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Sixers vs. Hawks

Brian I am going to link to you letting the readers of my blog know you still have 2 tickets left since we are getting closer and closer to game time.

I will be in attendance as well.

The tickets have been claimed.

Hopefully we can all meet up at the half, just arrived in Philly.

Tom Moore on Mar 31 at 14:40

Horford could be a difference-maker on the boards, with or without Dalembert. I agree that Iguodala will likely guard Johnson for much of the game, even if Green starts out on him.


I have a stupid question

When you do your four factors comparison charts - could you do it for 'location' (if it makes a difference, i don't even know) - whether it's a sixers road or home game?

In fact - i wonder if the sixers see any significant difference in those stats when home vs on the road

I could do it, but it would be a lot more work. I'll break down their home/away splits in the four factors for the season sometime tomorrow if I have a minute, but it's just not something I have the time for on a game-by-game basis, especially not for the other team.

Tom Moore on Mar 31 at 18:45

Dalembert is playing. He tested the calf pre-game and is in the starting lineup. That's 262 straight.

Thanks for the comment. Was just about to check. :)

john reply to Tom Moore on Mar 31 at 19:44

That's a thrill

"consecutive games played" streaks could be the most selfish streaks in existence - and yes cal ripken hurt his team in his later years for his own glory

262 consecutive games - 80-90% of the them sucking ass

Man, that looked like a dreaded high ankle sprain if not fractured. Just speculation though. Definitely the high variety though.

I watched some of his games in college and being a hometown guy and our lack of legit guards, why has the team never tried to sign Ronald Murray. He has been out there at least 2 or 3 times in free agency.

john reply to Bryon on Mar 31 at 19:54

Cause we have willie green and louis williams signed to long term deals - why sign a 3rd duplicate of a guy who earns more money than he should?

Bryon reply to john on Mar 31 at 20:01

Don't know where the 'more money than he should' comes from - the guy only makes 1.5 million. And Lou was on his rookie deal until this past offseason when he was just signed long term. Nothing duplicate about him to me, he is surely better than WG or LW.

Joe reply to Bryon on Mar 31 at 19:58

Ronald Murray = Willie Green. They are pretty similar and pretty crappy IMO.

He's contractually obligated to disagree with me :)

Bryon reply to John on Mar 31 at 23:14

You want to debate facts, so I gave them to you.

X-rays negative on Thad. MRI in the morning.

So the XRays were negative for Thad. Not returning.

Well, get ready to see a TON of Reggie and Speights if Sammy's minutes are limited.

John reply to Joe on Apr 1 at 8:54

There's this guy named theo - he's better than reggie defensively - and tends to have as much positive impact as the 'great' donyell marshall

I've been watching off and on and it looks like Speights is doing a pretty good job on offense. He had 2.5 seconds or so at the end of half though... didn't he? Why didn't he dribble it 2 times or so and then shoot?

Yeah, he had time, but he's a rook, cut him some slack.

Im sure most of you know this, but XRays negative doesn't necessarily mean it's not gonna be a season ending injury. I'm really really worried about this. He easily could've torn all of the ligaments in there. As I write this, it looks like we are blowing another 4th quarter lead...

Jeez Thad of all people, the one guy who's been healthy all season.

It better be non-serious or we'll be in a big mess.

Getting tight here.

Speights is providing some great energy

One rebound though?

We all knew about Ratliff's D, but I never saw that jumper coming.

No lay ups baby.

Chiacago lost, Detroit Lost, Philly won.


Charlotte beat the Lakers. They're tied w/ Chicago in the loss column now. They're going to be a tough beat in Charlotte next Tuesday.

I liked this one. We came out aggressive early, got steals, built a lead. The team didn't panic when Thad went down and found a way to win.

Joe reply to Alvin on Mar 31 at 21:55

It is good to get contributions across the board like they had tonight. Theo, Evans, and Speights all had pretty decent games. Willie as well. Unlikely contributors.

Tell me Thad was just pulling an April Fool's joke.

What a relief to see Miller back to his usual self. The shooting was still kinda off, but 10 assists, 1 turnover is a good night by any PG's standards.

His D was much better as well.

I'd love to see Speights given the start against Milwaukee, assuming Thad can't play. Give the kid a chance, you can yank him if he plays poorly, but give him a chance and tell him what he needs to do. He definitely has the gifts to be a decent rebounder, and we know he can score.

Starting Reggie Evans against Milwaukee does not make any sense to me at all, although I wouldn't put it past DiLeo.

Absolutely agree on Speights in the starting lineup. It has to happen. Thought it would happen for the second half tonight, but no such luck.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 1 at 0:56

I just read the Postgame report and Miller said 'We have to go to a conventional offense with Reggie or Sam' which suggests that he thinks that a lot of Thad's minutes would go to Reggie, which would be a disappointment.

John reply to Alvin on Apr 1 at 8:56

It would also be a mistake - of the coaching variety - but would not be surprising

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