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Get Yer Playoff Tix This Morning

good move Brian

I hope we will not repeat last year's embarassment, when we couldn't sell out the arena for neither of the two home games vs Pistons, and when the crowd for Game 4 (with Sixers up 2-1 in the series !!!) was SMALLER than the one of Game 3... what a shame

let's pack the arena please, too bad I can't help

The six inside seats are sold already, the best seat avaiable as of yesterday was a lower corner, row 14 (sec 111). Hopefully it will fill up. I will be there, of course (if I do not have a conflict on nights of games).

Alright, I got tickets for games 1 and 2. Outside 4, section 103.

The six inside seats are available for game 3.

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 10:31

If the Sixers can win one of the first two playoff games on the road, they'll have a bigger crowd for Game 3 at the Wachovia Center. If they come home down 2-0, there could be a lot of empty seats. The economy will also be more of a factor now, what with season ticket-holders for 2008-09 regular season having to be paid before the huge downturn.

I was surprised they didn't have any seats in the middle of the floor on the lower level. Did season ticket holders have to exercise their options before they released the tickets to the public?

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 10:37

I believe the deadline for season ticket-holders is past, so if they're available, they should come up for you.

Well, I guess that's a good sign then. They sold out the premium seats to season ticket holders.

I think you're probably right, crowd size will depend on how they do in games 1&2 on the road, assuming they don't finish with the four seed.

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 11:06

Sunday's loss really hurt the chances of getting to No. 4. Tonight could be tough because Charlotte must win, while the Sixers are already in the playoffs. They're going to have to play much better than in Jersey. They just looked tired and almost disinterested Sunday.


Did you have the "joy" of being there Sunday? I had hoped to go, I was so happy I did not go!

Do you think they will rebound tonite?

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 11:22

I was there Sunday. The sad thing is I didn't think the Nets played that well.

I think the Sixers will play better tonight -- how could they not? -- but the Bobcats need the game more. Will that make a difference? We'll see.

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