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Another Injury?

If miller is out for any appreciable time i'm all for sitting Iguodala for the rest of the season and maximizing any draft possibilities :)

Seriously though - i'd be curios as to when that happened cause miller was terrible last night for a good portion of that game

He was terrible in the beginning of the game, came on strong at the end. I think the injury was in the second half, based on Kate Fagan's guess.

john reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 16:36

OH - now see i was gonna say

Injury early in the first half - then 'treated' at half time (how come cortisone isn't recognized as a PED - it makes you able to play with bad injuries: ) so he could finish the game

Good news:

"The Sixers just announced that Andre Miller's X-rays came back negative: He is expected to play tomorrow."

The man is indestructible.

very good news.

iverson's done for the season

I'm wondering about Iverson's future after the game. He seems to have a warped view of reality (more than most stars) and I wonder if he will have problems out of the spotlight... Then again it is hard to burn through 100M unless you are Tyson.

I wonder if the Pistons start playing better ball w/out the headache.

Tom Moore on Apr 3 at 20:45

Iverson wants to start next year, but he'll be 34 on June 7 and isn't the player he was. He'll go from $21 million this year to maybe the mid-level ($5.5 mill) in 2009-10. Ironic that Pistons are shutting him down after he complained that he got just 18 minutes in Tuesday's loss to Cavs, two games after sitting out 16 with a "sore back."

"Eighteen minutes?" he said. "Come on, man. I can play 18 minutes with my eyes closed and with a 100-pound truck on my back. It’s a bad feeling, man. I’m wondering what they rushed me back for? For that?"

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 3 at 21:41

david aldridge wrote a good article about how the bobcats might be the best fit:


You know, I also saw somewhere that the Bobcats would take Stephen Curry if he was there in the draft. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Augustin the future of that team at the point? How the hell are you going to start a backcourt of Augustin and Curry, or Augustin and Iverson for that matter? They'll just get abused down low. I don't see Brown going for either of those combos.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 23:21

aldridge's argument is that larry brown doesn't like dealing with young projects, which augustin is at this point. but yea i agree that that backcourt would be way too small.

So he has a sprained middle finger. Sucks for him I guess. He won't miss any time though.

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