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Miami Keeps The Door Wide Open

I'd rather draw Boston. Orlando has a ton of 3 point shooter and use a ton of screens. The exact type of offense the Sixers seem to do worst against.

Celtics have better players but they play more isolation types and the Sixers have the athleticism to match up. Plus they are a lot younger and have more energy.

I'm on board with that. Not to mention the fact that I think Garnett's injury is more serious than they're letting on. Without him, they're a middling team in the East.

Unrelated issue but somewhat related. Watching the Knicks/Utah game. Both teams are complaining to the refs. I think it is now counter productive to complain anymore since everyone does it, whether the call was right or wrong. I hope Iggy and Miller are reading my statement here.

It's definitely counter-productive when you get hammered with a T. You're right. If you think a call is wrong, calmly talk to them during the next dead ball, demonstratively complaining isn't going to do anything for you.

By the way, anyone else see the calls Wade got down the stretch in that Miami game?

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 23:38

Thought it was LeBron out there. Wouldn't want to play them in the 1st round, b/c of that.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 1:38

we all remember the '06 Finals don't we? ;)

I'd rather roll my dice against those shooters from Orlando b/c with Miller surely dinged up, Rondo would cause to much trouble with his tendency to get into the lane and draw defenders (he already does with Miller healthy). Lesser of two evils thing really.

I will find it painfully amusing watching anyone but Thad trying to score against Boston. Miller is obviously nowhere near 80% and I expect them to clamp down on Iggy like Detroit did last season. I do not dare to hope that our shooting will improve overnight.

I don't actually have a preference between Orlando and Boston. Either way our best hope will be to stretch the series to 5 games. I'd very much prefer if we play the Hawks, we might push them to a sixth game.

Wilt's Ruthian numbers re amusing. In his 1st 3 seasons he averaged 42 pts 26.6 reb. he shot 34 shots a game (in 47+ minutes?) Was their anyone else on the floor?

Joe reply to tk76 on Mar 31 at 19:01

They once adjusted Big Os numbers to the current NBA on ESPN. I think they took his numbers and adjusted them to Lebron's minutes and also adjusted for rebounds, which are far more sparse nowadays... and some other things. Essentially, Lebron's current season was noticeably better than the one where Oscar averaged a triple double. I don't have a link or any details really.

My opinion... there isn't a fat chance in hell Wilt would have averaged more than 20 boards a game in the current NBA. More than 15 would surprise me. Playing with a bunch of 6-7 white boys who couldn't bench 200 pounds probably made things pretty easy for him.

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