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Winning Is The Only Priority

Really gutsy win. People talk about lack of a #1, but the Andres are showing serious leadership skills. Both are do-anything ironmen who can't shoot. Both have stepped up to give this team what it needs rebounds and penetration.)

Unfortunately, this is not sustainable, and Lou and Speights will eventually have to carry more of the offensive load, and the bigs will have to start rebounding (Sam has been a loser.)

This team has good character. It has showed each of the last 3 Springs, when they win solely because they flat out want it more. Again, a reflection of the Andre's and their competitiveness.

These games have little bearing on the teams long-term goals, but it is entertaining, playoff basketball. This is a stretch to focus on now, and put off future decisions regarding coach, PG, Brand etc.

BTw, against the Nets they need:

-Sam to finally step up. He needs to dominate the paint on the defensive end and shut down B. Lo.

-Similarly, Ivey needs to play meaningful minutes and hound Harris, and hopefully hit some open 3's.

-This hopefully will be one of those "Donyell games."

-Live in the lane and at the line all night against a Nets team that is a bit soft inside. That might be hard if Miller and Iguodala are playing on dead legs. Tired players settle for jumpers.

Agreed with everything above. I'll add they can't get into a dogfight w/ the nets. they need some stretches where they can rest the andres without it costing them the game.

Lou was good tonight, they need better from Speights. 4/10 from the floor isn't going to cut it. He did have a couple of big plays in the fourth, though.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:18

Speights was just 6/9 last night right? He is a 50% shooter. Sometimes he will be better, sometimes worse. No big deal to me.

Anyone know why the Miami game isn't on league pass?

Found it on NBATV.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:13

It isn't NBATV fan night or anything right?

O.K., last comment ( I promise.)

Speights and Theo combined for 4 defensive boards in 55 minutes (mostly together.) That is horrible. Good thing Miller and Iguodala stuck their noses in there.

They seriously need Sam to get his zero rebound head out of his whiney, overpaid a$$.

Joe reply to tk76 on Apr 4 at 19:17

He played 10 minutes. Not grabbing a rebound in that amount of time isn't unheard of.

He just needs to stay on the court. He doesn't have any rebounding problem.

That is sort of my point. Sam is the guy they need to step up and control the glass. Instead he has been on the bench and appears in a daze out there. he is inconsistent, but this is a time whee he needs to step up and not be MIA.

Maybe you can put the blame on DiLeo for not playing Sam, but he has not exactly inspired confidence with his play.

Joe reply to tk76 on Apr 4 at 19:23

Sure. I can go with that.

Lou isn't going to keep shooting >50%. His career just says so pretty much. And when he comes back, we are going to need Sammy there to get his misses and secure more defensive rebounds so he can shoot more.

Joe reply to Joe on Apr 4 at 19:25

"comes back" as in "comes back to reality"

Lou will shoot over 50% if he cuts down on his jumpers and continues to take it to the hole. I agree, he will drop off if he regresses to bing a bad jump shooter. The guy should not shoot 3's unless someone else creates an open one for him, or he spends another off-season working with Price.

I think Lou will really benfit if this team puts some jump shooters on the floor with him (once they add them to the roster.) He is such a great penetrator, but there really are not that many players on the 2nd unit for him to kick the ball to.

Joe reply to tk76 on Apr 4 at 20:16

I think the evidence clearly points to Lou not shooting 50% any time soon and likely not ever. Anecdotal evidence isn't going to persuade me. I would easily wager money on him not going a single season over 50%.

Lou is shooting less over the last month. (His efficiency didn't go up until very recently) I like to see his efficiency going up and all, but just SHOOTING LESS is a great step as well, since Lou scores at one of the worser rates on the team.

There may be some hope left that he doesn't follow the Iverson path, but I'm not going to suffocate waiting.

Miami is abusing Washington early.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 4 at 20:07

Weren't folk complaining about a lack of offensive boarding a while back? That's Mo Speights' thing. Asking him to go get a big bunch of defensive boards is like saying, "we need Lou to start hitting threes." Total board count is the most important thing and our rook did an okay job on that front.

Let's face it, we really won this game on account of Detroit going arctic cold for a long stretch in the fourth (and it's not like most of em were tightly contested shots). Credit the Andres for showing leadership and grit down the stretch when things got tight.

Next game should be another doozy. Hell til the end of the season each game is a doozy. Might be woozy by the time the playoffs really begin.

I don't remember anyone complaining about a lack of offensive rebounds. That's been a strength all season long, they've been top two in offensive rebounding since day 1, I believe.

Defensive rebounding is another story. That's where the complaints have come.

I was there and this is a game whre Lou and Speights changed the tempo and helped w/ the win. Andre Miller finally stopped w/ dumb turnovers the 2nd half. This was a great game overall.

Why Green is playing does not make sense right now w/ another guard on the bench. Him and Miller and ZERO points the first quarter w/ alot of missed shots. Was very disappointed Dileo did not take him out earlier.

So best-case scenario for Thabeet in the pros is probably Dalembert, right? Adande was saying he should go #2 overall in his chat yesterday. Hilarious.

JoshG reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 23:25

I've only seen thabeet play once and that was today, but he looked terrible. Lazy as shit, he won't do anything in the NBA. Just a big guy that does well among smaller players. Plus I think he is slower than Yao.

I think I've seen 3 or 4 of his games, all in the Big East tourney or the NCAAs and I have to say, this guy sucks. He walks around, shows no athleticism, no strength, no feel for the game. He's my early pick for bust of the draft. God, I hope the Sixers don't wind up taking him.

btw, Brian, 4 pt game Wash-Miami

Unfortunately, Miami pulled it out. Atlanta lost, though. Percentage points ahead of Miami, one game in the loss column behind atlanta.

Go Wash. Incidentally, the Hawks have coughed up a lead against the Magic.

Joe reply to Alvin on Apr 4 at 21:29

Howard is such a damn monster.

Tom Moore on Apr 4 at 21:45

A few things:

*Sixers have won nine games this season in which they trailed by double digits, including the last two.

*Sixers can also secure their first winning season since 2004-05 by going at least 2-5 in their final seven games, five of which are on the road. They've already qualified for the postseason in consecutive seasons for the first time since 2001-02 and 2002-03.

*If the Sixers can win their final two at home -- though that'll be tough with upcoming games vs. the Cavs and Celtics -- they'd be 26-15 at home, which would be the first time they surpassed 25 victories at the Wachovia Center since reaching the NBA Finals in 2000-01.

*Dalembert had no rebounds (vs. Pistons) for first time since 3/3/06.


Is Dalembert hurt, if not, what is his problem? If you know!!!


Even you've got to admit there were some questionable calls in the game.

Prince fouled Iggy on the 3 attempt? If he did, Reggie Miller is somewhere smiling...

Detroit deserved to lose the game but, there were definitely some calls that should've been made.

Let's look at this objectively. The Sixers scored 52 points in the paint and attempted only 5 three pointers. They attacked the basket all day long.

The Pistons had 24 points in the paint and attempted 23 threes. They settled for jumpers all day long.

The Pistons still attempted more free throws than the Sixers (28 to 26). You don't have a leg to stand on.

Tom Moore on Apr 4 at 22:59

Dalembert got into foul trouble and didn't return for the final 20 minutes. It's funny because he won't come back in the game if he gets four fouls and other guys will play with five. I thought DiLeo should've gone back to Dalembert for a bit in the fourth, especially when the Sixers were getting beat on the offensive boards.

Love this quote from Detroitbadboys blog about Willie G:

Andre Miller continues to defy the age gods, Willie Green continues to defy the player-should-get-minutes-only-if-they-play-well gods.


I was at the game. As in every NBA game, refs called several questionable calls BUT THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST REF GAMES I HAVE SEEN THIS YEAR.

I watch alot on TV, this is not just the sixers ones. Far from perfect, but very balanced, both teams got calls they did not deserve both ways. But balanced.

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