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Put Away The Brooms

I think we win, I think Atlanta loses at Toronto on Tuesday, and... we lose to Charlotte, putting us 1.5 games out of the 4 spot.

It's going to be tough to win the tiebreakers against both miami and atlanta. Just cross your fingers that cleveland the boston cruise in those final three games.

Great post, I like your keys to the victory Brian

Not only we are 0-3 vs the Nest, but looking back at HOW the losses came, we should have been 3-0 pretty easily.

I hope DiLeo will go deep with his bench tonight, using the (re)surging LW at the point for extended minutes. I'd keep Miller minutes around 28-30, not more.

Agree also on Sam, dear old Theo played a season high 31 minutes last night, and while he did a good job overall, the loss in rebounding with Ratliff in (ony 4 vs Pistons) is pretty evident.

Lopez schooled Dalember in a couple of occasion this season, Sam has to take the challenge and play a strong game.

Being swept by that team would be really disappoiting, let's continue the streak, we face the weakest opponent among the remaining ones (Toronto is unexplicably getting hot...)

Go Sixers !!!

i forget who i heard say it, but someone was just talking about how ridiculous it is that players complain about back-to-backs. they used to play 4 games in 4 nights. it's their job to play basketball. and i'm not usually one to sound like a grumpy old man.

regardless, the fact is that players will be tired. iguodala has to be one of the most well-conditioned athletes on the planet, so i don't see it affecting him much. but miller will probably not be able to go 40min tonight. def need sam to step up.

Joe reply to Mike on Apr 5 at 17:27

Agreed. They showed a stat this week during a game. Iguodala has played the most minutes in the NBA since 06.

The guy's body fat is 4% or something pretty ridiculous if I remember correctly.

The Phoenix game is the only one where I saw the Sixers clearly deflated on the second night of a back to back, but that may have been more emotional than physical. That Lakers game had to drain them.

Reggie at the four again. The tip is a minute or two away. Need a win.

Every time sam dribbles someone should donkey punch him

This game is butt ugly already

And the Nets have never swept the sixers in a season series

bodes well to me

Scoreless in the first four minutes. Yeah, that qualifies as ugly. It'd be nice if they could get Iggy a shot or two some time.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 19:48

Sam and Reggie with a clinic in the first qurater why they are offensive anchors.

WTH hasn't a time out been called yet

I guess it's better to start 0/10 than finish 0/18, though.

Nice foul by Miller. I like it.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 19:52

I don't - he threw a god damn block hip check - no effort at the ball - that could be a suspension on review

Saved two points, no clear path, no flagrant. I don't see how they could give a suspension over that.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 19:56

He threw a hip check and went for the body - not the ball - that's how

crap gotta flip between this and opening night

Are you shitting me? Opening night baseball is on espn2 and women's hoops is on espn.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 19:54

Women's basketball is popular and it's not red sox yankees

Clearly, I mean, look how strong the WNBA is.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 19:57

College basketball I meant since that's what's on...don't be so bitter

That's like telling water not to be so wet :)

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:01

Trust me - ask the folks where i got banned - it's kind of ironic coming from me (where's derek - he banned me - twice no less:) )

Doesn't matter to me - cutting back on unecessary expenses this year - not getting the extra innings package.

John reply to Mike on Apr 5 at 19:53

Game 1 of 162 vs game game 76 of 82

Plus ESPN broadcast praising the braves and mets for 3 hours - i'd rather draw my own blood

Andre Miller - 2 minutes - boarding

Sam and REggie need to realize that THEY CANT DRIBBLE

And Sam looks horrible on the offensive end.

Nice, 2 on Lopez. Now let's see if Sammy can avoid his second.

So if you throw it right to him softly sam can dunk it - make him adjust or put any mustard on it - and he'll fumble it - got it

God - are all nets sixers game this ugly - i seem to recall a lot of ugly earlier?

Yup, they've all been like this.

Too bad couldn't come out like the jazz in new orleans tonight - they put up 41 on the hornets in the first giving up only 19.

Or 81 in the first like the Mavs against the Suns today.

Sam and Evans fighting over a rebound - goes out of bounds - bee - you - tee - ful

Early rest for Miller.

Evans with a sick feed to Sammy for the dunk!

Why is the end of quarter call normally for louis williams?

Real and Speightacular on Apr 5 at 20:07

Philly: 4 starters + Lou
Nets: 3 bench, Dooling and Harris

Philly up 2 near end of 2nd...

20-18 after one. How will the second unit look tonight?

Oh god - that's right - ESPN made the jon and joe show WORSE by adding steve phillips didn't they?

DOnyell with early run

Marshall with two quick fouls after switching off on Harris twice on one possession.

Good start for the Phils.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:18

Don't start now - i mean - when the phils are playing in october and yankees aren't will we rub it in ?


Not making fun of the phils. I like them. My baseball taunting is saved for Mets and Sox fans.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:21

Yeah - sadly I'm a sox fan by marriage - but same thing holds :)

I wondered how long it would take these tools to praise the Mets - less than an inning

Qualification #1 for the next head coach

He cares about defending the primeter :)

Bow Wow sitting courtside, likely here supporting LouWill

Willie at the three, huh? Can't say I'm crazy aobut this lineup. And three-point play for Carter on Willie. Awesome.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:28

I mean even for a team that played yesterday the sixers look like a high school team after a 24 hour kegger

2:17 of rest for Iguodala, then he had to get him back in there.

By the way, Carter is going to score 30 tonight, simply because I wrote that post about Iggy's defense earlier today.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:29

But how much of that will be on people who aren't Iguodala?:)

How many touches has Iguodala had this quarter? I just started watching like 5 minutes ago.

Not many. Theo has been a bigger part of the offense so far.

Why is Willie guarding Carter? And I use the word guarding extremely loosely here.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 5 at 20:30

Ruinous first shift for Speights. He's got to figure it out next half (assuming DiLeo gives him another shot)

The starters should play the entire second half - the bench has been embarassing tonight

and that's in comparison to brett myers

Iguodala at the 4 now. Ratliff, Iggy, Green, Williams, Miller.

Hit your free throws.

And now marv is totting out the 'better w/o/ Brand' nonsense -

Tray reply to John on Apr 5 at 20:42

Well we are... though starting an offensive-minded wing at the 4 has hurt our rebounding.

Under 10 by the half?

JESUS CHRISTMAS - they just WATCHED him take the 3- no one even made a move to get him - WTF

That's at least 5 uncontested threes.

they're also 6/12 from the line. Wonderful.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:40

And while the nets are bad - the rebounding has been unacceptable as well

Poor FT Shooting, Poor 3 point defense, and poor defensive rebound - that usually equals a loss

8/16 from the line now. Does this seem familiar to anyone?

Hey - down 11

It could be worse

39-50 at the half. Could be worse, second unit only gave away 13 points there in the second quarter. If DiLeo over-extends the starters again in the second half, they'll come back and win.

Marshall was -9 in his run.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:44

Don't suppose the sixers have a week long rest after this game like the gift the 'good' teams get from the schedule makers some times?

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday. That's the remainder of their schedule. 6 games, 4 off days.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 20:50

3 back to backs in the final 10 days

I think the schedulers hate the sixers

i just don't understand why we match up so poorly with the nets this season. this has to be a win with 2 tough games against teams playing well next. they need a kick in the ass during halftime. fuck.

It was obvious that we were gonna struggle to score without Young. We need everyone else to step up and it's been good the past 2 games. Hopefully this will be like the Milwaukee game and we'll be able to pull it out of the fire in the second half.

We really have to go for #5.

John reply to Alvin on Apr 5 at 20:59

They did fine against the pistons and hawks they just suck against the nets

I think it's the fact that they're from jersey - and we all knwo what that means

Sam makes me cry

Goaltend and a travel on sammy to start the third. Awesome.

This is a loss. I'm going to watch the whole thing, but they go 1/2 from the line every time, if that. and they can't do anything on offense. This is a loss.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:02

If the phils game weren't sucking - I could watch that - maybe Iron Chef America won't suck

Iggy 3/8 from the line, 1/5 from the floor. I'm never writing an original piece about a sixer again.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:04

I don't care how fit you are - he's fracking tired - the support team needed to step up tonight and if it's possible sam is worse than he was last night

Sammy has stepped up on D over the past couple of minutes, they just can't do anything on offense.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:07

If only he'd remember that he has no offensive skill aside from dunking - if only it was hockey and they could sub on the fly and never let sam destroy the offense

Sammy is dominating this game, and they can't do anything on the offensive end to cut the deficit.

Willie almost grabbed a rebound. That block by Iggy was sick.

What was Willie thinking with that drive?

Nets are 0 for their last 9 and haven't gone to the line once. The Sixers have shaved 1 point off their lead. That's awesome.

9/21 from the line. The Sixers may not score 10 more points this entire game.

That's 4 on sammy, guess we won't see him again.

Thanks for the appearance sam -

Seriously - at this point - Iguodala is kind of useless anyway - rest him the rest of the game for gods sake - make the bench do something

Real and Speightacular reply to John on Apr 5 at 21:18

It's almost cruelty at this point, innit?

I thought our offense would be bad without Young, but this is taking awful to a whole new level.

Now is the time to make a run...


2 out of 3 ain't bad.

looks like a rough night for philly sports all around :/

Real and Speightacular on Apr 5 at 21:20

End of third and Willie Green's taken the most shots so far (10). Willie. Green.

Thank you and good night.

I think Devin Harris willed that shot out at the buzzer.

51 points after three, huh?

I sit Iggy and Miller to start the fourth, put Ratliff, Speights, Marshall, Rush and Williams out there. See if they can get a quick push, if they can't, rest the Andres the rest of the way.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:29

absolutely agree

Heaving threes, gotta love it.

Fuck you Rush. Fuck you.

This is depressing, guys. Changed channel to PHils and and Myers is serving home run pitches and the Phils are playing like the sixers.

They just look like they don't care tonite. Iggy can't shoot tonite, Please don't tell me in the future how we need Rush and Marshall, they have been worthless tonite so far. I am about ready to turn off the tV

John reply to DeanH on Apr 5 at 21:30

Yes - iggy doesn't 'care' - it has nothing to do with exhaustion.

Get Iggy out of there, please.

Not to much to be read into this, the guys are essentially exhausted. The travel and the steady stream of games will eventually take its' toll. 4 in 4 days or not, after 70-something-of-them they never ease up on the physical drain endured, no matter the frequency.

Real and Speightacular reply to Bryon on Apr 5 at 21:32

Can you imagine if they didn't win by five last night? Can you imagine?

Can we get Rush out of there, 2 missed 3's and a turnover. Iggy is exhaused, agree, give him a break.

At least Lou's hitting shots, huh?

Real and Speightacular on Apr 5 at 21:33

Down 20, a few mins left in the fourth, Speights still pinned to the bench.

You mean butterfingers Speights?

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:36

Yeah, rookie Speights. The one you can put in at the end of blowouts. You got it.

HOw about just giving the ball to LOu and let him shoot. I don't think we could do worse......

Get Miller out of there before he gets hurt. This is silly at this point.

Can someone explain why Lou is not getting fouls called for him? I honestly don't understand.

Well, no matter what seed they wind up with, we're going to lament dropping four to the Nets. No other word for it but unacceptable.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:44

Totally agree. Although, this one was the easiest to take and stomach compared with the other three, by far. By far.

Put sam back in - let him get his 6

Nice play by Kareem here. He really looks like he cares.

heh. I may cry before this one is over.

Why is Miller in there? Seriously, why? Now he's about to get into a fight w/ a fan.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:44

Cuz coach is a bit of a tool.

9-23 from the FT line...

I wish this was the 1st time the opponent shoots better from 3pt than the Sixers shoot on FT's. That should never happen in a game.

I understand the poor playing by Iggy and Miller, but I do not with Green, Rush, Marshall, and Dumbert. NO excuses for them.

John reply to DeanH on Apr 5 at 21:46

I don't get why people continue to be surprised when Sam lays an egg in a game - or gets in too much foul trouble to be a major contributor - this is a constant (year after year) issue. I am more astonished that people somehow thing he's going to get better some day

I agree, but had to put him in w/ the other guys that STINK tonite. I am not a Dumbert fan, trust me.

I am really sick of people saying how Rush and Marshall are needed so much, that is my main point.

Joe reply to DeanH on Apr 5 at 21:51

Marshall has been great. Rush has been terrible. I wouldn't lump the 2 together.

In addition, Marshall has had a great NBA career and Rush has always been a fringe NBA player.

John reply to Joe on Apr 5 at 21:54

I think you're using the term 'great' loosely personally - Marshall has had an adequate mediocre career - and has his 'highlight moments' or moment - which doesn't make his career great.

Rush is a bench player and always has been - people have unrealistic expectations of him.

But it makes sense - they've had unrealistic expectations for this team all season in my opinion

Mike reply to DeanH on Apr 5 at 22:10

yea rush & marshall have nothing in common with one another. marshall has been stellar lately.

Good to see Sammy getting some burn here.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:46

Still time to get to 6

I'm pretty happy the person running my stream switched to the Kings game. He saved my blood pressure a little bit.

John reply to Joe on Apr 5 at 21:50

I'm pretty happy i was born with free will and the ability to turn away from things that are giving me aggravation.

Well, at least they didn't lose by 30. Glad I couldn't go to this one.

Half game behind Miami for the 5th seed. Not sure if I'm going to do a wrap up on this one. Not much needs to be said.

John reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 21:51

Project the next week instead :) Give us your thoughts on what you think will happen - I'm intrigued - you write better and with more insight than anyone paid to write about the sixers anyway.

If you're going to lose,might as well make it epic.

11-25: Nets from 3
9-23: Sixers from FT line
27-77: Sixers from the Field
4-19: Sixers from 3

15: Sixer total Assists

Speights: in 15 min: -28 on 1-6 with 2 reb.

They have lost every way to the Nets:
-Insanely luckly bobbled 1/2court heave
--Epic 4th quarter collapse (0-18 down the stretch)

Without a wrap, you wouldn't be Depressed Fan...

67 points, 32 point loss - worse offensive out put and or loss of the season?

9-23 from the free throw line. LOL That is just plain ridiculous.

Can anyone say........ over-reaction.

John reply to Bryon on Apr 5 at 22:14

They were terrible, possibly their worst game of the year from so many players (even the not exhausted ones) - i mean it was atrocious and ugly and they got swept by the nets in a season series for the first time ever (if marv albert is to be believed) at a time when the 'importance' of every game is magnified as the difference between 5 and 6 could mean a second round appearance.

It was a pretty disappointing loss and a god awful performance

Of course - I did pick the nets to win though :(

No one is over-reacting. the loss was brutal.
Saying the season is over, or the team is all a bunch of bums would be oer-reacting.

Saying the team got crushed and that they got swept 4-0 by a garbage lottery team is just stating the facts.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 5 at 22:59

Best half-court option out - fact
2nd half a back-to-back - fact
2nd half a back-to-back on the road - fact
11th game in the last 20 days - fact
5 of said 11 games above on a West Coast swing - fact
2 best players coming off playing 45 out of 48 min - fact
2 of the top 5 with lower extremity injuries - fact
Rotation upheaval due to injured cog - fact
76th game out of 82 - fact
Said garbage team only has 8 less wins - fact

No over-reaction..... O.K.

The Sixers had a bad night, and hopefully will put it behind them- but I'm not buying excuses.

The Nets have not played 2 consecutive home games since March 22nd, and had to travel farther than the Sixers after a road loss the prior night. The Sixers had been at home all week, and then had to take a bus for 70 minutes. Not exactly a huge advantage for the Nets.

The Nets have a record of 28-45 against other teams (you don't call that garbage?); the Sixers 40-32. Are you suggesting it is not a big deal that the Sixers got swept by the Nets for the 1st time in franchise history?

Last night was not the end of the world, but they got crushed and now swept by an inferior team. That sweep could be the difference between an opening round vs the Hawks or the Magic.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 6 at 11:31

Personally I don't think anything that has went on with this franchise from game one of this season is a 'big deal'.

Too many obstacles have been thrown into the equation all year - from Brand, to Mo getting fired, to Thad now being out, to the lingering injuries with the guys willing to valiantly play through them.

To have the record they have, considering all they have been through as a team, is pretty damn strong.

As for 'that sweep' being the difference between a different first round opponent, kind of tough to pin it on the series with NJ because you could just as well say the same thing about the 6 last second buzzer beaters costing them too. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

All of it is hypotheticals at this point until the season is officially over and we all see where the team ends up in the pecking order.

Fair enough.

But it was a surprise to see them crushed by a Nets team that was returning home after losing 6 of the last season. But I agree with you that the Sixers overall have done surprisingly well despite all of the adversity they have faced.

Sorry, meant NJ has=d lost 6 of 7

hopefully we got this 1 out of our system. can't afford anymore the rest of the way. i expect them to come out with more focus & intensity in charlotte.

John reply to Mike on Apr 5 at 22:16

I expect them to lose the one in Charlotte (even if thad was healthy)

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