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Sixers Must Overcome Ugly Play

Interesting article from Hollinger on the increasing importance of the three pointer in the NBA. Definitely worth a read, but he dismisses the Sixers and Pistons based on three-point percentage, when injuries and a trade were the real reason they haven't met preseason expectations (yet.)

John reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:11

3 point percentage wouldn't be better with Brand around - not sure if 3 point perimeter defense would be better

The 3 point line is too close - it shouldn't be that important I believe

Usual starting lineup, here we go.

this is gonna be a very tough game

Bryon reply to Mike on Mar 27 at 22:12

Understatement of the night. Literally.

23-29 Charlotte after the first. Ugly game, as expected, but I think the pace favors the Sixers greatly. If someone scores 100 points, the Sixers will win this game. That's my prediction.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 19:42

you're probably right, but charlotte plays tough D. i don't have a good feeling about this game.

What feed is on league pass tonight?

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 27 at 19:55

2 to 3 tornadoes are within earshot so they are flooding it with radar and updates, just curious if you had the Bobcats announcers. Good you have Zumoff.


Philly. Thad just abused Vlad.

Reggie running the break. Lovely.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 19:55

yea i don't even know what that was supposed to be

speights has been pissing me off lately

His J is off, and it's off by a lot. Try to get something at the rim.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 19:56

that's the thing. if he's not hitting his jumper i'm not sure what else he brings to the table right now.

Alvin reply to Mike on Mar 27 at 20:09

I'm glad that desperation has kicked in and Marshall has checked into the game.

Letting the other team make a 10-0 run is no way to end a half.

John reply to Mike on Mar 27 at 20:14

a low post game if the sixers ever realized how to run a low post play

ugh 5pt swing on that miller turnover

This is too many minutes for Reggie. I know it looks like he's making some plays out there, but the lead just keeps growing because he really isn't doing anything positive and he's hurting them on offense. Need to get him the hell out of there and put sammy back in.

John reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:16

But more often than not that's what it usually is - chicken with his head cut off running all over the place and he gets credit for 'energy' but does nothing helpful

And Syracuse is pissing me off

charlotte is kinda good. if they'd had this squad all season i think they'd be looking at the 6 or 7 seed right now.

Mike reply to Mike on Mar 27 at 20:03

how the hell did they lose to the wizards the other night?

Probably because the Wizards didn't play Reggie Evans for heavy minutes.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:12

haha well played sir

I'm in danger of falling asleep here. Brown really knows how to make a beautiful game ugly, huh?

Sammy 0/2 from the line there. Lovely.

Notice how much easier it is for the sixers to drive w/out reggie in there. Stupid to have him on the floor for that 10-minute plus stretch.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:08

From the few minutes shown, it seems the crowd is already there. You could hear a pin drop.

C'mon Donyell, you gotta shoot that!

Absolutely. That was that double-pick play I was talking about last week.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:13

DiLeo should add to the repertoire the one where LB ran a few min. ago and the ball swung from one side to the other on the perimeter with 2 baseline screens, and freed up a shot attempt for the guy that had initially thrown the pass from the opposite side.

C'mon Donyell, you gotta shoot that!

My feed is crapping out on league pass. Pretty sure that's a good thing at this point.

This game is looking a whole lot like the OKC game.

Down 17 at the half, 12-0 run for CHA to close out the second, 10 points scored in the second quarter.

Not encouraging.

Forgot to mention the sixers were scoreless over the last 5 minutes of the quarter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:31

Which reminds me of the Nets game...

Ah, sweet memories, huh?

I'll give them this much--they're uniformly subpar tonight. No single player has looked consistently good...

The Bobcats defense looks familiar, doesn't it...Just sag into the lane and cut off penetration...except we don't have the shooters that normally annihilate us.

The good news is that I don't think there's any chance Charlotte will shoot 51.4% from the floor in the second half. The bad news is that this is a big hole to dig out of against a good defensive team.

They need to get back to forcing turnovers like they were early on if they're going to get back into it.

John reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:25

The gooder news is my dvr is full so i have something to do :)

27-12 they're losing on the boards. And that's w/ reggie in there for 10 minutes. Please keep his ass glued to the bench the rest of the way.

If it gets under 9 or 10 before the end of the quarter, they will come back and win.

Thad's doing his best. Nice three-play stretch there, dunk, alley-oop to sammy, three.

Can't you just see the teacher to pupil aspect with this game.


He has his PG running the middle of the floor and he tries a cross court pass to Thad and turns it over. Turns into a five-point fucking swing.

John reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:46

That was the moment I declared the game over - that pass was so terrible (and to the wrong player even) i just gave up

Good look Willie.

If Sam isn't going to challenge these guys beating their man off the dribble, put Theo in. The 5 position has been sorely lacking tonight.

Agreed. Theo may actually box someone out too.

You see that Bell screen? Maybe it'll piss Miller off and he'll take over.

It's good that we're scoring, but can't exactly afford to trade baskets. Rattler please.

Come on guys, need a run here before the TV timeout.

Philly showing the zone. I like it. Watch Miller directing traffic out there on defense.

There we go. It starts with D baby.

Man Andre usually scoops that. Uh

Rough shooting night for the Andres. Combined: 6/19.

Wise from Iggy not to take that 3 there. Shot ain't there, go to the hole.

I think it's time to start looking for Thad. He's 6/10, only guy shooting well.

John reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 20:53

It's always time to do that...when Iguodala passed on two open looks at the 3 in a matter of 10 seconds i gave up again

Come onnnnnn. Got to get it under 10

3 possesions, no stops..darn.

Better quarter, but that isn't going to get it done. They need to make a stand quickly. Run it through Thad.

Getting destroyed on the boards (33-18) and letting your opponents shoot 53.7% is a recipe for disaster. Defense starts with Theo, but gotta go through Thad on offense.

Fuck me. Reggie back in.

Good work on the boards, Reggie. Isn't that supposed to be the one thing you're good at?

5 on Okafor, not that it matters.

Damn. This game is over. Reality check.

While convenient to bash Reg, neither of the other two at the 5 position has done any better.

Theo was fine in there. Dalembert got fouls and disappeared.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 21:15

He just didn't play him long enough. I was being specific but I meant Sp8's and Sam, but said 5 position, even though they may not be position specific when on the floor.

outrebounded 36-18 says it all

speights & evans have played a combined 22 minutes and have 1 rebound between the 2 of them

DiLeo's showing his belief in Thad, by not having any Andre's out there, although Miller played a lot of 1st half min. due to Ivey fouling.

Yeah, but they aren't going to him. He's had 1 touch this quarter, I believe. A nice step-back jumper that he nailed. Ugh. These games just kill me. World-beaters against good teams, horrible against the lottery teams.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 21:20

The league is like that every year.

11-point deficit, if we can get Theo and the two Andres in in time we may have a glimmer of hope.

Do the Bobcats have anyone who can guard Thad?

That's a rhetorical question, by the way. Every time he gets a touch he scores.

Nice walk, Reggie.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 21:21

Just give Thad the damn ball each time.

Two chances to cut it under 10. Reggie walk, Miller missed layup. Foul on the other end, back up to 13. That's the story of the game.

Alright. Down to 8 with 5 minutes to play. Let's fucking go, huh?

Damn offensive rebounds. And time is not our friend.

Get Evans out of the damn game already! We need Theo out there.

Donyell time?

He'll ride Evans, I suppose. Lou's doing a good job getting to the line. That was a big three by Iggy. Need stops, that's the bottom line.

Daly, Evans and Speights have not been positives tonight, so yeah put Theo or Donyell in there.

Need stops and quick baskets. Forcing a turnover or two and scoring in transition would be the ideal scenario.

Man, Miller has made a couple of really stupid passes tonight. Need a hoop right here. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Should've got Okafor fouled out a long time ago jeez.. big play.

Lou with the nice hesitation on Felton.

Lou with the one-1, now we really need to make a stop on this one. There's still a slim chance.

Run a play for Thad out of this timeout. Either Thad or Lou going to the hoop.

I can actually here the crowd now.

Watch for a lob when Charlotte gets the ball back. You know Brown is drawing something up.


1 stop!

Nope. Told you Brown had a play called. And then Miller with a stupid decision. He had Thad. Need to get Donyell in there now for threes.

2-11 andre? really?

Went to Thad (rightly so), but couldn't get a stop, as I had anticipated. Damn. Okafor is showing us exactly what we are missing.

Shit. Huge three from Iggy, can't get the defensive board after a stop.

I would've fouled there.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 28 at 0:26

Good call. Extend it.

Gotta foul.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Mar 28 at 0:30


ouch :(

My comments get stuck in the Internet and always appear a minute too late.

Son of a bitch.

Miller really made some questionable decisions tonight, you almost never see that.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 21:48

Very, very rare game from him tonight as far as possessions given up.

And just to irritate the crap out of us, DiLeo had to put Marshall in for the last 7 seconds.


With them penetrating at will all night, he subs Sp8's for Reg......What I'm saying is, with them holding for one shot, you know they are going spread-isolation and to go offense/defense there, you have to put a paint protector in.

He fell in love w/ that lineup w/ reggie at the 5. Honestly, if Miller makes better decisions, it probably works. The one time they had a timeout to set something up, DiLeo called the right number and Thad converted.

Good to see Iggy can those two huge threes, at least.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 21:52

Agree. Cause he was hesitant early and actually was on one that he ending up making late.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 27 at 22:45

Referring to Iggy, above.

5 turnovers & 3 assists for miller

Okafor made two important blocks in crunch time. Whereas the Sixers didn't even have an average shot blocker on the court. Do you honestly expect Evans to intimidate/concern Raymond Felton or Boris Diaw in the paint?

Reminded me of Dalembert in Portland, actually.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 22:13

Precisely. We have those players. Daly and Ratliff (even at this age) are two of the top shot blockers in the league. If Daly was off colour or was feeling pain in the wrist, we still had Ratliff to put on the floor. It is frustrating when you don't have the personnel (like a shooter) but when you have the personnel and don't use them, it brings me to the verge of insanity.

Why did we sign Ratliff in the first place, if not for situations like this?

I think they signed him for that sick mustache he has going on.

Either Dalembert or Theo should've been in an offense/defense switch at the end. And it should've been Donyell, not Speights on the offense end of the subs.

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