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Happy With 6th, I Guess

The Mcnabbs once again lived by their motto..."you can never count on us and you can never count us out"
I wouldnt be shocked to see a win over the cavs and celtics but losses to the bucks, nets and raptors.

Just posted a brief rant about Evans and Ivey getting regular minutes together. They routinely start the 4th quarter together, and it is the recipe for a shooting slum. Those two should not be on the floor together. It puts too much pressure on the other 3 guys to score 3 on 5.

DiLeo has done a good job improving the offense overall, but a lot of his blind spots must be organizational, since they were problems under Mo too. Too much Evans (partly resulting in Speights now being a head case from yo-yo minutes.) Too much Evans with Ivey. Too much small ball. Too much mindless switching and abandoning hot shooters at the 3pt line.

I'm not saying never use Evans or Ivey. They both can contribute. But please don't make them a regular tandem to start the 4th quarter.

Tom Moore on Mar 29 at 21:36

Sixers drop to 3-13 when opponents shoot 50 percent against them.

Young (10-for-15) and Iguodala (10-for-19) shot a combined 20-for-34 (58.9 percent). Rest of team was 17-of-46 (37 percent). Young (22) scored 20-plus for the seventh straight time.

Dalembert (strained right calf) left seven minutes into the game and didn't return. He's listed as day to day.

It's funny, Dalembert left the game when he picked up his second foul, did he tweak his calf in that 7-minute run, or did he do it on the bench/during shoot around before the second half?

No Sammy + hobbled Miller = bad defense, bad team.

That is all I can come up with. The Sixer bench isn't a bunch of world-beaters and I hope we all have realized this by now.

You know, they just gave up 100 points to basically the two worst offenses in the league.

All hope is not lost for the 5th. Still right there.

The lack of defensive consistency (or being consistently awful lately) is vexing. This team should be a much better defensive team. I've always felt being a good defensive team was mostly about effort. These last two games the opponents were shooting ridiculous percentages. You can't hope to win too many when the opponent shoots 50%+.

This completely baffles me. I have no explanation whatsoever, but if you look back even further, this team has been mediocre defensively since Brand went down.

I'm not unhappy with sixth. In the grand scheme of things, what's the big difference between, on the one hand, the possibility of scoring a small first-round upset and going down to a virtually certain second round defeat, and, on the other, probably losing in the first round in competitive fashion? Is it historically the case that teams build off of essentially symbolic first-round victories? As I see it there's some value, of course, to making the playoffs in the first place - Speights and Thad get playoff experience, you avoid the stigma of the lottery - but beating the Hawks, if it happens, isn't going to do wonders for this team's psyche, no more than taking Orlando to a seventh game would. Of course, I'm assuming that there's no chance of our beating Cleveland in the second round, but I think that's a pretty legit assumption.

Long term, there's probably not a whole lot of difference. I just don't like seeing the team have opportunities and blow them. I wanted the highest seed possible, and homecourt would've been unbelievable for this team in the first, but an honest assessment doesn't have them getting out of the second round under any circumstances, you're right about that.

Tray, are you in for Tuesday's game? Let me know today, brian@blogsbyfans.com

Agree with pretty much everybody. Lackluster effort (especially on the boards and loose balls). A couple little questions (in part because I'm in Sacramento for the week, so I saw the game over a sometimes jumpy looking stream):

-4 technicals fouls called on the Sixers, all for arguing calls. What was this about? It didn't look to me like anything more than the usual whining NBA players do after pretty much every play.

-When Rip hit that little 10 footer to make it a 4 point game in the final minute, he jumped from out of bounds and caught the ball in mid-air before re-establishing position. This is illegal, no?

I didn't see anything demonstrative on any of the techs called, but I was watching Detroit's feed, so who knows what kind of coverage they give.

As for the Hamilton play, I saw one replay and was watching to see if his heel was on the line when he shot it, didn't get a look at whether he established himself inbounds. If he didn't, then you're right, he's out of bounds, sixers ball.

An addendum to what I just wrote:
-This team needs to start running plays for Thad. He no longer gets all of his points on broken plays, put-backs, and spot-ups. He's got legitimate moves inside and out.

-Also on the subject of Thad; all year he's been getting called for traveling when he catch the ball on the wing and pump-fakes before driving. He tends to drop one foot back before he makes his move, which is generally considered poor form for a pump-fake because if you do it from the corner you end up stepping out of bounds fairly often. As such, players are coached not to do this. However, it is absolutely not traveling. His pivot foot stays planted until the ball hits the floor. What's the deal with this?

Looks bad and the refs are terrible, that would be my guess. Iggy got called for BS travel, in my opinion.


Is Miller officially playing hurt? He has looked horrible out there at the end of the games, shooting and missing one of the most important times last 2 games.

My guess is that the calf never healed, but I haven't heard any kind of confirmation on that. I'm sure after the season is over we'll hear something, but I think he's out there for the duration now. It'll be interesting to see if he breaks his consecutive games streak if seeding is decided before the back-to-back to end the season. It would make sense to get him some rest for the playoffs, if at all possible.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 2:06

it's one of those things where he's obviously been playing hurt for about a month now, but sitting him out a game or 2 probably won't make any difference. he likely needs either surgery or a significant amount of time off the leg for it to heal. neither are coming until the offseason and since he's playing for a contract he's not going to sit out. so we'll probably see 1-2 games where he looks fine followed by 1-2 games like tonight where he looks terrible. he should blend in well with the general inconsistency that's plagued the whole team all season.

I shall prepare myself for the inexorable disappointment to come.

Thad's great play can't make up for Miller's struggles. I don't know if the team has run out of gas but they are constantly getting outfought. The rebounding disparity in the Charlotte game was just absurd.

The rest of the schedule does not look good. The way I see it, we're gonna slip to a losing record, probably end up 8th seed with the way Chicago and Detroit are picking up.

Atlanta - L
Milwaukee - W
Detroit - L
@ New Jersey - W
@ Charlotte - L
@ Chicago - L
Cleveland - L
Toronto - W
Boston - L
@ Cleveland - L

With the way this team has been playing, it'll probably be the exact opposite.

Joe reply to Alvin on Mar 30 at 13:40

I think the game vs. Boston is most likely a W. It is in Philly and there is a decent chance seeding will be established in the east right? Sixer fans should be hoping Orlando or Boston pull away with the 2 seed...

Cleveland will come out to defend their 1 loss record at home. Eventhough that game is meaningless for them, they will probably pummel the Sixers.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 30 at 11:01

Some observations...

* Miller sure took a whole lotta shots in a short period of time. Granted, he was doin ok at first, but I like my point's primary duty to distribute. What the hell's wrong with goin for 15 assists?

* Speaking of points, Lou's backers may be proud of his point total, but he only had one ast (to go with one TO) in 20+ minutes. Not to mention on board and only one FTM. His big benefit is supposed to be his ability to get to the line but when he's not doing that he needs to be doing his other duties really well if he's going to be a net +. To his credit, he at least shot a little better than usual.

* Evans had one of those GM-fooling games again.

* Speights was awful. Hopefully it's a throwaway game and he'll bounce back next, but it's been quite a while since he showed dominance. It's disturbing, but still not worried for the long term.

* Seems DiLeo and Thad have forgotten that the team does best when he makes at least 5 FTs a game.

* Hate to say it, but can this team do well long term if Iggy believes that most nights he's supposed to be the number one option? He has the skills and physical gifts, but not the mentality to be the man night in, night out. Thad may have to initiate a coup next season.

I'm not sure you can really fault Thad for not getting to the line, no one got to the line. The Pistons had one foul called on them the entire fourth quarter, a charge on McDyess. Not one defensive foul in the entire quarter, if you can believe that.

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