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Learning From Mistakes

Spotting a trend is one thing, Brian. Actually making adjustments is another. The Sixers probably know what they need to do (at least I hope they do). HOWEVER, after reading a quote like this (about the Nets) from Iguodala, “They just played the same they did all year. We never really adjusted from game to game. They just beat us pretty much the same way.”, I'm not at all confident that they will do it.

Yeah, I had that comment in mind when I wrote this. You'd hope they'll do a better job tonight of adjusting. At least they beat Charlotte once, so they have a history w/ what works.

How do you adjust to the fact that Miller cannot guard a quick PG. If Augustine and Felton are on the floor who does he cover?

felton and you make him shoot jumpers, or you play a zone.

Felton heard you :)

LB is going to have them sagging and clogging the paint like he did in Philly last week. He has his guys cut off all penetration lanes and tries to force us to shoot jumpers.

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