anything.

By the way, when we were talking about Dean Oliver the other day, and risky strategies they could use to beat the Lakers, well, you can flip that on its head when you're playing an inferior team. Reggie Evans should not see the floor tonight, and if he does, they shouldn't be using him to double the ball or do anything but play straight up defense and grab rebounds.

Everything favors the Sixers, the only thing risky strategies are going to do is bring the two teams closer.

What do you perceive the problem with the defense to be? The scheme or the players are defensively challenged themselves.

The Sixers have been letting a lot of stiffs get big games lately (setting career or season highs). It seems a lot of the stiffs are at the PF / SF position. I know this isn't Iggy's fault, he's always been a very stout defender. Thad has been averaging 22.5, 6 and 3 the last 5 games or so. I figure that is about what he should be doing. But the point is, such offensive excellence doesn't matter if you let a guys who average 7.5 put up 25 on 80% shooting. You may say Wright is talented, but he couldn't beat out Randolph (before Randolph got injured) and the guy has the shooting range of Shaq (he either dunks or takes layups which is why his % is good). Warrick, Barnes and others have put up those kinds of performances too. Thad has too much athleticism and too good of a mind to be such a poor defender.

I think it's the system, has to be. Wright was just getting completely lost in the wash last night when guys were over-helping in situations where they didn't need to.

If it's the players themselves being over-aggressive, then it's the coaching staff's responsibility to define responsibilities and roles.

The defense sucks - no doubt - but the half court 'offense' really seems to be degrading as well, the half court offense against the Warriors was just sad and pathetic and aggravating to watch.

All in all - it seems - as the playoffs approach - this team is getting worse overall - not better

Interesting to note that even though their offense starts and ends with Martin, they still lead us in eFG.

It really shows how much our offense sucks.

Yeah, our offense just depresses me. I mean, made free throws are incorporated in that stat, and it's not based on free throw percentage. They just flat out suck at shooting.

Joe reply to Alvin on Mar 22 at 21:02

They did have Salmons most of the year who is a very solid scorer. They also had Miller this year who also is a solid scorer.

I'm guessing that their replacements aren't as efficient of scorers.

So, who knows.

Same starting lineup. Here we go.

West coast announcers love Miller.

Yeah, the warriors guys were saying they wanted gsw to sign him this summer.

Looks like there are about 500 fans in attendance.

Willie can't stop Beno off the dribble?

Oh wow, that was an unbelievable pass from miller to green for the three-point play. wow.

Good start.

haha "Dine with Divacs."

Anyone notice Miller over-helping on that drive by Beno a second ago? Led to the wide-open three for Garcia. It's not just the rookies.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:23

I'm watching on 1 minute delay haha. I just watched it.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:25

I seriously think DiLeo coaches them to play like that, esp. after the comments after that Orlando game from him and Iggy.

I'd love to see Iggy go off for like 40 in this game.

Who runs a worse fast break...

Willie or Lou?

Willie, hands down. That should've been a monster dunk for Iggy.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:30

Alright, Willie or Reggie?

Reggie's better :)

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:46

More entertaining on the break - i'll give you that

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:33

Well one at least considers passing and one considers it a foreign concept.

I was cooking dinner and iron chef is on - forgot the game

This team is terrible. They don't seem like they can do anything. Can't rebound, can't defend, can't shoot, can't penetrate.

What is this team good at?

Getting Kevin Martin to the line, apparently.

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:35

Can he shoot threes - can the sixers have him?

They probably could, but would you be willing to part with reggie evans AND jason smith?

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:41

Do you love your kids?

John reply to John on Mar 22 at 21:48

That was supposed to be smart assery - yes i'd give up reggie evans AND Jason Smith for Kevin Martin

I'm not enamored of the slow flabby white guy as much as others are

Joe reply to John on Mar 22 at 21:50

I'm pretty sure Brian was kidding. I think Willie Green AND Reggie Evans may have made it a little more obvious though.

John reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 21:54

My bad - there seems to be a lot of love (that I don't get) for Jason Smith by some here - like he'll solve the 3 point shooting issues.

Yeah, that was a joke. Much like Sacramento as an NBA franchise. I really hope DiLeo gives the starters 6 minutes in the third, they push the lead to thirty, then we see a lineup of Theo, Sp8s, Donyell, Rush and Ivey for the rest of the game. Give everyone else the time off and let them get ready for tomorrow night. Make the back-to-back a non issue.

Decent first quarter, 35-17 Sixers.

Iguodala is on pace for 68 points on 24/24 from the field.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:39

Foot on throat tactic needed here in the 2nd.

John reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 21:42

Sadly - it's the sixers second team and not - you know - good plyers :)

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:40

Well, he won't play that many minutes I don't think. 50 points on 19/19 or something is more reslistic.

Donte Greene isn't shy.

Ivey just dribbled against the zone for about 10 seconds. That's a solid game plan. Iggy can't miss.


DiLeo is reading posts again...Rush sighting.


30 at half...

Reggie in the post. This is like a clinic on how it doesn't matter what you don on offense against a shitty defense.

I hope this game teaches them to start guarding 3's. Not happy at all at open 3's still........

Real and Speightacular on Mar 22 at 21:56

Sactown's got no choice but to rain threes in the second half. Will it be Philly's kryptonite this game? Doubt it, but might make for some interesting drama...

SPEIGHTS DRAWS A CHARGE! highlight of the game, so far.

This is EXACTLY what the sixers need. A team that can shoot 3's and can't defend on the other side. Perfect. Wish this game was a month ago. If they don't learn their lesson tonite, not good.

John reply to DeanH on Mar 22 at 22:12

What lesson is there to learn?

You can beat the crap out of the worst team in the NBA that gave up and is playing out the string?

This game means nothing in terms of turning the corner for this team either folks

I disagree. This game means the key sixers should be able to rest up for tomorrow night, negating the back-to-back disadvantage, or at least mitigating it.

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 22:20

Not sure what that has to do with turning a corner - they're still a very flawed inconsistent team plying a real crappy team that laid a giant stinker just two days ago in a game they really should have (and if you believe in such things 'had to') win

I was disagreeing that this game meant nothing. It doesn't mean anything in regards to turning a corner.

John reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 22:24

Well i was only referring to turning the corner - that's all :) I mean if they lost this game I could only imagine the posts :)

BTW - Tony - you don't HAVE to start the starters in the second half :)

Bryon reply to John on Mar 22 at 22:29

Lesson to learn - never pick the Kings against your favorite team.

John reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 22:36

Unless the sixers have only been winning when you pick against them


Bryon reply to John on Mar 22 at 22:43

Please pick against them tomorrow night on that premise.

John reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 22:44

Not a problem with it being Utah

Ask for Rush...recieve Rush...gotta love it!

Sixers out-scored them 24-20 with Rush on the floor.

69-43 at the half, Iggy sat the final 8 minutes of the second.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 22 at 22:06

Looks like a great game to let M16 off the chain and let 'im run amok, let Iggy get some well-deserved rest for a change.

And Rush haven't been playing for what reason

Who's this Kareem Rush guy? Where did he come from?

I recall everyone asking for a Marshall sighting,that's him with the youth and the speed

Bryon reply to crissy on Mar 22 at 22:20

Most were asking for Marshall including myself and deservedly so, but I just asked for Rush earlier this afternoon on another post since the guys getting time were not playing any D at all and if that was his shortcoming he couldn't be any worse, right?

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 22:34

He could be and has at times in his career.

Now... would he? I don't know anymore, but Donyell is a much better option IMO.

Bryon reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 22:46

Just asking - but isn't O'Brien kind of known as a defensive minded coach? And Rush was good enough to start for him while setting a career high for 3's made last year while doing it.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 22:52

By the end of last year, he was out of the rotation for a really bad team.

And he only started when there were at least 2 injuries I believe. I could be wrong, but that is how I remember it.

And he didn't help them win games either. He hurt them significantly because he isn't good.

My $.02

Bryon reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 22:59

Interesting. Didn't follow them as I do the Sixers but I wondered why they didn't try to re-sign him. When he played against us last year, he lit us up from 3 (like everybody else).

Glad to see that work doesn't have you bogged down, as I knew you would have a retort.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 22 at 23:02

I have owned Danny Granger 3 years running in most fantasy leagues. I know the Pacers more than any other non-Sixer team possibly.

10/10 for Iggy.

Sloppy play. Iggy was arguing something, completely lost martin on an inbound play, and he hit a three, then iggy turned it over.

That wasn't even close to a foul on Iggy, but it's his fourth and DiLeo's going to leave him out there, I guess.

These guys are CRUSHING. The Kings D inside the paint is non-existent though. Still, a much needed blowout

It looks like Sacto just hasn't sold any commercials during this game. They don't go away during timeouts. I love it.

I was NOT referring to this being a big game for winning. I think I was clear that this is a big game in learning how to GUARD THE 3 POINT SHOT!!!!! I guess I was not clear even though I think I was clear. 3 point shot defense is the lesson to learn...........

Thad, showing off with an awkward windmill.

Q. I think Miller is hurt or does he not play D anymore. Notice when the guys are shooting against him, he does not jump, just a lazy hand towards guy.

Probably the injury plus conserving energy a little tonight.

Green is really bad. If he was not on the court, we would be ahead by another 10 points in IMO

Ok - who had a tear in their eye with that touching *cough* BS *Cough* tribute to Vlade?

I get choked up whenever I see Chris Webber. What a great ex-Sixer.

Keeping old man Donyell fresh by not putting him in at all, or is he only going to see time when we are down?

Lost the third by 5. I'd like to see a quick spurt here to start the fourth.

Anyone else glad Iguodala had foul trouble and wasn't left out there for the entire third quarter?

Speights is not very aware yet, is he?

John reply to chris on Mar 22 at 22:56

Nice pass by Speights (i thought) to Iguodala

Sheseh, talk about slop time. These past two minutes will not be highlighted in the archives.

Lou loves to leave his feet for no reason.

I was taught to always have a plan before doing just that.

Everyone was. No idea why he doesn't get benched for it.

Lou jumps to pass from the backcourt. Awesome.

Lou jumped w/out no reason but the sixers running were not looking for the ball either. Gets old w/ Lou jumping for no reason. Why does he do it???

timeout please.

Why in the world does the coach keep using Reggie. I am starting to "can't say the word" him. He is absolutely USELESS. CAN'T SHOOT, CAN'T DEFEND INSIDE.

Trying to protect a 20-point lead is the absolute worst situation to be using him. Theo should be in there. Stupid.

So they come out of the TO w/ reggie at the 5. brilliant.

Why are the coaches and announcers so blind w/ Reggie???? Does he pay them off?

I'd rather have Reggie in there than Speights.

I'd rather have neither right now.

That should do it.

Would've liked more rest for Iggy and Miller, but they both should finish under their season averages.

Lou has shot >50% once this year...(min 3 FGA)

Will it happen again tonight? I'd vote no.

Joe reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 23:15

I thought there were 5 mins leftm not 2. Nevermind.

Congrats Lou. You will shoot >50%.

Joe reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 23:16

and I meant min 4 FGA.

That stat cannot be true, can it?

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 23:17

it isn't. I suck apparently.

This is going to be his 5th time. Just ignore me.

Joe reply to Joe on Mar 22 at 23:20

Well, I'm posting again...

If by year, you mean 2009... this is his 4th-5th time.

I apparently can't count.

Nice to see them riding Thad for easy hoops late.

And good old Sammy. He is so dumb.

Alright, needed the win, got the win. Time to watch team USA lose to Japan. What a joke.

I'll be back later w/ my wrap. Thanks for taking part, guys.

JRoll gets on base, but shit ass Jeter can't. What a bum.

Shocking to see Dunn end it w/ the bat on his shoulder.

BTW, that is the type of game I think we're going to see a lot of from Thad as he matures. 9/15 from the floor for 22 points, 6 boards, 1 assist, 2 steals and a block.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 23:28

A serviceable blended-in 4, a reliable shooter and no 7 game last second losses, with Iggy's steady numbers and Thad's coming around - ought not to be bad next year.

Good to see consistent scoring from Thad. 20+ average over the last 10 games.

Is it too soon in his career to expect him to be the go to scorer next year at age 21?

I don't think so. Not if he can confidently hit those mid-range jumpers like he has been recently. That's the key for him, if he can make guys challenge the J, he can blow by them off the dribble and get to the line.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 14:30

Wait... get to the line?

Why not dream big?

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