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Will They Be Hungry?


is one of the wins tonight?

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 17:09


Mike reply to Mike on Apr 7 at 17:14

if they win tonight i'll change it to 3-3 :)

Watch Miller on defense this game. he will have to guard either Felton or Augustine.

Despite their no-show against NJ, I don't worry about this teams effort. But I have no idea which team will show up. The one that can get out and run and shoots over 50%, or the one that could not score on a college team? They have gone from streaky to inconsistent from night to night.

Its hard to get invested in a team that will beat the Lakers and Portland in the same week they get soundly beaten by the Warriors. But they have been Jekyll/Hyde like that for the last few months- esp on the road.

Bell is questionable, so we're probably going to get a chance to see the Sixers vs. the two point lineup.

I'll keep an eye on it.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 17:39

that would be huge if bell can't play

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 17:41

yahoo's note says he is day-to-day but larry brown said he'll likely miss the rest of the season.

I'm mixed on whether Bell being out is good or bad news. The two points lineup killed us the first time we played down there. I suppose taking a good three-point shooter out of the rotation is a good thing, though.

Wow, the Sixers are 4.5 point underdogs. That changes everything for me, I bet they win.

I just saw video of Thad shooting j's.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:13

Tonight before the game?

Yeah, I think so.

Same starting lineup. Here we go...

Vlad is starting at the two for them. This is a VERY big lineup. Miller will have to guard Vlad.

They started Miller on Felton, he's done a good job so far.

See you in the second half Sammy. That's 2 fouls, both looked like BS to me.

john reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:56

I'm shocked his back i tell you - shocked

Man, they were calling for a double on Wallace with Iggy on him there?? Willie coming over to help but Ratliff cleaning up the attempt.

Willie back to the locker room for stitches.

I think the fact that they kicked it out to Reggie Evans for a three at the buzzer tells you everything you need to know about that first quarter.

Terrible execution. Terrible energy. Terrible game plan so far.

Bobcats lead 28-19 after one.

They need to get Speights in the game and use him in pick and pop situations. Right now Okafor is just standing under the hoop and none of the bigs are moving him out of that position. Need to suck him out to open the driving lanes.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:46

Agree, if they are going to hang in the paint and let most of their guys sag into the lane and give us jumpers on the perimeter, then Donyell could use a run along with Sp8's.

This is looking a whole lot like the NJ game right now. Down 16 with 10:11 to go in the second quarter.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:50

Looking like the Bobcats game last week in Philly, too. LB know we have slashers and no post game so he dares us to take the perimeter shots. Look how open the perimeter is and 3 pt line.

what the fuck

you said it. Gerald Wallace has been to the line 11 times in the first 18 minutes of play. lovely.

Transition D is sorely lacking tonight.

Gerald Wallace is going to have 30 in the first half.

They have to get this below 10 before the half to even have a shot.

I don't see that happening. I'll be shocked if they keep it below 20.

Seems like everything Charlotte is getting is in the paint or near the hoop.

yea i'm turning this off

Seems like everything Charlotte is getting is in the paint or near the hoop.

Nah, they've mixed in a couple of wide open threes. Best defensive move the Sixers have made all night was giving Wallace all day to shoot that three.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:06

How many do they have in the paint?

Too many.

Lou is keeping us alive.

Atlanta and Miami both losing.

I like this lineup with Sam, Donyell, Iggy, Lou, Miller. Well now Theo for Sam.

Yeah, they've been solid. Lou has really come through here.

Nice of Lou to drop that one back for the Iggy lay-in.

That was a sick pass, I thought he was going to get his shot blocked there for sure.

Bobcats lead 63-49 at the end of the first half. Raymon Felton suddenly became the best jump shooter in the league. Awesome.

I know the staff's thinking is based on the defensive end of the court, but if Willie can't knock down open jumpers they should switch him and Lou and let Lou start with Willie spelling him.

I don't know that reshuffling is going to matter w/ this roster. They just need someone new to add in, preferably a guy who can hit the three.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:34

True, but I was mainly referring to the need for scoring with Thad out.

So I've been watching the Phillies - who's been guarding Wallace?

Iguodala, then Evans, then they went zone. Miller was on him a couple of times. It really hasn't mattered.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:24

On Wallace's first few drives to the hoop, Iggy looked like he was just watching him go by.

Looks like I'm not missing much tonight...I don't get this game for whatever reason.

You're going to miss the big comeback :)

Even though we are shooting a low percentage in the 1st half, we still have 50 points. It is defense that is costing us. Can't give up 63 on the road in a half.

Willie on fire?

Willie, I'll hate on you every night if you keep knocking them down.

Willie grabbed a board!

Come on, the defense is there, now get some hoops.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:39

Damn right, finally getting some stops. Not to mention some timely turnovers.

Holy crap. Willie with an O-board and an assist.

I have never seen Willie Green play like this. NEVER. He's possessed out there.

don't call it a comeback!

Bryon reply to Mike on Apr 7 at 20:41

Is that you James Todd...

This will be a good look coming out of the TO. Brown always draws something up.

I wasn't hating Willie, just asking for you to make those open jumpers. :)

Come on, get over the hump.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 7 at 20:46

The Andres waking up, trading haymakers

Nice +13 run for the starters over the first 8 minutes and change. Really need to get the lead here, though.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:50

Hope Lou keeps up his heady play when he comes back in.

Is Salmi still slobbering all over Miller, despite the 28 points by Felton?

Hasn't really been Miller guarding him.

That's twice in about a minute that Miller got caught on a screen and Augustin had a wide open three. Lucky he missed both.


Better dust off that Willie fathead...

Cheap call on Willie there.

Do you ride Willie here or stay status quo and bring in Lou?

I'd ride Willie. He hasn't cooled, stick w/ the hot hand.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:59

How about both...

Real and Speightacular on Apr 7 at 20:55

Comeback complete. Scratch an claw for the last 12 mins...

Alright, 81-79 after three. That was a huge quarter, now they need to put the Bobcats away. I have a feeling Iguodala won't sit again if the game stays close and that 1.4 seconds Miller just got on the bench may be his only rest of the second half.

augustin was bound to make 1 of those

Yup. Hope they learned their lesson and don't give him any more open looks.

Speights draws the charge!!! Awesome.

What a look by Iggy on the oop.

wow. i don't know how mareese caught that

Sick finish by Speights on that oop. That was a tough catch.

Miami has 37 points halfway through the third quarter against New Orleans, but they're only down 10.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:07


big weakness in iguodala's game is when he hits a couple 3's he doesn't stop shooting them. drive the ball to the hoop.

Shit. Tough time to sit Iggy. Damnit. There goes the lead.

LB going zone. Put in Donyell. We can't settle for jumpers with this lineup out there.

If you bring him in, move Speights to the 5. I love the way he's playing tonight. (besides that wild over his head hook a second ago).

Get Iggy back in after this timeout.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:14

Guess he feels protecting the rim is more important with the game being close by keeping Theo and Speights in.

this is a shooting foul?

so say the zebras.

There you go, attack the middle of the zone w/ Speights. Nice.

How many tip-out O-boards are the Bobcats going to get....sheesh.

Excellent defensive series there, two of them. Got a bad shot, gave up the offensive rebound, then forced another bad shot and got the ball back. Let's get a hoop here. Draw up something special, Tony.

Willie Green time :)

You see Iguodala demand the ball, then dribble over to get Miller the ball on Augustin? Huge play.

LB better get Augustin out of there. He's getting bitched.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:24

He went to the zone again instead...ugh

Shit. Another tap back. Come on, get this stop.

crap they're going to get what is essentially a 3 for 1 here

Yup. Unless they use this whole shot clock, which I doubt they will. Need a stop right here, right now. Green and Evans back in. I don't like that. Would've gone with Ivey instead of Green, but Willie has played solid D in the second half, so it's not that bad of a call.

Broke it free...again

Time o earn those IguoDollaz

When your coach is Larry Brown, that's when timeouts matter.

Don't take this clock all the way down. If you don't get a score, extend the game.

They are going to have to hit a jumper here. LB will have them packing it in.

Should not be coming down to this...

usually i say go for a quick 2 here, but i don't think they can hit 2 fgs. just go for a 3 and don't leave any time left.

Donyell, come on.

How the heck was that a jump ball????????

They got fouled three times in the final 16 seconds, none were called. Not that it mattered, probably could've given the Sixers 10 looks at three and they wouldn't have hit one.


So tell me why you like to see the ball in Iguodala's hands at the ends of games again?

Mike reply to Tray on Apr 7 at 21:34

dude name 1 person that hits those 100% of the time. he's been more clutch than just about anyone in the league this year.

You've been itching for a chance to say that.


From their last win against Detroit until the end of the playoffs, do you think they win more than 2 total games?

Yeah, there's a lot of basketball left to play. Hopefully their play in the second half was a glimpse at what's to come.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:42

i don't know why you would think they can play a whole game like that when they haven't all season, other than 1 stretch for about 15 games. that's 15 out of 82, and it was a few months ago, with thad.

With Thad, yes. But they've played well for more than that one 15-game spurt. Before the Nets game they had won 10 of 14 games, 6 against playoff teams.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:55

they've been winning games but they still only play well for half the game, like that game against the bucks. i wouldn't call that an encouraging win. if anything i'd say the win against the hawks was the outlier here. atlanta was terrible that game.

I see your point. Tonight was a little different, usually they play well in the first quarter, then the bench gives it away, then sometime in the third or fourth they make a run. This time the whole first half was an abortion.

Ugh, who cares. This pisses me off beyond belief.

Mike reply to tk76 on Apr 7 at 21:40

i don't think there's a chance in hell they win more than 2 games. they'll beat the raptors and take 1 of those 3 games against cleveland & boston.

You think they get swept out of the playoffs? He was saying between now and the end of the playoffs.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:43

oh, i was just talking until the playoffs. there's a good chance they get swept by orlando though. even when thad was playing great i didn't think they could win more than 1 game.

maybe they'll stop spotting teams 20pts in the 1st half now. probably not though.

Now this was proof the Nets game was the exception and not the rule. The sky isn't falling and the Magic are not as imposing as they may look if we end up with them.

If only Thad can make it back before Game 1...

Mike reply to Bryon on Apr 7 at 21:38

what? we were down 20pts. they play 2 quarters of basketball.

Bryon reply to Mike on Apr 7 at 21:50

But we've been down 20 points several times this year, only to come back and make it respectable, if not win.

The Nets game was the only one we played this year where they got completely blown out. The OK City game was crappy but they were never out of it by a substantial margin. We just need healthy bodies right now but, unfortunately, time is not on our side.

Heat are coming back against the Hornets too.

I'm hardly keeping track of the Heat. I doubt the piss the 5 seed away to the Sixers. The Sixers have to step up and win games... which its looks like is hard to do with their depleted roster right now.

But I guess the Heat have some tough games down the stretch, so you never know.

Just not confident in this Sixers team given Miller seems spent and they lack any offensive weapons. I hope they surprise me. They really need Thad's offense.

God, I hate watching other teams play. This Heat game is making me sick.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 22:01

Thank you Rasual Butler...man this is nerve wracking...

Wade doing what stars do- winning it for his team down the stretch. 2 asst on 3pters, a 3 pts play and 2 FT's all in the last 3 min.

The Sixers are built for a more balaced attack, but don't have the horses for that. Their only take over player is Lou- and I (and DiLeo) don't feel comfortable putting the ball in his hands to try and take over a game late.

and missing a key free throw with 10 seconds left.

Rasual Butler is my new favorite player.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 22:08

haha rasual butler doing his hometown of philly a favor!!! his grandmother sat in front of us when the hornets were in town.

I'm glad I put the kibosh on DWade... not even a fan of his, but was trying to make a general point.

Go N.O.

And then you put on reverse jinx by calling him out... and now he hits a 3 to tie it.

I say we just all shut up and pray...

And then he turns it over with 2 seconds left on the clock, then starts screaming at the ref when the replay clearly shows no one was even close to fouling him. He just dropped the ball.

And then he gets thrown out, still arguing the play when he just dropped the ball. Team. Leader.

Clearly becasue I put the kibosh on your reverse kibosh. Its really quite simple.

I praise Wade... and he choked

You praised Wade and he took over

Then I priased Wade and he choked again.

Good thing you showed me up in the end... after the game was over.

Simple... at least in my convoluted mind.

Good loss all around.

Sort of like the princess Bride (I'm into cheesy 80's movie quotes tonight)

"Vizzini: But it's so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy's? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me."

So they are still tied in the loss column with the Heat.

But I think now Miami will have the conference record tiebraker if they end up tied?

(Say they both win out, they will have the same record, but the sixers with one more conference loss.) Am I correct?

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 22:45

If this is what the Sixers mean by finishing the regular season strong after clinching a playoff berth ...

Got one for you: In the last 23 games, Dalembert has 0 assists and 33 turnovers. Sounds like a point center in the making.

Bryon reply to Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 22:53

Only 1.4 turnovers a game, not bad.

How many blocks/turnovers does Miller have then in the last 23?

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 8 at 14:17

Miller has 3 blocks and 63 turnovers in the last 23 games.

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 23:16

dude has never not shot the ball after securing an offensive rebound, ever

That's not true. A lot of the time he gets the o-board, then tries to dribble it and gets it stripped before he can get a shot up.

Tom Moore on Apr 7 at 22:46

Correct, tk

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