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Sixers Look For Two In A Row

Sixers are 7 1/2 point favorites.

Over/under is at 198 1/2.

I guess the spread is where it should be... I thought 5 would have been adequate. The over/under seems a bit high to me.

With Thad out, the pace will drop right?

Less early hoops, so yeah, I'd think so. Better defensive rebounding should increase the pace, though. Assuming playing a "big" lineup improves defensive rebounding.

That's a very high over/under, IMO.

With Evans in the starting lineup, I'd bet the under tonight. If I was a betting man, that is.

Tom Moore on Apr 2 at 18:48

Evans is starting. Just became official. No big surprise (in my eyes).

Yup, seemed to be heading down that road. Hopefully his minutes will be under 20.

Joe reply to Tom Moore on Apr 2 at 18:50

Yeah. Who do you see getting more minutes?

Barring foul trouble, I'm guessing Speights.

Gadzuric starting... I swear this guy plays more minutes against the Sixers than anyone elese. Seems like every time they play the Bucks, he plays, which isn't normally the case right?

He kills the Sixers on the offensive glass, always has.

john reply to Joe on Apr 2 at 19:09

What's bogut's status been recently - i think gadzuric's appearances/starts are inversely proportional to Bogut's minutes

He's done for the year.

Tom Moore on Apr 2 at 18:58

I agree, Brian. I'd say 20 is plenty.

Tom Moore on Apr 2 at 19:05

Stefanski on the possibility of signing somebody (likely a small forward) to a 10-day contract: "We are still discussing bringing someone in, but no decision has been made."

I wonder if they could catch lightning in a bottle. Anywhere to find 3pt% in the NBADL online? I'll have to look later.

Found it

Here we go. Reggie w/ an offensive board and putback. And then Gadzuric grabs an offensive board.

what's with the t-shirts the bench is wearing?

Is it part of the autism awareness thing?

2 early ones on Jefferson. 9 points for Evans in the first 5 minutes!

Evans on pace to score 60+

hahaha Villanueva stepping over the line. That guy is such a joke.

These guys foul on every play. Willie's off tonight, his jumper looks horrible.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 19:29

The team looks like they won't be down double digits though at the end of the first...

Yeah, another stellar prediction by me.

Sessions has 6 assists already.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 19:33

and 3 steals...

That did not look like a walk to me.

Tied at 24 after one. Too much penetration after Sammy went to the bench. Sessions was a monster in that first quarter: 6 points, 7 dimes, 3 steals, 0 turnovers.

Speights is so painful to watch. How about boxing someone out every once and awhile?

john reply to Joe on Apr 2 at 19:43

He's learning from sam

Joe reply to john on Apr 2 at 19:46

With that finish there too...

7 assists in one quarter

Just saying :)

He's impressive. So is Lamar Odom, but I don't think either one of them would be a good fit here.

Theo channeling Sammy with that pass.

Shouldn't Thad have his foot elevated instead of sitting down or does the air cast take care of the swelling?

I believe it should elevated. Maybe he's using Dalembert's hyperbaric chamber.

Well, this is exactly how you would've expected them to come out against Milwaukee. So much for my extra motivation in Thad's absence theory.

If we need Reggie to replace Thad's points, we're done. Where's Marshall?

Buried on the end of the bench, as usual.

10 freaking turnovers already - what the hell

I think it's actually 11.

john reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 19:54

I'm at work - boxscore said 10 when i posted it :)

Guess I won't mind working when i get home and ignoring the game - this money thing just sucks -

This is just a horrible lineup. Why didn't he put Miller back in at that break?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 19:55

Well, we are down, so when is he going to go to Marshall or Rush?

Tom Moore on Apr 2 at 19:57

How about this -- Evans only surpassed the nine points he scored in the first 4:22 four times in the season's first 73 games.

This is probably the best lineup they can put on the floor right now. Dalembert, Speights, Iggy, Lou, Miller

Was that a play to Iguodala there?

I don't think so, just sick position by Iggy.

Speights is trying on D. The problem is that he is failing miserably. Good sub to bring reggie back IMO.

I don't think the defense has been too bad. The Bucks are draining 20-foot jumpers left and right.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 20:04

The second he came in the Bucks got 3 lay ups.

As Bryon said, 2 poor fouls. He showed late right into a guard on the perimeter and then ran a guy over.

Speights 2 fouls have been uncalled for - hedging way too far out on the perimeter on a guard and just bowling into Mbah A Moute coming to help.

I kinda liked that last one. A little payback for Brand, even if Brand's injury wasn't a dirty play, still deserves a little payback in my book.

Theo and Dalembert both have 3, Speights has 2. This is not good. Here comes Donny.

What does Donyell have to do? Really... honestly... what more could he have possibly done in his time to earn more playing time?

They just scored 11 points in the 2:41 he was on the floor.

This game feels eerily similar to the Memphis game at home and the Minnesota game at home. If they only can turn it on in the 2nd half...

I can live w/ that if the result is a win.

I thought the under was good too... haha. 109 at half haha.

I was going to say something about Mil. not being able to shoot like this in the second half, but every time I say something like that it happens.

I'll just say I expect 60 points from the Sixers in the second half. And we better see more minutes from Donyell.

There was a really odd sub in the second quarter. With 6:31 left, DiLeo sent Green in for Iguodala, so the lineup was Ratliff, Speights, Ivey, Green, Williams. 23 seconds later, he sent Miller in for Green.

Either he's really managing minutes and he wanted to get Miller a precise amount of rest, Miller wasn't ready to go in at 6:31, or DiLeo made the sub, looked at the team he had on the floor and realized he'd just made a silly substitution.

Not sure which of the three options scares me the most.

Sammy looking good on the defensive glass to start the third. Reggie still leading the team in scoring...awesome.

Iggy has to knock down his trips to the line this half.

There needs to be some payback for those hard fouls they're giving on Iggy. And he needs to keep going to the rack.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 20:39

Agree he should attack, cause if his jumper is like his 1st half trips to the line....not good.

Man, I'm glad he put Lou in earlier b/c Willie had nothing tonight.

Miller's 7th turnover, then a stupid frustration foul on the other end. They're going to need him to be better than this.

42 personal fouls called so far.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 20:55

And alot of those on the perimeter

Just starting to watch, but

1. Miller is horrible w/ the ball.

2. The refs are call everything, last foul on Speights was called by the ref that could not see the touch.

How about a little more Donyell here to end the quarter....

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 2 at 20:57

There we go Donyell.

Donyell knows how to play the game... and shoot. Amazing!

Ask and ye shall receive.

you ask, you shall receive donny ice

Anyone want to give me a summary of the first 8 minutes of the quarter?

I wasn't watching.

Foul, Foul, foul, foul, foul, turnover, foul, foul, foul, turnover, turnover, Marshall comes in, Sixers come back, foul, foul, foul.

I think that sums it up.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:06

And his summary was pretty much the truth, Joe. In addition to Iggy cashing in on his trips to the line.

Speights making plays.

Sp8's with 2 nice hustle plays to end the quarter. A poke-in and a steal resulting in free throws for Ivey and a rebound on Ivey's miss with subsequent foul sending him to the line.

Alright, 1-point lead heading into the fourth.

Check this out, Marshall played 2:42 that quarter, the Sixers scored 11 points with him on the floor. That's 22 points in 5:23, if anyone's counting.

John reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:45

are you tracking how much they give up while he's on the floor as well - just for comparisons sake.

Pretty surprising they are competing with Miller being so thoroughly outplayed.

Green is so bad of a defender, dumb, dumb foul at the eoq. He gets me so mad so often and then he does good and I feel bad. But, those times are becoming less and less.

Joe reply to DeanH on Apr 2 at 21:08

I didn't get to see that play really. (crappy stream)

Looked like the problem was that he didn't try to box out AS ALWAYS with him...

Let's Goooooooooooooo!! Pad this lead.

Roy-al I-vey!

Offensive shortcomings aside, would like to see Ivey stop Sessions penetration for the rest of this quarter.

Miller has EIGHT turnovers???

Joe reply to Alvin on Apr 2 at 21:11

He is going for the triple double...

Ivey's making some big plays here. Block on the break, just battled for that board. Good run for him.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:12

agreed. He had a 3 as well.

Stealing time for Iguodala to rest with every second that passes.

Sick pass from Marhsall to Speights for the jam.

I think it's time to get him back in there now.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:21

indeed. I don't know what lineup I would go with if I was DiLeo though. Just make sure both Andres are out there probably.

This is too close for comfort.

I hope ones that love Marshall remember this game w/ his misses. I like him but he is far from perfect. He had 2 wide open shots that he rimmed. Not a problem other than when all I hear is Marshall like he does not miss. I think we need Iggy back!

Alvin reply to DeanH on Apr 2 at 21:23

Of course he does miss. It's a big ask to expect him to make most of his shots. But he shoots much better than anyone else on the team this season.

But it's not all that he does on the court. He is savvy and makes smart plays.

That block by Marshall was huge, he has a couple of assists and 4 boards too.

I think the main argument you'll get from Marshall supporters is that he can stretch the floor AND help in other areas as well. And he's played well whenever he's gotten a chance.

Mike reply to DeanH on Apr 2 at 21:29

well they are +18 with him on the floor tonight

Atta boy Sp8s.

Nice block Marshall. Great to see w/ Sammy have no blocks tonite. And he is rebounding! Great job. Don't want you to think I don't like Marshall, just think he needs to do more than shoot 3's, like tonite!

Come on guys, stops...stops.

Guard the 3 point line and close this puppy out.

Did Marshall block that last one too?

Since Evans sat (3:28 to go in the third) 32-15 run for the Sixers.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:27

Marshall +18

Speights has ice in his veins.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:36

The kid can flat out score, sometimes he just falls in love with his jumper too much.

Shit. Reggie back in. 8 point lead w/ less than 3 to go. Come on, play smart defense.

Game. Set. Match. HUGE game for Lou tonight, we needed that.

Miller really recovered tonight... closed this one out very well.

Big contributions tonight from every single player collectively getting Thad's minutes.

Resilient win.

Sp8ts has been awesome tonite, guys. Did you see that rebound between 2 green shirts? Awesome. And Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Yes! Congrats, I came to watch and caused them to win????

Alvin reply to DeanH on Apr 2 at 21:49

Maybe with Thad's injury, Speights knows that he has to step it up. He has certainly brought it to another level today.

It's great for the second game in a row, to see the other players step it up. Lou had a good game. Marshall and Dalembert were rebounding machines.

High-water mark again, 4 games over. Very good job closing it out.

Did you hear Lou on the post game? Talking to Speights, I had a bad week, Speights - I have had a bad month! Lou, then its time to step it up! And they did! And great to hear both say I have had a bad time. That is great!

That's actually the first time I've heard Lou have any kind of perspective on his own poor play. Good to hear.

John reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 21:46

It's funny - i was warpping asparague in proscuitto so i ask my gf who is talking in the background - she said 'i don't know (she knows many of the sixers) but he looks 12 years old' - i immediately knew it was lou.

Stat of the night?

17. The number of minutes from Willie.

Ivey got the back up minutes at the 3 tonight huh? He did a solid job.

Random observation.

Reggie shot 56% from the field last month and shot 4/6 from the field tonight.

He seems like he is jump stopping and going to his left over and over to me. Has he always done this?

Joe reply to Joe on Apr 2 at 21:46

58% last month sorry. Don't want to shortchange Reggie when he is actually making shots.

He's almost exclusively finishing with his left. Which actually seems like his strong hand when he's in close. I remember Salmi commenting on his left last season, so I don't think it's something new.

I wouldn't get used to +50% shooting from him, though.

That play they're showing on the playoff commercials, with LeBron dunking on the Celts. That wasn't really a great play by him, it was a horrible play by Posey on the help. He went way too far to the middle, left the lane wide open.

Anyone want some "Thad won't be missed much if at all" Kool Aid. I've been drinking it a day or so now. It tastes pretty good right now.

In all seriousness, Thad didn't appear to be missed too much unless you can blame the 20 TOs on him not being there and I don't think that is really a valid point. The sample size is too small to really ever come to any conclusion, but I definitely think the increased size of the lineup was a major factor tonight on the glass and was a major reason why the team won.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 2 at 22:19


I really want to see how we fare against the Pistons on Sat. and see how well we hold up in that one. Should be a rather tough one.

our depth is sunk w/o Thad. That showed itself in the second quarter.

John reply to Joe on Apr 2 at 23:11

Small sample size against a crappy team at home - yup - give me some of that kool aid

Joe reply to John on Apr 2 at 23:59

Nice. Any other takers?

I'm not drinking it, but I will say this. If these final 9 games prove to DiLeo that Marshall needs minutes every night when the playoffs start, Thad's injury will wind up making the Sixers a better team in the playoffs (assuming Thad is back for the first round).

Did not really enjoy watching this one (fouls aplenty, TO's and poor FT shooting) bit have to be happy of the result.

That's 2 poor games where they pulled out the win against lottery teams. Those are big wins when you get a W on an off night.

Oh, this had to be the ugliest game of the season. I'm just glad they outlasted the Bucks. This would've been a tough loss to swallow.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 23:08

Remember OK City, now. That one is hard to beat when taking ugliness into account.

Thanks for reminding him, I had successfully erased that one from my memory.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 23:09

Have you forgotten about the first month? God, every single game was incredibly ugly. 20 turnovers night in and night out it seemed. Brand, Miller, and Iguodala all struggling.

The first month was so damn hard to watch.

This was a damn ugly game though. But when Reggie starts the game you should know it isn't going to be roses and puppies all night.

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