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Gotta Have It

Mike W. on Mar 24 at 1:30

How bout the BACKUP PG (Sweet Lou) with a +17???

Sweet Lou with 27 minutes played and only 7 shots. That's recognition, and he was a definite difference maker tonight. Excellent job by Lou (who should I bash tomorrow, I like eating crow :)

I think Miller was tired (stupid mistakes) but knew what the team needed and did it. That is a TRUE LEADER! Thank you Andre Miller.

Mike, I have been a big Lou fan inspite of all the criticism. Do not know why as I understand and believe the criticism is justified. I think the main reason is the growth I see in him thru this year. I believe his big minus days are behind him! (I am sure I will be reminded if they are not!).

I'm the first one to give credit when it's due, and tonight was a perfect example of how Lou can contribute even when his shot isn't falling. I was extremely impressed with his play. He showed maturity out there, and I don't think that's something I've said about him before. Maybe he's turning the corner right in front of our eyes.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:54

Don't know his numbers at the line, but Lou was instrumental in the 2nd quarter surge by attacking the basket hard and getting fouled every chance he had. Only remember the wide open 3 that he missed as far as him taking jumpers.

Someone please inform me why Brandon Roy is so great. Two up-close games this year and he is handily outplayed and getting the clamps put on by.......who.....Willie Green! Enough said.

I know you said you will have more but how about that Reggie effect tonight? Havoc..... and scoring everywhere!

It's coming, man. Don't you worry. Didn't you hear, by the way? Royal Ivey was put on a poster by Roy at the end of regulation :)

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 1:51

Yea, I busted on that in the game thread.

The free throw shooting was amazing. How many more games will we win with good free throw shooting?

We made twice as many free throws as they attempted, and I don't think the whistles particularly favored the Sixers either. Check in a couple minutes for another post.

How in the heck do you get these dang posts together so qucikly? And I can't be the only one wondering this? :)

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 24 at 2:03

And while you are getting that post together, tell ESPN to stick that evil computer up their ass!

No mention of Thad? 10-15 tonight, the dude's been red hot for us the past ten games.

I expect so much from him only because I really believe he can be a star.

Yes he got out-rebounded by Aldridge (as expected) but quietly put up one more point than him with ten less shots. Lots of players can put up 20 points, not many can do so this efficiently.

It's coming :)

Thad has started to emerge now. I don't think this is as good as he'll get but when he gets the touches he scores, period. It is amazing he won't even be 21 until the season is over. He is younger now than when Iggy was a rookie. Move him to his true position and his defense and offense should improve too.

It is imperative they try the Iggy at the 2 and Thad at the 3. Why? Right now, WG at the 2 is definitely the current weakness on the team (as a position). If Iggy can man the 2 and he and Thad can co-exist like that, it means the Sixers can concentrate on getting a young PG who can shoot (gets us a shooter and a youngster that can grow with the team). If not, we need to know they can't co-exist like that and would have to get a SG in the draft or FA. If they don't start trying that lineup out they've wasted the end of the year to evaluate that and wouldn't know for sure what to concentrate on this summer.

Thad isn't really cut out to be a 4 as he doesn't rebound enough. Probably, if they can't co-exist at the 2/3, it is Thad that would get moved. But with his emergence they'd better get an All-Star or a potential All-Star in return.

I completely agree, but I just don't see it happening. Not now at least. They're in full-bore playoff drive mode and they believe this lineup is their best. I don't see them changing it unless they get to the playoffs and see a mismatch they need to adjust for, or one they want to create.

Bryon reply to Chris on Mar 24 at 10:20

Iggy can't chase 2 guards around screens all night on defense and then produce for us on offense, there's more to the staff's thinking with the lineups than just the offensive end.

He's going to have to do it eventually.

Byron is correct according to Ed as the main reason for WG starting. I often forget.

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