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Fifty Percent

I would really have liked the Bobcats to win. It'd be great for that franchise to make the playoffs.

I think our best hope is still to pip Miami. I think Atlanta is still a step too far.

Every game without Young will be a real battle though, I'm expecting a 42-40 record to be frank. Unless Cleveland and Boston ease off in the last few games.

42-40, so you have NJ, Chicago and Toronto as wins? Detroit, Charlotte, Cleveland, Boston and Cleveland again as losses?

That's reasonable. I'm hoping for better than a 3-5 finish, obviously. 6-2 would be sick.

I'm thinking we may beat Detroit but lose to Toronto (they seem to be playing better ball, on a 5-game win streak).

Charlotte have given us problems all season and they are fighting for their playoff lives. I'd be more confident if we had Young and I don't wanna get my hopes up.

Playoff time though, if Young starts and especially if we play the Hawks, then anything can happen.

What's Miami's remaining schedule?

I'm in the 4 to 5 win camp for the rest of the season. Will that be enough to get the fifth?

Miami has @ Washington, New Orleans, @ Boston, Knicks, @ Atlanta, Detroit.

I'd say they finish no worse than 2-4, no better than 4-2. So anywhere from 42-40 to 44-38.

3 wins gives us 42-40, 4 wins 43-39, 5 wins 44-38, 6 wins 45-37, 7 wins 46-36 and a perfect 8-0 finish would be 47-35.

5 wins should make us a lock for the #5 seed, 6 wins might push us up to #4. Could take less if Atlanta keeps up their poor play of late.

Alvin reply to Jordan on Apr 3 at 23:46

Miami has:

4/4 - @ Washington
4/7 - New Orleans
4/10 - @ Boston
4/12 - New York
4/14 - @ Atlanta
4/15 - Detroit

I can see them going 3-3 or 2-4, depending on the Washington game. As far as I can tell, we are ahead on tiebreaker so we'll be fifth if we can get one more win than Miami, e.g. they go 3-3 and we go 4-4.

If we play like we did in the first half against Milwaukee we'll be sixth. If we play like we did in the last six minutes then we'll be fifth. And if Young comes back for the playoffs and we face the Hawks, I think our chances are almost 50%.

they'll go 4-4 & finish 43-39, which should be good enough for the 5th seed. i couldn't tell you which games will be wins because they will probably be the opposite of what we'd expect.

I could live with that. 5th seed is the only thing that matters at this point.

if they can win 5 more to get to 44-38, it would be their best record since 2002-03 when they finished 48-34. either way it looks like we will break our streak of 3 consecutive playoff appearances that have been ended by the Pistons.

Atlanta has a cake schedule remaining:

vs. Orlando
@ Toronto
@ Milwaukee
vs. Indy
vs. Miami
@ Memphis

I don't see them losing more than 2 of those. 4-2 and the Sixers would have to finish 8-0 to tie them. Unless they completely fold, there's no chance we get 4th.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 23:59

Especially not when we're effectively a bunch of walking wounded. We're missing two starters.

I'm more than happy if we can clinch 5th.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 0:01

Atlanta is night and day at home or away. Not saying I disagree, just saying.

hey i'm having an argument with a buddy. would you guys agree that iguodala is the best open-court finisher in the league not named lebron?

Yes, and I think the stats would bear that out. Who does he think it is?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 0:08

Jason Richardson?

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 0:28

he's thrown out a bunch of names, kobe, cp3, carmelo, wade. what kind of stats are there to support me?

Actually, Iguoadala may be the best finisher in the game period. He and LeBron have the same percentage on "inside" shots (layups and dunks) at 71%.

Rondo was way up there in that stat earlier in the season, but he's dropped off to 63%. Richardson is at 58%. Kobe is at 65%. Wade is at 66%. Dwight Howard is at 63%. Brandon Roy 60%. Amare was 65%.

This isn't a definitive stat, by any means, but I think it's pretty indicative that Iggy is way up there as far as finishing is concerned. All stats from 82games, by the way.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 0:30

ahh word. thanks. we as philly fans are actually spoiled in this category, because iverson was one of the best finishers in the league at his peak. i think iguodala is even better.

Thad is pretty good as well, 65%.

Melo is at 57%.

Detroit without AI...

like Rip used to say... when this team is backed into a corner, they come out fighting.

Let's hope it's a good game later today.


hanwayl on Apr 4 at 5:48

Miami Philly
40-36 Record 39-35
--- GB ---
@ Was Sat 04 vs Det
Sun 05 @ NJ
Mon 06
vs NO Tue 07 @ Cha
Wed 08
Thu 09 @ Chi
@ Bos Fri 10 vs Cle
Sat 11
vs NY Sun 12 @ Tor
Mon 13
@ Atl Tue 14 vs Bos
vs Det Wed 15 @ Cle
1 .5~.6 0
1 .6~.7 0
1 > .7 3
2 B2B 3
3 Home 3
4 Away 5

stolen from my friend WillyT's work.

hanwayl on Apr 4 at 5:50

oh no...my chart was re-formatted. doh.

anyways, the point was that, in terms of schedule toughness, the heat and the 76ers are about the same.

With Thad hurt I think the Sixers will need Miami to lose at least 3 games tomake the playoffs. I just don't think the Sixers have enough horses right now to go more than .500 to close out.

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