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Nothing's Free In This League

Hey man, what do you think of Speights starting over Green? I don't think Speights' minutes should be increased, just moved to coincide with the main crew. Love your thoughts on the idea.

I'm absolutely in favor of starting Speights instead of Willie, in fact I think it should've happened about a month ago.

Better offensive team on the floor, better rebounding team on the floor, and contrary to popular belief, a better shooting team on the floor with that starting lineup.

I think they're hesitant because of Speights' defensive lapses, which is a legitimate reason not to do it, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

I checked out your post, like the thought process, here's the link, guys. Check it out.

Re: your point on Kareem Rush being Tim...

Rush hit some big shots when he was with the Lakers, hitting a couple game winners and hitting 6-7 from three in Game 6 against the T-Wolves. So his past shows that he can perform in clutch situations. I'm not sure what happened to him since he took the Laker uniform off, but while he was in LA (I live in LA) he was a valuable contributor off the bench on contending teams.

I stand corrected, he was 20/50 from three in the playoffs that season, and you don't get much more pressure than that. For some reason I thought he showed up after Shaq left LA when the Lakers blew.

"Up Next: @ Portland, tomorrow night."

Fifth best home team in the league at 28-6. Certainly looks like we'll end up in sixth place and go down to the Magic in 5-6 games.

6th is certainly probable, but I don't think a loss tomorrow is the death knell. Neither Miami nor Detroit are playing particularly good basketball right now.

Oh, and the Lakers were 30-4 at home until last Tuesday. Stranger things have happened than a Sixers win at Portland.

What to make of this trip if they beat Portland and LA and lose to Golden State? 3-2 beating those two would be quite an accomplishment.


One of my biggest frustrations reading blogs are the negadelphias. I actually deleted a couple blogs favorite links for that reason. The sixers are not a great team (can we all agree?) but they are definitely not a horrible game (some don't agree with that). So, yes, it is possible, could I say, maybe likely??? They did beat them at home. Looking forward to tonite and Go Sixers!

Furthermore, could you imagine what their record would be if Green was not starting!

John reply to DeanH on Mar 23 at 10:10

Cause then lou williams would be starting?

The sixers are a mediocre team...they win games they shouldn't they lose games they shouldn't - that's what mediocrity is.

I love how realizing that the team you root for isn't very good makes you 'negative'

And if it wasn't so catchy - like if the city were called 'Pottsberg' or 'Handleytown' - would the silly negadelphian appellation continue to exist?

Yes willie green shouldn't start - but Speights is a defensive sieve


There is a difference between saying they are mediocre, correct btw, and saying they stink. That is what I mean by the negadelphia. Not correct criticism, not a problem, but comments w/out any backup saying they stink. Just stating ALWAYS negative comments and very RARELY if ever positive comments. Do you agree with me??

Btw, your comment about Lou. He is very young and does alot of dumb stuff but we all make mistakes and will get better (just like Sac will get better). Is Lou worse than Willie Green in your opinion?

Is Lou worse than Willie Green in your opinion?

That's an interesting debate.

john reply to DeanH on Mar 23 at 11:03

Well No - I don't think Lou is worse than willie green - but i'm not sure he's better either. WIllie doesn't pass much - Lou makes stupid passes, Lou likes to stand at the top of the key and run down the clock and then drive ala Iverson whereas Willie likes to take stupid shots early in the shot clock. One draws fouls (usually) one doesn't.

It's six one half dozen of the other - if the argument is that the sixers would have many more wins starting Lou over Willie - I'd have to say probably not cause that also makes a weak bench even weaker.

now if the argument is start speights over willie - that's an entirely different kettle of fish


I agree with you. An argument could be given,as it is always stated by our announcers, playing gets the players better when they are young. So, taking that position, could possibly playing Lou more help him develop faster? And, would Willie coming off the bench produce the same points as Lou does off the bench?

I do think there is alot of benifits to Lou getting to the line (AS LONG AS THE SIXERS MAKE THEIR SHOTS, another issue) and getting the other team starters in foul trouble. I may be on to something!

john reply to DeanH on Mar 23 at 11:23

Well the thing is - do the sixers see Lou as a 2 guard or a 'scoring point guard' (which messes up his game something fierce) - if they see him as the scoring point guard they wouldn't consider starting him with Andre Miller in the back court.

Now - I think the problem with Lou is that the sixers won't accept what he is - he's not a point guard - he doesn't have the instincts - he's a short 2 guard...and they shouldn't try and make him something he's not.

The foul trouble theory isn't one I've thought of before - obviously lou draws more fouls than Willie, but would he draw as many fouls against starters than bench players?

Bryon reply to DeanH on Mar 23 at 12:58

Dean, just throwing my hat in the ring here - but I think the reason we don't see Lou starting really boils down to the defensive end. He is too short to guard most points or 2 guards in the league or maybe just not good enough at on-the-ball D altogether. We don't have a lot of options for a starter there so Willie tends to be the best option defensively by default. I don't think that points or free throws attempted even factor in to the staff's thinking here.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 23 at 11:51

Negadelphian? Heh. Cute. At least you don't have to be a Golden State fan.

Lou plays a minute more than Green, and is completely unafraid to shoot, but probably to the team's detriment. The man simply can't shoot, and he refuses to stop.

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