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Not Nearly Enough

I went to the Flyers game tonite (my first NHL game in over 10 years) and they won (clinched a playoff place). Sounds like it was a good choice.

So, did Lou still play well in the 2nd half?

He wasn't bad, but nothing like the first. Willie got an extended run, so Lou didn't get in there until the 4th quarter. I haven't even checked the box score yet to see what his final line looked like.

sometimes Lou really reminds me of iverson. that drive late in the 4th where he bounced off like 4 guys to get to the rim was prototypical ai. he obviously isn't as good, but his style is almost exactly the same. it's kind of weird.

The one thing that I noticed right away when looking at the rotations was that the team was + each time Dalembert was on the court.

That could be a little misleading. He was out of there very quickly in the first w/ 2 fouls (+1), then he came back in the second when Lou was kicking ass (+5), then he benefited from Willie Green's explosion in the third (+13).

His play was pretty unremarkable to me tonight, although he did have a couple of defensive rebounds that no one else on the team would've gotten. A couple tough ones in traffic. So maybe he did contribute to the plus/minus. God knows no one else could secure a defensive board to save their lives.

"One rotational move that I'll never fully understand. When DiLeo was going offense/defense in the final minute, he went with Greeen over Ivey. I just don't understand that. Ivey is clearly a superior defender. It doesn't compute."

Disagree. I think Ivey's one of the most continually overrated defenders on the team. I think he's, at best, an average defender. I'm not sure if it's the effort he gives that gives him the reputation, or the fact that since he's so bad offensively, people just assume that he's a very good defender, or what that gets him overrated. But I think Willie's a better defender, particularly at denying penetration.

Personally, I think last night was an aberration for Willie on both sides of the ball and I think Ivey has consistently been the best on-the-ball defender all season long among the guards. Not sure how we can quantify this, though.

I think we are missing Thad, BIG TIME. I doubt anyone disagrees?

They definitely miss Thad, it becomes most notable when they go through long dry stretches on the offensive end. I don't think we realized how often he'd be the guy to carry them through those.

deepsixersuede on Apr 8 at 10:47

Brian, I really think this group needs a coach that holds players accoutable defensively and effortwise before they can become a championship contender.Do you think E.S.is going to bring in a dominent personality [ex.A.Johnson] or will he go the L.Frank route here.The roster obviously can!t change much.

To be honest with you, I think L. Frank is a much better coach than Avery.

As for who coaches going forward, I'm really not sure. As I said earlier, I think DiLeo has performed well enough to earn another year, but I don't think that would necessarily be the best option for the team going forward. It's going to be a tough decision. I will say that I don't think I want Eddie Jordan. I would like Van Gundy, but I may be in the minority there. Hubie Brooks?

I don't know, there are a ton of names floating around out there. For the time being, I'm going to try to focus on the final 5 games.

I agree we need to focus on the games at hand. I do agree w/ you Brian the Dileo has done a very good job and I do believe he has earned another year if he wants. I saw on TV how he compared to the other coaches this year, he by far exceeds all others in games won and turnaround. Could possibly our complaints improve if he has the summer to get set up for next year? Tony D is very smart and I believe it is a strong possiblity they do change things for the better. I also believe, if Tony is the coach, they will do everything to compete next year since there is no transition and he has earned the right to demand more from the sixers.

Enough, back to the games at hand.

Tom Moore on Apr 8 at 15:32

Ratliff was minus-23 in 29 1/2 minutes. That's almost as bad as Speights the game before (-28 in 15 minutes).

Regardless of who the coach is next year (and my sense is it won't be DiLeo), there are two huge issues facing him -- not counting if Miller is back or not:

1) What to do with Elton Band.

2) How to make it work with two natural small forwards (Iguodala and Young).

Do you think DiLeo goes back to his post in the front office, or do you think he looks for a coaching job elsewhere?

Good thing we arent going to play the Nets or Bobcats in the playoffs...we just cant seem to beat these teams...no mattter what. Dileos a good X's and O's guy but seems to be a poor motivator. Cheeks was the opposite...Anyhow...I expect an early exit in the playffs(no matter who we play) with maybe one lucky close win. Losing brand and thad I guess its considered a good year...I doubt we would have done much more even with those guys. Maybe win two games in the first round instead of one...but thats about it. What do you guys think ? Successful season ?

Still up in the air for me. If they completely fold the rest of the way and finish w/ the exact same record as last season and the #7 seed, I won't consider it a successful regular season.

If they get out of the first round, I'll consider it a very successful season in whole.

Based on the Sixers strong second half last year, I think most people saw them as a 45-48 win team this year without brand, and about a 50 win team with him.

So I'd say anything under 44 wins is pretty disappointing. But winning a 1st round series would be a good step- but that's only going to happen as a 4 or 5 seed.

Quick guards on the Nets and Bobcats... the Sixers just can't cover them.

quickguards and the sixers seem to get outrebounded in these games as well. I dont care what the sixers do the rest of this season....if they get out of the first round its absolutely a successful season.
Heres what I will bet my money on...
42-40 finish...6 or 7 seed...win one game against the celtics or magic. Thad tries to come back when they are about to be eliminated---doesnt matter they get eliinated anyway. See you next season....

So what is your pessimistic, worst case scenario :)

Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 11:58

My guess, Brian, is that DiLeo will be back in the front office next year. Don't know that he has enough cache around the league to get another job.

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