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Sixers Return To The Palace

Could we talk tournament for a minute? I hadn't watched college ball this year until now and I've been kind of stunned by how weak this draft is going to be, and how few prospects are actually positively affecting their draft stock. James Harden's supposed to be a top-five pick and he was a total non-factor in his games. Blair hasn't really impressed me; he certainly isn't the next Paul Millsap. Sam Young's scored a lot of points but has done so in ways that aren't going to translate so well to the NBA. Henderson's shown he's probably a role player on the next level. There have been a couple guys I liked, like Marcus Thornton of LSU, who could make a nice scorer/shooter off an NBA bench, but generally it looks like really slim pickings.

I really haven't watched much college basketball all season. I watched a handful of games during the tourney and I came away very disappointed in the state of college basketball.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 29 at 15:55

Detroit runs with three points, essentially. Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince. Stuckey's job mostly is to bring the ball up and pass it to Hamilton.

It might be worth Detroit's time to put Tay on Thad, put Hamilton (not a particularly good defender) on Iggy and let Iggy beat them.

Bynum vs Lou might be interesting.

"Rodney Stuckey cannot handle Andre Miller on the blocks."

Probably true. Then again, Miller won't be able to handle Stuck's speed.

Pistons should only win if Stuckey/Bynum and Hamilton go off and Maxiell stays out of foul trouble. Very manageable ifs.

Hamilton is a better defender than people give credit for.

Stuckey has been forcing things a bit lately, but there's not a single player on the 6ers roster that can contain Hamilton, Tayshaun or Stuckey all at once.

Then bring Bynum in?

With all that being said... Philly finds a way to win the game.

Prince typically kills the Sixers, so I'm not going to say anything about how he's disappeared this year when they've really needed him to shoulder more of the scoring load.

Stuckey still doesn't impress me.

Hamilton could easily go for 40 if he has his legs under him tonight. Green will get lost on those baseline screens and Miller will get exhausted if he has to chase him around.

Boards and turnovers are the key. I'm not really all that confident about this game, teams are always dangerous at home, and who knows what Iverson's going to bring.

If I remember correctly, Detroit's announcers always go nuts for Willie Green.

McDyess is a very good player and should abuse Thaddeus on the boards. Having said this, McDyess has always sucked against Philly for no apparent reason, so I hope it continues.

McDyess will grab 13 rebounds in his 40 minutes tonight. Thad will grab 6 in his 40. That is worth mentioning IMO.

Chris reply to Joe on Mar 29 at 16:41

Thad say in this article today (amongst other things) that his rebounding is down as he is trying to keep the other team's big rebounder (PF) away from the rebound:


Joe reply to Chris on Mar 29 at 16:53

I hope so. Tonight will be a great test as McDyess and Maxiell are amongst the best in the business historially at offensive rbeounding I think.(don't feel like checking) Amir can get after boards as well if he is still alive. Is he?

Big game tonight. I'll be watching Thad on the boards and Iguodala on O primarily. See if Iguodala can shake Prince and if Thad can keep the dogs at bay. I'll also be watching if Miller decides to not contest some more shots tonight.

This is something we can actually track pretty well through box scores. I'll see if it holds water later on tonight if I have the time.

Atlanta beat the Lakers. I think a loss tonight and we can officially forget about the #4 seed.

Jesus, Rip put up 29 shots last night in his first game back. Wonder how his wind is going to be on the second night of a back-to-back. Iverson is playing, wonder how many minutes he'll see after missing 16 straight games.

The Sixers should really zone up with Iverson in the game w/ Stuckey in the backcourt. I mean, really pack it in the paint.

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 18:07

Didn't Iverson say many times (when he was younger and with the Sixers) that he'd never be a bench player and that if that time came he would retire? Frankly, I thought *that* was the reason he hasn't played since he's been 'demoted'.

I'm surprised he came back at all this season. He was probably bored :)

Alrighty, same old, same old starting lineup. Here we go, Iverson looks pumped, now sit on the bench and wait your turn, Answer.

And Willie loses rip on the first possession, then throws up a contest brick on the other end.

and he loses rip on the next possession, wide open jumper. They may need to go big early, with iggy at the 2.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 18:16

Willie being Willie. It is in Detroit so you know he is going to shoot a lot.

Are they playing Rip on Thad! that's hilarious.

Nice baseline screen to spring Iggy for that jumper. They usually run that play for Willie.

Pick that apple off the tree, Thad.

That was sick. Never thought he'd throw it down, he caught the board around his waist.

2 fouls on Sammy. Zone completely baffled Sixers the last time down the floor. Bring in Speights to combat the zone.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 18:31

Or even Donyell wouldn't be bad.

Toronto looks like they will hold on with the W over the Bulls.

Ivey playing some sick D on Bynum.

Defense picked up, energy looks good. 31-27 after the first. Only 1 offensive board for Detroit in the quarter.

Just tuned in. Missed the first.

SIck coast to coast there.

Part the seas.

Think Iggy's sending a message here?

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 18:51

Special delivery.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 29 at 18:56

Speights in a shooting funk.

Liked the look of a press or trap there.

The Ivey, Lou, Thad/Iggy, Reggie, Speights lineup is so interesting.

On the season, they are -17 combined in 222 minutes. That isn't bad for a lineup only containing 1 starter right?

That's pretty good for a bench lineup on this team. I think it's highly dependent on the team they're playing, though. They just coughed the lead up pretty quickly.

Real and Speightacular reply to Joe on Mar 29 at 19:03

At first I thot u were kiddin around, but when u look at it closer, it's about the same as losing 4.5 games by an average of 3.5 points/game. It's not bad at all, considering.

Sick play by Iggy on that break to draw the offensive foul.

Sixers shouldn't run offense through Thad in that stretch when he was the only starter out there instead of feeding Evans down low 3 times.

Get Evans out of there please. There's no help in the middle on defense. They've now given him the ball in the post 4 times and he just turned it over and got called for a tech.

Tayshuan really likes playing Philly...

Yeah, he consistently kills us. Iggy can't leave him to help.


We'll see if you're still around chirping when they lose by double digits.

Boney reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 19:10

I don't have to worry about losing by double digits when I see Donyell Marshall guarding McDyess

Why is Evans still in there at the five?

10 turnovers in the first half and down 3?

I'll take it

The only thing that can stop Thad is not giving him the ball, that's it.

Things settled once DiLeo went w/ the big lineup, although I don't particularly like it w/ Evans in there at the 5.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 19:26

It's like playin at the casino. Will DiLeo get greedy and continue to play Evans while he's up with the house's money? That's the drama.

Forced 11 turnovers, only allowed 3 offensive rebounds in the first half. Those numbers continue, this game won't be close at the end.

Theo starting for Sammy here in the third. Something must be wrong w/ Sammy.

Strained calf for Dalembert, will not return.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 19:45

Uh-oh. Not good. That's the same reason Sheed's been out so long. If that lasts any time you can kiss seed race goodbye. Unless Speights can perform well with more and consistent PT.

Dalembert doesn't strike as as much of a pussy as sheed.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 19:48

Oooooo! lol! Well, depends on the grade of injury i suppose. i guess we'll see.

Miller taking that three just looks lazy to me. Go through Thad or Iggy, please.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 29 at 19:54

Stuckey startin to go off, Maxiell still not in foul trouble... Thad, get to the line!

I am so, so glad that Ratliff is in there instead of Evans.

I always thought Stuckey is much better than Lou, why did he have to choose this game to prove it.

The stretch with Theo and Kwame making free throws at either end was really bizarre.

Seriously, that was surreal.

How many TOs have there been this half? 1?

That step-back from Thad is looking fluid.

Alright, they righted the ship and won the quarter. Now you need to get some contribution from the bench here at the beginning of the fourth, can't cough up the lead again.

83-79 after three, Sixers.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:05

That's exactly it. Detroit's kind of spared their starters a bit more... Philly's bench can hold it together it's a 'W'

Nice, get Lou going to the hoop.

Iguodala, one man show. Holy crap.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:08

When he pulls down a defensive rebound or grabs a steal... it is fun to watch.

Two sick plays in a row from iggy. That floater was preeettyy.

I liked the steal, punctuated by the dunk on the other end a little better.

Message sent.

Evans w/ a spot-up jumper, huh?

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:15

To be fair, it seemed like the shot clock was running down. It was bad offense, but not entirely his fault.

Speights looks like he's rushing everything to me.

Seeding is on the line, let's get the starters back in earlier Tony.

Sixer are over the limit now, with 8 minutes left in the quarter.

I suddenly have this nasty feeling that it may go down to AI for the win...

Depends on which AI you mean :)

Another tech? come on.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:16

I wouldn't mind either.

Just use the T to your advantage Iggy.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 29 at 20:16

Who's supposed to be keeping Amir off the boards?

Has Andre Miller really only played 16 minutes?


smallest guy on the court eating up the 2nd unit

Another three for Miller? Get the ball to Thad with this lineup, please.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 29 at 20:19

Miller: 12 shots in 16 minutes? Wussup?

40 seconds of rest for Iggy there.

Miller's getting killed on those screens.

Get the whole crew in there. First option must be Thad.

OK, I'm officially pissed. Blowing opportunities left and right, stupid decisions. Need a stop here.

This is suicide. That 8-0 run after the two great Iggy plays seems to have killed this one.

Willie just lets Hamilton trot after the rebound in the corner. Pitiful.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:30

I can tolerate being outplayed. But getting outfought is just not a Philly thing. I sure ain't down with that. And it reminds me of Lou in the GS game, which made me go berserk.

Go for a three here? I guess you have to.

Son of a...

Fuck me. I really don't want to see Lou yukking it up w/ the pistons after the game either. At least Thad has the common sense to look pissed.

6th seed at best, folks.

Every piston except Iverson is shooting 50% or better. Uggh. Can't stop anyone.

Bryon reply to Joe on Mar 29 at 20:45

Even though we've won some, our defense has somewhat deserted us it seems like the last 15 or so games.

It's been longer than that.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 23:21

I mean, we're having our stretches of offensive lulls, but, we have sort of had those all year. We just can't seem to get stops especially when it gets closer to crunch time.

lose by double digits?

both teams played hard

Thad had 2 field goal attempts in that 4th quarter.

We got owned by their bench big-time. Bynum and Amir did the damage in the 4th, while Lou and Ratliff were the only bench players to show up for the Sixers.

It was the second night of a back-to-back for Detroit. No excuse to have less energy. Sometimes this team makes you throw up.

No excuse is right. Absolutely none.

we will see them again next weekend and have to split

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