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Against All Odds, Again

That would be the smart lineup to start this game.

I agree with you they ought to use the promised Miller, Iggy, Thad, Speights, Sammy lineup. I do not understand their obstinancy as to not even giving this a try.

I think there is a decent chance Iggy outplays Roy. Roy gets a lot more pub but I think Iggy (asides from shooting) is at least as good, if not better. I think if they get Speights more seasoning his defense could improve more AND he'd be better prepared for the playoffs. What do you see Speights primary defensive problem being? Being lost? He certainly has the athleticism.

I think being a good defensive player (at least OK) is all work and attitude. To be great, you'd need some athleticism. And most of the Sixers are superior athletes. So, they should be at minimum good defenders and Speights, Thad, Sam and Iggy (who already is) should all be superior defenders if they work at it and they have a decent scheme. Even though Lou is a superior athlete, his size works against him but he should still do better than being a traffic cone.

Seems to me like Speights gets lost on defense and he gets lazy (instead of moving his feet, he relies on his athleticism too much, thinking he can come from behind and block the shot). That's two parts desire, one part coaching, in my opinion.

john reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 19:39

That sounds familiar

I assume you're talking about Sam. It's a fair comparison, it took Sam a long time to grasp what positional defense meant, and he still struggles with it. Speights has more strength, and we hope a better head on his shoulders, but it's still going to take time.

john reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 19:54

I think you're being kind with struggles - i think most nights he just does the 'rely on athleticism thing' - and never will improve his basic fundamentals

I hope speights isn't learning from him

I disagree on this. When he's man-on-man in the post he's very, very good at positional defense. That's why he shows up for games against guys like Tim Duncan, etc. He keeps a low base, uses his arm to keep space between himself and his man so he has room to go up and contest the shots.

Actually, Sammy has been a good defensive center across the board this season. The only problems I've seen come when he's confused on where to help, or where the rotations get stupid and he's responsible for a shooter in the corner on a three. He's slow on those plays, and like pretty much every sixers outside of Brand, he's not what I'd call effective against the pick and roll.

The next time we see a PF playing PF for them will be when Brand returns. They should have started Speights a long time ago, but that's not going to happen, and almost not worth even speculating at this late stage. If they did not do it in the last 4 months why should we expect them to change now?

After Brand went down, this year has been a not so successful attempt to recapture last Spring's small ball glory, and they really are not preparing for next year as much as just biding time and playing out the string. If they wanted to prepare for next year they would be running Iguodala/Young at 2/3 and having Speights run at PF using plays they hope to run with Brand back. Very little this year resembles what the team wants to do next year. Who knows if we will/should even have the same PG?

john reply to tk76 on Mar 23 at 19:56

That's a really depressing post

Just trying to fit in...

Not depressing, just a statement of fact. They want to win this year, and this is how they think they will be most successful this year. On the flip side, next year will be interesting, and this year is almost over- and maybe they have another run in them.

John reply to tk76 on Mar 23 at 21:43

IT's depressing to me because I think it's asinine approach that will hurt the team next season when healthy and you have limited time with Andre Miller...instead of realizing they can't win a title this year and developing guys to work with Brand they'll have to start it again next year

Then again - since we're going to have a new coach anyway i guess it doesn't matter

Real and Speightacular reply to tk76 on Mar 23 at 21:13

excellent way to put it. i've been saying it's a "political" thing. it just makes no sense otherwise.

deepsixersuede on Mar 23 at 19:34

Brian, that should be the starting lineup from here on out but Aldridge, to me, isn!t a reason to change it. He seems to not take advantage of posting up smaller players like he should, maybe he is watching Frye in practice too much but he seems more a finesse than power guy.

He is more finesse, but he's also good on the offensive glass. I think my bigger worry is at the 2 and 3. If Iggy guards Roy, which he should, that puts Green or Miller on Outlaw. If Green is on Roy, well, that's a bigger problem. The size dif. between Aldridge and Thad doesn't help, but it isn't the biggest worry I have about the mismatches.

yea aldridge scores most of his points on 10-12ft jumpers, similar to brand actually.

Miami is thrashing the Griz, so the Six need a win to keep pace. No pressure, though.

"Portland's worst loss of the season, a 21-point drubbing in Philadelphia."

Same old boring starting lineup. Still waiting to see which team's feed they're going to show on NBA TV, my guess is Portland's.

Willie on Roy is not going to work.

Shooting the lights out in the first. Apparently, knocking the server down in the process.

Sucks that I can't watch this one. Pretty pissed. Iguodala seems like he is tearing it up. I guess that shouldn't be surprising. If you throw away the first month, Iguodala's numbers have been pretty damn ridiculous.

Is it on justin.tv?

Miller was absolutely abusing Blake, they had to bring Przybilla to double every time he touched it in the post early.

Zero Andres on the floor right now, this is an important stretch.



I'm surprised he hit the backboard.

Thad is just sick. That spin was unreal.

And reggie missed.

Evans has 10 points. Wonders will never cease.

Will the Reggie effect be the deciding factor tonight? LOL

He is leaving Sam out a long time with Pryzbilla in there. Well Theo in now. Is Sam in foul trouble?

Sam has 2 fouls and the lead has come since Sammy has left.

3 fouls on Prz, 2 on Oden. Didn't like that lineup w/ Reggie at the 5, but they got him out of there before any damage was done. Need to keep up this defensive intensity and grab a few friggin' rebounds.

One of Reggie's net positive games.

Like this full court press they are running tonight with the 2 guards picking up off inbound.

Lou wants to keep his #1 rating on yahoo for guards!

They are calling it real close on the sixers but giving alot of liberty to Portland

Man we are blowing these guys out, like in Philly, if not for 2nd chance points.

That was a sick fucking second quarter by the bench. And this has been the best defensive half this team has played since Brand went down, without question. If they could only rebound this would be a 25-point game at the break.

As it stands, 58-44.

Brian, question. How do get rebounds if you block out the guy and the ball goes deep? Not necessarily tonite but often I have seen that happen.

Two parts to rebounding, boxing out and going to get the ball. On long boards, it has to be the guards to come back for it, but usually you don't want that, you want floor balance to stop the break, so long boards usually favor the offense.

One of Reggie's net positive games.

So far, let's not jinx it.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 23 at 23:12

I'm enjoying watching this game so far. These guys are one good coach away from being a consistently formidable team. It's right there.

Evans is beasting tonight. Did someone show him our posts? ;-)

Hope they can keep the energy for just 24 more minutes!

Please come out strong. Keep going right at Prz and Oden, get them in even more foul trouble. Keep the energy up, they aren't going to shoot this bad all night, even if the defense keeps the pressure up.

Lou was +13 in the first half.

Horrible start to the third. I'd like a quick timeout from DiLeo to settle things.

We don't need a bad start to the third, no we do not.


That was a bullshit call on Miller, the offensive foul. It was a bad pass to Iggy, though.

That timeout was late, if you ask me. Should've taken it right when they cut the lead to 9. Hope DiLeo drew up a good play coming out of the TO.

That was Przybilla's fifth god damned foul. Let's count the BS calls the rest of the way.

Rreminiscent of the New Orleans game with the guys letting the refs get in their heads here. @NO gmae.

Looks to me like Iggy isn't going to let that happen.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 23:41

And Batum was over his back on that one where it went out of bounds supposedly off Batum, with no call. Iggy with a stare at the ref.

Just not a good 3rd quarter team.

Why are the refs calling fouls all the sudden for the sixers?

Atta boy Thad.

time for lou id say. get willie outta there.

assuming no minutes for marshall unless we go down 7-10

Seriously, wtf?

Only 5 shots for Iggy so far, he needs to assert himself right out of this timeout. Push the lead back up to double digits.


why not charging like they hit Miller with?

stop going under screens on blake please.

Can't go under the screens for Blake, make him a driver.

Good call :) I hit submit approximately 10 seconds before you.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 23:55

Jinx, lol.

Regroup. You got out of the third with the lead intact. Thad was torching them, go back to him, he's 8/9 from the floor for fuck's sake.

12 minutes of quality basketball, let's go.

Darn, where the heck was that foul. Lou never touched him.

Would you bring Reg back in here if they sit Oden and Pryzbilla?

May I point out who caused that turnover.......

son of a...8-0 run w/ iggy on the bench to start the fourth. 80-79, Portland. Thad hasn't touched the ball yet this quarter.

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:04


I don't care if they lose, but if the refs just hand it to them...fucking horse shit. Oden shoved thad in mid-air, then a three on the other end.

The only person trying on the court right now is Lou and Iggy.

Seriously, these refs are full of crap. Thad just got fouled with no call and Iggy before that on the bogus jump ball call.

I don't like sitting Thad here, but maybe Reggie raises some hell on defense.

The way they are over-playing we need to hit them with the backdoor lob.

Absolutely. It'll be there for Iggy if you can suck Oden out of the lane.

About freaking time you daggone refs.

Bout time we got a call.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:12

How many seconds that time? :)

Found a stream... been watching since beginning of 4th. What a game so far.

I liked that Lou passed that ball to Iguodala and didn't force a terrible shot. Know your role Lou...

We're in the penalty, please chill with all the jumpers.

Big hoop for Miller. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:20

He finger-rolled that baby from like 3 feet away and with the left hand.

Wow, what a move by Miller! Awesome.

Thad with the good front on the post on Aldridge. Box out Sam!

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:25

Are you f-ing kidding me?!?!? Iggy, WTF were you doing!?!?! Goddamnit

Keep going to the hole, guys. Be aggressive.

Free throws. come on.

shit. they're going to get 2 for 1 at the end here. Need a big stop. HUGE STOP.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:28

Yeah. Wonder what lineup DiLeo comes out with.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:28

thad, out of control. shoulda pulled it out. god this is frustrating. officially at the point where im gonna lose sleep with an L

I'm not sleeping either way. 47 second.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:32

awful d

Put Speights in here for the final play? You have to, right?

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:33

Anyone else getting pissed at how lame those thundersticks are?

oh no - lou williams...

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:34

iggy good for 2 here??

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:35


It could be pinned on a number of things, but the refs tonight were terrible. We even got a few out of bounds calls we shouldn't have gotten. But they shifted the game in the 3rd in the Blazers favor.

Fucking Ivey in your jock Roy. Let's go, 5 minutes more.


Ivey did a awesome defense.

What fucking good D. Awesome. Don't start Willie in OT. Please. Thanks.

How huge was Ivey on that possession?

Iggy, ice in his veins.

5 fouls on Oden, how about getting him his 6th right away.

Announcer: Ivey getting a poster here....Yeah, a poster on how to get an end of game stop!

WTF!!!! they switch games at the start of overtime, come on.

Ah, NBATV, that is what League Pass is for!!!!!!!


What the fuck NBA TV? Are you fucking kidding me?

And we have to watch freaking free throws while live action is going on in the game they let us watch 48 minutes of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's blacked out online too.

Anyone with Philly feed know how we got up 102-98??

Shit. Thad and Iggy hit shots when we weren't watching. Now we get to see Portland come back with a 5-0 run.

That last one was a bad shot by Thad.

Who was guarding Rudy there?

this is unreal. they're showing the 20 second timeout. i want to shoot myself. fuck you david stern.

Iguodala and Young both hit jumpers.

Can you believe Portland got Fernandez from Phoenix for just cash?

How did we get up 104-103?

Miller 6-footer.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:45

FUCK YEAH BABY!! IGGGY. I have serious anger issues with these blazers (and their crowd) right now

take us away again, the sixers score every time. :)

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:47

Miller hit a follow up layup (rebounding his own miss) for 104. Then Sammy had an unbelievable block on roy, started a fast break, iggy finished with a dunk (nice feed by green)

Bryon reply to Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:51

thanks ALOT!

Sammy bumping up the intensity at the end of a poor showing. Keep it up Sammy.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:48


Yeah Thad. YEAH!!!!!

Sammy is a beast, man.

Great job Thad. Great.

How huge was that, man? Holy crap.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:49

Is there any way this whole chat board can be reformatted? It takes like a full minute to make a post

Joe reply to Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:50

Could do live chats...

I've been looking into it. I'm probably going to have to move to a new server when I have the money to do it. Sorry, and thanks for putting up with it.

Bryon reply to Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:52

You aren't alone. It takes mine a while to go through. I just thought it was my ISP.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 24 at 0:54

As soon as I hit post, it goes through. It just seems to take awhile to redirect. I just manually refresh the page and the post is there.

I have been watching NBATV for years and I have never seen them show an exhilarating game for 48 minutes and then show free throws being shot in another game with 8 seconds left while missing over 3 minutes of live action. Brian do you have contacts to email them tomorrow about the nonsense?

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:50

that SHOULD be the ballgame

Bad timeout there,

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:51

Almost a gutsier win than the Laker game I'd say. Battling a more hostile crowd, in OT, final game of west coast swing. amazing.

Joe reply to Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:53

3-2 for that trip is very impressive.

3-2 with wins at the Lakers and at Portland is downright unbelievable.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:00

If they bring the effort and intensity they brought tonight they will win quite a few down the stretch. I feel like they fed off of the packed house and energy from the crowd.

Sadly, that doesn't occur at home.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 24 at 1:04

Attendance goes as expectations go. The Sixers dug their own grave with their poor start IMO.

Somehow I want to be excited but I am so freaking pissed that I feel like I missed the whole overtime. They could have at least ran a split screen.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 24 at 0:55

yeah a little picture in picture or something.

Well, I honestly cannot believe they played 53 minutes of basketball w/ just 1 letdown. And won 2nd back to back against a very good team. All comments tonite were great, thank you for helping me enjoy the game even more so!

So, is that a better win than the Lakers win? I'm thinking it was. They weathered so many runs. Took it into OT and brought home the win. That was impressive and I agree with Aldridge, this team has a shot in the playoffs man. They just do. Get excited, Philly fans.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:05

I actually do think after seeing this game that they have a shot at some kind of first-round upset. They seem to play up to the level of their competition a little. And Orlando isn't a great team without Nelson. But there's no way that they could pull off anything more than that one upset.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:05

I agree B and have felt like this for some while (like Aldridge). People look at records too much. While I know we lost those games and they count, if you give us just 6 of the last second buzzer beaters our record is up there with Portland, Utah, New Orleans, Denver and Atlanta.

These teams above us in the playoffs are not that much better than us on any given night.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:06

Better win IMO for sure.

25+ from the "big three scorers." Nice to see. Reggie was a difference maker though for sure with his season high 12 and his great rebounding.

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 0:59

Hey, I will have and cheer as if we have hope if we play either the magic or hawks.

the other 2, well...

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 1:04

It's becoming pretty clear we are going to at the very least take the 6 seed home (I'm lovin the remainder of the schedule). I think it's time we start cheerin on the Celts and against the magic.

Brian: DEFINITELY BETTER THAN THE LAKERS WIN!! they played 48plus minutes of Reggie-Evans-annoying-in-ur-face defense. proud to call myself a sixer fan tonite!! period!!!

I liked the Laker win for excitement but this was a better win.

read the thread above, someone needs to give NBA TV some lip.

That was criminal.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:39

But what tripped me out was that Denver game was ALREADY on another channel on League Pass and the Sixers game was only on NBATV. It's not like we could flip over to League Pass channels to see the Sixers.

Just seeing highlights of that game brings me back to a very dark place. NBA TV should be ashamed of themselves. What'd we miss, about half of the OT?

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