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My Thoughts On Reggie

I think Reggie is good for a few (I mean few) for pressing or if the team seems flat. He is always good for energy or hustle and a few hard fouls. Other than that, he should not be getting big minutes.

My point would be they need to develop Speights as he has the prototypical size and game. If his defense isn't up to snuff, they need to refine it and for the most part that'll take some playing time (which he hasn't been getting enough of). I've always been an advocate of putting your 5 best players on the floor at the same time. Reggie definitely isn't. Speights might be. They need to play him some minutes at PF with the first team (Miller, Iggy, Thad and Sam) to see what they have.

Didn't think the criticism of Reg was unfair last night - certainly warranted. But with Sam under the weather and Sp8's seeming invisible, he kind of was the de facto option except for one thing...DiLeo gave Theo some limited minutes in the 3rd but didn't let him play long enough as a whole last night. He took him out and, I think, didn't even bring him back in.

Since DiLeo, for some odd reason, wouldn't let Theo get enough burn - Reg seemed to play better than either Sam or Marreese when comparing the actual time the three of them were on the court.

I was there last night. I screamed to get Reggie out of the game. On TV, I do not know if you saw how many times Reggie was out of position but it was alot and did not box out for rebounds. And he does not realize his weaknesses which is the BIGGEST issue. When Lou was cold shooting, he stopped (and went to the hoop). Reggie does not and he caused alot of TOs.

Miller was horrendous last night. But, once again, the coach (I WAS a Dileo fan} did not coach. If he did, he would have told Miller to give the ball to Thad or Lou. And we would have had a win. Miller took way too many shots (and also a few bad passes for turn overs).

Charlotte is bad and they did not win, the sixers gave it to them.

If you cannot tell, I think we need a REAL coach next year. And I was very happy with Dileo at first but he does not adjust anymore in games.

I agree with your take on Reggie. In terms of my view as a fan compared to how coaches see things (Mo and DiLeo), we differ more on Reggie than anywhere else.

I understand when guys like Theo, Ivey, Marshall and even Green are put in the game. They have clearly defined roles. But with Reggie, I only see using him to break up the flow of a game- to cause havoc for both teams. I never understand how a guy like that is used as a regular part of the rotation.

I also wonder about Speights. I honestly feel his roller coast minutes have made him a waste for the rest of the year. Given a regular 15-20 min/game, by now he would be having a positive impact most nights. But right now he looks lost out there, and being yanked quickly out of so many games may have gotten in his head. Its a shame that just when they had Thad step up, they lost the regular spark that Speights was bringing earlier this year. Those Reggie minutes should have gone to Speights, even though it might have cost them some games.

You know, maybe Reggie is given to much free reign on defense by the staff. Does he have the 'green light' to do any and every thing (gambling) on defense the same way an offensive guy does to shoot?

I say this because, until Thad's late season emergence last year, he was our starting 4 for the majority of the season. I just don't remember him hurting us so significantly like this last year when getting those starter's minutes. Just a thought.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 28 at 18:23

When it comes to minutes distribution, follow the money. It stops at the coach/front office guy. Reggie has an untradeable contract, so that needs to be justified whether it's justified or not (you know what i mean). And Speights will not be given space-time to make Brand irrelevant. Will. Not. Happen. Grrr.

A good coach gets a win last night.

Nonsense thinking

Reggies going to get paid - no matter how minutes he plays - so if you can't trade him - inactivate him - it's a sunk cost - he's getting paid - that DOESNT MEAN compound the problem of the sunk cost by playing him enough to justify the money when he hurts the team.

If the sixers think that way they should fire everyone

As for the concept of Reggie Evans and his minutes - nice read brian - not much more else I can add or comment on - my feelings on Reggie have been clear for 2 seasons now - and now everyone is coming around...it's ok - took time on willie green and sam being useless as well.

Being the trailblazer always means suffering thoe non believers :)

Bryon reply to John on Mar 28 at 21:43

Sadly, you don't even understand the depth of the Reggie analysis above. Kind of hard to - while watching Dollhouse. Or worse, that the above post wasn't as much an indictment on Reggie as it was on the staff.

I understood it quite well thank you very much - and per usual if you'd leave your commentary on my personality out of it I might bother to take your posts seriously.

But since you just want to be contrary to anything I say and take personal shots at me, I'm not sure why you bother answering my posts at all since they aren't directed towards anything you've said (and your posts in general continue to be less substantive and more worthy of a WIP phone call)

Real and Speightacular reply to John on Mar 29 at 7:17

You're absolutely right it's nonsense thinking. A common affliction among us humans, John.

It's a simple matter of ego justifying the money spent. Hypothetical: if Speights were someway given 30 mins/game and he played crazy defense w/o fouling while maintaining his offensive efficiency and scoring rate, what do they do with Brand next year? What, Brand becomes a backup? For that money, tied up for four more years? Don't see it.

Sorry, but as long as they have some kind of excuse to keep trotting out the big money guys (in Reggie's case, it'll be the rebounding and occasional ok to good game) ahead of the statistically better/equal guys, that's the way things'll tilt. To me, that's the best fit for understanding the roster usage here.

It might've been something like that re Thad last year until he forced them to switch it up. DiLeo wouldn't be the first or the only one and won't be he the last. Human nature. Sad and illogical, but an abundance of (false) pride isn't something we've dropped in evolution. Not yet.

A. No one on the sixer staff currently signed reggie evans to this contract

B. The man responsible for building the roster didn't trade for reggie evans.

And again, there's a plethora of information out there regarding sunk costs and SMART humans pay attention to it and understand it.

If the sixers are ignoring the concept of the sunk cost to justify Reggie Evans being paid that doesn't make them humans, it makes them unintelligent humans

Real and Speightacular reply to John on Mar 29 at 15:31
"If the sixers are ignoring the concept of the sunk cost to justify Reggie Evans being paid that doesn't make them humans, it makes them unintelligent humans."

No disagreement from me, but it's six and one half-dozen of the other. If you have an alternate theory that better fits the phenomena (Reggie's playing time), love to hear it. Any way you slice it, it doesn't seem the height of rationality.

Well - my feeling is that Willie Green has pictures of Ed snider doing very bad things to various farm animals in various states of growth and or life status.

Maybe he shares those pictures with Reggie?

I agree w/ tk, real and Byron and of course, Brian. I think Reggie gives 110% and I think the coaches confuse 110% w/ results. But, such it is, I do not see us changing things. :-(

The Greek on Mar 28 at 19:04

Dean that's very negative of you to be screaming at the coach. Try being a little positive there buddy.

Agreed that the Sixers have botched the development of Speights this season. I can't even complain about Willie Grreene anymore, I have just accepted the fact that for some reason he will be the starting off guard for us until his contract runs out. Pathetic.

Brian, I will ask you again. Do you think that the sixers could do any better then a 2nd round draft pick for Sammy?

Could they do any better? I don't know, I'd think so.

The larger question you have to ask yourself is how do you feel about the Sixers taking a giant step back for the next couple of years. Because if they move Sammy and don't get a defensive presence in the middle in return, they are not going to be a legitimate threat in the East. And without him, they don't have that presence. Say what you want about him, and there are plenty of negative things to say, but he does something for this team that a lot of teams lack, and the Sixers are much better with him than they would be without.

The Greek

I was up in the balcony, I am sure he could not hear but made me feel better that I tried!

The Greek on Mar 28 at 21:28

Don't worry Dean, I'll yell at him real good when they come to jersey next week. I have great seats, the same as the last time philly came to town and Devin Harris hit that prayer to send me home with hurt feelings.

Great, thank you. Can I have your email to send you some other request??????

Btw, a question for all..... I just watched the Flyers. They played horrible, like the sixers, the fist 2 periods. The coach switched up the lines, according to the announcers (I was watching Villanove), and they scored 3 goals in the 3rd period. I do not see Dileo doing that anymore. Am I missing something, can I hope that he watched the Flyers and noticed that too???


Ed Snider definitely watches the Flyers. Tony DiLeo, I don't know. The Flyers are a definite contender but the salary cap has been killing them (kept them from getting another plus defenseman and maybe a goalie). If Biron were to get really hot, they could take it all but they've been uneven lately.

SI just did an article about NBA teams thriving without their stars and the Sixers were picked as one of the teams. I'd rather have Brand than not and they really needed to have him integrated into the offense (they are going to have to wait to next year unfortunately):

BTW, if some team has an interest in Brand this summer, would you trade him and for what?

Equal value to what he was worth when we signed him, nothing less.

I agree with Brian in that the most important thing would be to integrate Brand defensively. We'd easily be one of the top defensive teams in the league with Brand because he'll give us significant improvement in defensive rebounding and defending the pick and roll.

Anyone remember how good this team was defensively in the first dozen games? The problem then was the bench not contributing and both Andres having slow starts. With Thad's progress as a scorer we can be a much better team next season.

Your right for the most part, but the still will need to upgrade their outside shooting to have a really effective half court offense. They can't be totally reliant on players breaking down their man. When Brand, Thad or Iguodala draw defenders someone has to hit the open shot that is created.

The big question is whether you can start Miller/Iguodala/Thad at 1/2/3 and have enough shooting. Otherwise defenses can just pack it in, and that limits everyone and takes away driving lanes.

My response is another question, what's enough shooting? One guy? Two guys? Even if you get a point who can shoot above average from the three, would that really be enough to keep defenses honest?

If the answer is that you need one of the three to be above average from three, then why not Thad?

He's at 34.8% from downtown on 158 attempts and he's only 20 years old. I don't think 40% from three is out of the question for him, in fact, I think it's a fairly easy goal for him to reach as he matures.

I know you'd love to have a point who could shoot the three as well, and I think we all would, but I don't see where you going to find one who can bring nearly as much to the table as Miller next year, or the year after. Use your first rounder to draft a guy who can join the rotation and shoot from the point, I'm all for that, but thinking that adding a shooter at the point to replace Miller is a bad idea in my opinion. You're going to lose much more than you'd gain.

I definitely agree. I personally believe Elton Brand w/ the way we are NORMALLY shooting these days, we will be a pretty good team. Especially if they replace Green w/ Brand.

I hope our coach is smart enough to connect Reggie w/ the following:

Philly was outrebounded 41-23 tonight.

I'm not going to get into it too much, but I think your assessment of Reggie is waaaayyyy off base on some points (not necessarily your conclusion, but your reasoning). I'll just point out that he has the 2nd highest rebounding rate on the Sixers this year (shockingly Sam is #1), and has twice led the entire NBA in rebounds per 48 mins. Here are some phrases from Hollinger's scouting report on Reggie: "awesome rebound rate", "incredible rebounding ability", "dominates the glass"

I've done my research. Reggie's offensive rebounding rate is great, and more importantly, the team's offensive rebounding rate is better with him in the game (34.8% with him on the floor, 32.2% when he's on the bench), but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about defense, and defensive rebounding, more importantly.

With Reggie on the floor, the team as a whole grabs 66.7% of available defensive rebounds. With Reggie on the bench, they grab 70.6% of defensive rebounds. The overall team rebounding rate with reggie on the floor is 50.8%, the overall team rebounding rate with reggie on the bench is 51.4%.

It's a statistical certainty that Reggie has hurt this team on the defensive glass this season.

This wasn't the case last season, mainly because they didn't use Reggie in this risky defensive scheme for most of the year, they treated him as a legit PF, which was a mistake in my opinion, because he's far from a legit PF.

And it's not shocking that Sam leads the team in rebounding rate. He's clearly the best rebounder on the team. People just don't ever want to give the guy credit.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 11:44

Totally agree on last year concerning Reggie as a legit PF but they really didn't have any other options, did they? Smith, obviously, wasn't ready and Thad was sporadic early on.

That was what my comment from earlier on this thread was pertaining to, in reference to me not remembering Reg not hurting us like this last year. That is my main issue with the team right now, and also your most pertinent point from the post (the article) above, why use him like this in this risky defensive scheme or does he just have the freedom from the coaching staff to do it?

Well, the thing about Reggie is that over an extended period of time, he's probably going to hurt you no matter what type of defensive game you have him playing. In straight up defense he's going to battle for position on the post, but once his man gets the ball down there, he doesn't even bother contesting shots. His best move is to flop and hope for a charge or swipe at the ball down low. Smart offensive players know this and just shoot over him. And he's going to hurt on offense no matter what.

Reggie used to average 14 rebounds per 36 in Seattle with a reb rate of around 24%. That is amazing. He did pretty much the same in Denver.

Now, he is below 19% and rebounding like 11 per 36.

Reggie has declined. Sad, but true. Why? Can't say I have a guess. Maybe he has just lost what little lift he once had.

I still think the guards sans Miller are obvious problem though.

He's away from the hoop on defense, don't think he played like that in Seattle and Denver.

What do you mean the guards are the problem? Willie and Lou can't rebound for shit?

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 21:48

Well, they can't rebound. That is true. I think lou is one of the worst in the NBA in reb per 36.

I was just saying that, in general, these guys are being outclassed nightly. Reggie, at least, isn't shooting much and is rebounding pretty well. He is creating some possessions and he isn't using many.

Willie and Lou create no possessions and use a lot. This isn't good in general and is bad when you don't use the possessions well like Lou or Willie.

It would be nice if Lou took a page from a guy like Rondo and rebounded a little. I think it helps a good amount. A good example was tonight when Rip missed the 3 and Willie was nowhere to be found. I have a feeling Rondo would have gone towards the basket and been there for the rebound.

Willie was put in, I assume for defense, and he allowed an offensive rebound to be chased down in the corner by Hamilton, then that board on the other end on the next play. Both times he should've been there.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 13:37

If Willie was an above average rebounder for a guard, he would have had the awareness to be there. He would have made those critical plays that would have gained additional possessions for Philly. If Willie just started rebounding, he would probably become an average NBA player in my mind.(or at least much closer)

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