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We need to keep Isiah in the East.

Joe reply to tk76 on Apr 2 at 13:45

You are right there. Preferably in our Division. Nothing like an easy 3-1 for the season.

There's a lot of nonsense going on with the clippers and talking to /hiring isiah could just be a publicity stunt with a 'no power' job because sterling is getting sued by Elgin Baylor who alleges, among other things, that sterling is a racist ass.

Supposedly the meeting with Isiah was at Dunleavy's behest and nothing really came of it - but the clippers are a mess - and since Sterling is more worried about profits than titles - Isiah doesn't really fit the bill

Is there any site that tracks 'shooting fouls' vs non shooting fouls - i wonder if maybe at home the ssixers are allowed to be more physical on the perimeter - but not so much act of shooting and thus the decreased foul rate doesn't impact the FT rate - be interesting to look at specific players home and away i.e. does Sam have a lower foul rate at home than on the road?

It's possible that less whistles on the perimeter could have something to do with it, but I think there would be a bigger disparity in the FT rate, no matter where the fouls occurred. They add up and you get into the penalty, eventually.

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