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Predictably Disappointing

Interesting how Thad led the team in rebounds and assists tonight. And how he did not make a single trip to the line. (Which was how Iggy ended up scoring more than him)

If you wanna be serious about contending you cannot play Reggie Evans for 22 minutes. Speights did nothing in his 13 minutes, and the veterans, the guys you know you can trust - Ratliff and Marshall - had 5 and 3 respectively.

I hope it's not me hallucinating but it is damn obvious to me how much better the defense looks with Ratliff in there.

I agree Brian that this game shows how Brand could have helped this team. He does defend the pick-and-roll well, is a good rebounder and a physical presence in the paint. That and the fact that he can give us 15 PPG. When he's 100% he will make this team a lot better than it is now.

Coaches are people too. I guess they get caught up in the Reggie Evans vortex just like fans and don't realize when he's actually hurting the team.

It should've been pretty clear tonight that he wasn't helping them any on the glass, though.

I did notice the Sixers got burned a couple times because Thad released on long rebounds instead of coming back for the ball, that didn't help.

I think they should have looked for Thad more as he was smoking hot. Even when they were sucking he was still doing well (when they gave him the rock). Other than that, this is the all around type game I hope becomes commonplace for him.

If they were going to sit Sam, I'd have loved to see Theo in there playing some more minutes as the Sixers haven't been defending as well as they should. Pardon me for saying this, but I think the current Sixers are a team LB would enjoy coaching. They have a lot of youth he could teach and they have some of the best athletes in the league. He could probably turn a few of them into defensive monsters.

On a positive side (outside this game) here is a Henry Abbott article about the "End-of-Quarter Killers". Iggy is listed as fourth. http://myespn.go.com/nba/truehoop

Yeah, I put up a link to that in the comments on the previous post. Iggy's also on the shorter list of guys who hit shots in the final three seconds.

Lou made the list too.

Oh, and you're absolutely right. They didn't give Thad the ball enough. No one on Charlotte could even slow him down and that was painfully obvious. When DiLeo finally did call a play for him, on the biggest possession of the game to that point in the 4th, Thad blew right by his man for the layup.

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 22:41

If Thad could have drawn some more fouls like he did the other day they might have been able to pull it out anyway. I think Thad should watch video of Kevin Durant. If someone sneezes across the court from him he gets a foul call. He gets the foul call Dwayne Wade got in their title run every game.

This team is frustrating to watch as it does appear they have some really good talent (unlike other years) but they have trouble putting it together consistently. I wish these guys could play D like the 2000-2001 Finals team. They have the athletes that *should* be able to lock down like that.

I think they lack the toughness the 2001 team had. Lynch, Hill, Mutombo, Snow, McKie. Those guys were physical defenders. When they fouled you, you stayed fouled. These Sixers have the athleticism, and they should be a very good defensive team, but they don't have that edge.

It was really uncharacteristic of Miller to play like he did today.

Yeah, if you need to take anything away, the odds of him having another game like that are about 1 in 10,000.

This loss is a lot less difficult to take than the other clangers earlier in the season, like the one against New Jersey where we went about 10 minutes without a field goal, or any of those ones we lost in the last minute.

Charlotte is a team of decent players driven by a great coach who is getting the best out of them. It's a bunch of hungry guys, some who have never made the playoffs. At this stage with them fighting for a playoff spot, perhaps they even wanted it more than the Sixers.

And I'm convinced that if Miller would play this badly in any game, it would result in a loss.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Mar 27 at 23:00

Acquiesce on the difficulty to absorb.

I really feel the team needs to make a conscious effort to give Thad 20 shots a game.

I thought it was only the bigger PFs that he could blow past, but he had his way against Diaw and Gerald Wallace. I am starting to be convinced that even when Brand comes back, Thad is gonna be the best option in the offense. I'm hard pressed to think of the last time Thad took an ill-advised shot.

The Sixers' best option in the half-court is to give the ball to Thad and make the other team try different things to stop him. I really hope DiLeo adopts this strategy from now on, especially in the playoffs. That will give him the chance to develop his game. I reckon teams will start double-teaming him. Then we'll see Thad learn to create opportunities for others.

FYI, look where he is on the list in field goal %.


Interesting to see Andre Miller 5 spots below.

I liked that Thad was looking to create some for others. He knows that defenses will start throwing doubles at him, and it looks like he's keeping his head up.

Also want to give credit to LB. I'm not a fan, but he got his team to take advantage of all of the Sixers incessant switches, and extended the defense. DiLeo looked a bit over matched this game, even if overall he's done a good job.

Did anyone else get the sense that Iguodala was a bit passive the 1st 3 quarters. I do worry that Thad stepping up will lead to Iguodala being less aggressive.

As for Miller, agree with Alvin. he looked uncharacteristically like an old, slow, sloppy guy out there. Could not even get the ball above the rim. Probably not a coincidence it came in game where they played 2 small guards, so Miller was forced to chase one. He sure looked either gassed or hurt.

On the flip side, we all know Miller will bounce back. The guy is a great competitor.

I'm certain Miller will bounce back. I'll go as far as to say that I'm one of the bigger supporters of Miller around here. I never did want to see him traded and I am hopeful that he will stay past this off season. He's been solid ever since he's been traded here and because of the way he plays, I don't see his game declining much in the next 2 years.

Iggy has logged very heavy minutes all season, I can't help but think it will take its toll in short spells between games from here until the playoffs. Besides, he had Gerald Wallace to contend with and the guy is no slouch.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 28 at 10:12

Missed the game. Just some observations from the post-game boxscore...

* Thad didn't get to the line even once? Whycome? Was he taking jumpshots all night? Did they make the lane airtight (obviously not for Lou)?

* Speights took two (2) shots in 13 minutes. That's very uncharacteristic of him. It would be more common for him to have taken at least six or seven in that span. Were the guys not trying to find him?

* Boxscorewise, Reggie did have a few pluses to go with his three turnovers and five fouls in 22 mins. -1 on the night seems about right.

* Miller's beginning to worry me almost as much as Sam. He's not normally a bonehead. He makes a good living now based on heady play. This makes three sub-6, high-turnover games in a row. What is up, peoples? Is Lou slipping ground up stupid pills in Andre's gatorade bottle?

DiLeo fans: where's yer moses, noww? See!

Not an enjoyable game but for some reason when willie blew that fast break it felt over - so i turned it off and watched dollhouse.

The heat are spanking the bucks tonight

Doing what a team in a tight playoff race should do at home

Should a team in a tight playoff race lose back-to-back games on the road to teams under .500?

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