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Thad Young To Miss 2 to 3 Weeks

well that was a fun season

So, is the 2-3 weeks to come back at all (even say 50%) or is that to be 100% again. I'd rather not have him play before he's fully healed and get into a Grant Hill situation. His career went down (originally) due to a sprained ankle he came back on too early.

Sounds like Speights is out of the doghouse and going play a good bit for Thad (per Sixerville):

So who fills in for Young at the opening tip tomorrow night?

“We haven’t decided yet,” DiLeo said, before acknowledging that “basically, we know. We just don’t want to put it out there yet.”

Speights, though, seems to be the logical choice based on his strong performance against Atlanta.

“I like last night’s game because (Speights) got minutes, he produced, he got his confidence back,” DiLeo said. “I think he’ll be a big contributor coming down the stretch, especially with Thad out.”

Well that's encouraging. I won't fully believe it until I see it, though.

Here's my medical opinion (without knowing the details of the MRI.) Overall good news, although sprains alone can be prerry bad. If their was any bone injury (avulsion) it would have shown on the MRI. He will likely be in a boot for 7-10 days. They will aggressively control the swelling.

In that time the calf can atrophy a bit, but the rest of his leg will be fine (and calves bounce back quickly but can lead to cramps or shin splints/stress rxn if you overdo it.)

Assuming it is just a basic talo-fibular sprain, it should be manageable with heavy taping after it heals without much risk of re-injury. In that short amount of time his propioception (balance) and muscle memory should be in good shape. Other than a bit less explosiveness and range of motion with the heavy taping, I'd expect him to be 85%+ when he returns. His straight line speed and jumper will probably be fine.

I'm hoping you're a doctor and that this is accurate.

Back for the playoffs at 85% with limited risk of re-injury I could live with.

Since I do not take care of NBA level athletes and don't have the details of the MRI, the whole grain of salt thing comes very much in play.

At least its not the NFL, where they blatantly try to mislead with medical reports.

Also, I'm guessing if the playoffs were in 10 days, the timeline would be 1 1/2 to 3 weeks :)

Dei Lynam is on daily news live now, and said that she thinks Evans will start with Speights playing the majority of the minutes. I can live with that.

If that's the case, here's the script for the next 2-3 weeks...

If Willie comes out hot in the first quarter, the Sixers enter the second with the lead. If Willie comes out cold in the first quarter, the Sixers enter the second quarter trailing by double digits. Much like last season. Teams focus on the Andres, and Willie is the only other guy really capable of scoring, so the starting unit's performance early in games hinges on his shooting.

Anyone else feel queasy about that?

yES, Very queasy.

Dei Lyman made a very good point for us to consider. Lebron James has been in Cleveland for 6 years and they are now just becoming a contender. 6 years guys. I think we need to start showing some patience with our young (no pun intended) team. I am speaking about me more so, btw.

Well, we could wait 60 years and no one on the Sixers is going to turn into LeBron. I think the issue here, or more what we need to look for, is growth from these young guys. Personally, I think playoff experience is so much more valuable than anything else. I want steps forward every season. We're still in a position to do more w/ 2008-2009 than we did with 2007-2008, so that has to remain the goal.

"Dei Lyman made a very good point for us to consider. Lebron James has been in Cleveland for 6 years and they are now just becoming a contender. 6 years guys."

In LeBron's first 4 years in the league, LeBron led his team to 50 wins and one finals appearance.

I don't know, winning 4 straight against the Pistons in their hayday to go to an NBA finals qualifies as a contender for me.

"In LeBron's first 4 years in the league, LeBron led his team to 50 wins and one finals appearance."

meant 50 wins twice.

Since his regular season is over, thought I'd link comparison's of Yooung and TMac at age 20 and their 2nd season (age 19 for TMac.)

Somewhat different skill sets, but both natural scorers. FWIW, TMac shot at a lower percentage, and was not much of a 3pt threat at that age. He was a much better rebounded and shot blocker (more explosive?) In Thad's defense, he is playing PF, and often tries to box out bigger PF's instead of being free to grab the rebound- or at least that is Thad's excuse.


I was not comparing Lebron to us, I was trying to point out w/ young players we need to give them time to mature and develop their game. That was my main point.

Yeah, it absolutely takes patience. With Cleveland, I think the team success was directly tied to LeBron's maturation more than anything team related. For the Sixers, I want them to show growth as a team, the young guys will and can develop over time, but I want the team to be constantly moving forward.

Tom Moore on Apr 1 at 18:18

Stefanski said the Sixers would consider signing a small forward, most likely to a 10-day contract, because Young was also the backup "three" to Iguodala. Available guys include Jawad Williams, Ronald Dupree, ex-Sixer Bobby Jones and DerMarr Johnson. It's possible Rush could get a look, too.

Tom Moore on Apr 1 at 18:25

Patrick Ewing Jr. is hurt. Not a great list ...

As Thad was landing, I could tell he was hurt. Unfortunate, but I think they can keep things afloat until he gets back.

Unless he's at 100% - don't let him come back - it's pointless to risk another injury in the second year of a bright future for a playoffs where you don't have a reliastic chance of making the finals

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