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Three Weeks, One Day

Real and Speightacular on Mar 25 at 7:11

FWIW, I don't think any team has it worse than the Spurs come rodeo road trip time. Annually they seem to use this period to make their end of season run, to bond and harden up for the playoffs. Sixers can do the same.

Don't the bulls have a pretty harsh road trip as well?

I think the NBA scheduling is always very unbalanced and very favorable to certain teams...personally

The Bulls and Spurs long road trips have nothing to do w/ the league. They have to do w/ a circus and a rodeo (the Sixers have a similar deal w/ the ice capades, i think?)

I'm not talking about long road trips, I'm talking about back-to-backs, playing rested teams on the second night of back-to-backs, and playing 13 games in the final 22 days on the schedule.

john reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 11:10

Sorry - I had two separate thoughts - yes the bulls have a long road trip (and the sixers around december end always head out west for the ice capades which i found asinine while the spectrum was still functional) - I know those are independent of the league (though sometimes the way those road trip games are scheduled is ridiculous)

The other thought was that I often look at the schedule and wonder things like - why are the sixers playing the nets on a back to back after the nets had 4-5 days off.

Why do teams GET 4-5 days off during the regular season - why isn't it spaced out better so that there are less back to backs and a more fair distribution of 'rest'.

Why are games played on Thursday night having to be mostly 'exclusive' to TNT whereas you'll have Sunday games that are the same time as your 'abc' games (not to mention MULTIPLE ABC games)

I know that a 'fair and balanced' schedule is difficult but I've always felt that of all the sports i pay attention to (so, you know, not the NHL) the NBA schedule always seemed the most haphazard and slanted to give certain teams advantages over others.

Course, I'd also tweak the schedule so that you play more divisional games and less 'intra conference' games not against your divsion.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 11:30

Ok, fair enough, but hardships are hardships, I wasn't really focussing on the whys and wherefores so much. Frankly, I wouldn't want the task of having to organize the schedules for 30 teams x 82 games each against all the other demands like rodeos and ice shows and cable/network contracts, etc., etc. My head would explode. I'm sure it's a thankless job with no hope of satisfying everybody.

I'm pretty sure every team at the beginning of the season has a look at the schedule and finds a good stretch of wtf in it. That the Sixers have theirs late is (i'm willing to bet) not a weird plot to have a sizeable and savvy market marginalized for the sake of the Nets (or whoever). They can roll with it. Worst case, if they manage it poorly, they wind up one spot lower in the playoff seedings. Big whoop.

My thing is they don't have to look at it as a negative, there's an opportunity to forge (say) an us-against-the-world attitude to peak for the playoffs.

Anyone have the stomach to try a comparative analysis of all 30 teams' schedules?

Did I just cause a massive wave of brain implosions? :)

Interestingly enough - for a different reason i have the date and even start time of every nba game this season already in a database (mysql)

And i got a table with all the teams - so i could probably do some sort of analysis if someone had ideas on what they were looking for

Also - the site i downloaded the information from (i can't remember) did some basic analysis of games - back to back - amount of rest between the game - but not sure what else people would be interested in

As usually, I don't fully share your optimism (I probably need to smile more or something.)

The team has vacillated from 7 games under to 3 games over .500 all season. I'd be really surprised to see them end the season 46-36. They have not been 5 games over .500 all year.

I hope they close out strong, and being chasing is always easier then being chased (remember how they let down at the end of last year after finally getting to the 6 seed.) If they can stay focussed on catching Miami it will help keep the pressure off of them.

Well if they aren't 5 games over after the next 9, something went terribly wrong. They really should go no worse than 7-2 over the stretch.

I think 6-3 is a safer goal. 7-2 is pushing it. No road games in the NBA are easy.

I had them at 6-3, with tonight's game being a loss. It shouldn't be, but coming off that trip with only the one day to travel just screamed letdown to me.

Wolves are on a 5 game skid and starting Telfair and Love and playing out the string - it should be a win and it shouldn't be a letdown if the sixers want to make that step towards 'good team' - this is the kind of game good teams win

While tonights game is usually a lost w/ the sixers this year, I predict a big win w/ it being double digits. I believe they will come out and want to prove us wrong w/ it being a trap game.

I also think Lou will have a break out game tonight. I will be there to see it happen.

Not for nothing - but where do i get me a copy of harvey pollacks 2008/2009 statistical yearbook?

Because a good intern would have spent some time perusing Harvey Pollack's 2008-2009 Statistical Yearbook. In between a lot of other stuff (Page 15: Last season, Tyson Chandler was the dunker of nearly 9% of the NBA's total alley-oops. Page 234: Shaquille O'Neal led the league by winning 72% of his jumpballs and Antonio Daniels has never fouled out. Page 243: Joe Crawford has reffed twice as many Finals games as any other active referee.) that intern surely would have found page 65.


Now see - as ever - google will help me out

To order the 2008-09 Harvey Pollack Statistical Yearbook, please send a check for $15 to:
Wachovia Center
3601 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Attn: Harvey Pollack

http://apbr.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6864 (this also has an nba.com article about the best NBA stats man in the game - who works for the sixers)

Someone should set Harvey up with a website.

I'll be ordering that book.

john reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 14:04

If he wants one - i'll volunteer :)

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