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Road Dogs, Again

for some reason I'm really looking forward to this one. I think they are going to play well with their backs against the wall. Also, at this point Miami has to choke a but to give up the five seed, so I can focus more on the game and be less distracted by the playoff implications.

Miami could very easily lose 3 of their last four without it really being considered a choke. @ Atlanta, @ Boston and then closing the season out against Detroit. That game could mean the difference between facing the Cavs or the Magic for Detroit too. If the Sixers win this one tonight, they still have a very, very good shot at the #5 seed. This is the key game, though.

It sure was nice of the schedule makers to give the Cavs an off day before the Sixers play them tomorrow night in Philly, and then another off day before the Sixers play them on the back end of a back-to-back to end the season, huh?

Have you taken the time to compare schedules and see if they are "fair"?

Nothing beyond that cursory look at number of back-to-backs, the Sixers had the most out of any team I checked on.

I saw a headline last night on ESPN that pissed me off, something like "Well-rested Celtics take care of Nets. The Celts have had 3 games in the past 11 days. Odd that an older team would have such an easy workload leading into the playoffs, but they do play 4 in the final 6 days.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 18:58

c'mon, like it would have mattered anyway ;)

"The Sixers need a win tonight. Maybe they don't realize it"

this is what i can't get over. the past 2 games have shown me that they don't care. now they have to play a team that doesn't lose at home.

Any chance in your mind that we see the Sixers that beat the lakers and portland over these last 5 games? I have a feeling they're going to show up at some point, I just don't know when.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 19:27

not without thad. i'm sure they will play well at some point, but i'm not so sure their "good" will be good enough. they're sending out a lineup that is not especially talented right now.

I assume we're getting tnt's b team, right?

Heh. They spent the entire pregame talking about the late game and the Western conference.

Same starting lineup, here we go.

evans looks like he's getting under thomas's skin

Sure do want to see some serious defense played tonight.

doug collins kind of annoys me, but you can tell he does his research on every team in the league. he's really well informed about both teams tonight.

Bryon reply to Mike on Apr 9 at 20:56

Collins is one of the best in the game, imo.

Why do people like Noah better than Sam?

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 21:21

sam has sucked longer than he has?

Fair enough.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 22:03

haha. seriously though i think sam has just given more opportunity for hate bc he's been in the league longer.

Alright, 50-50 at the half. Heavy, heavy minutes for Willie so far. Iguodala has 9 assists already.

No transition defense just like against Charlotte and absolute bench-kill.

Wish he would give Donyell a run when we are ahead to maybe pad the lead, instead of only when we are behind. He can guard Brad Miller.

Every starter was + in the first half, led by Sammy at +14. Every reserve was -, led by Lou at -9. Need to get something out of that bench.

Terrible offense these last couple of possessions. Iggy finally breaks the string w/ a nice fallaway.

Well, the starters have given up the lead halfway through the third. Anyone have any confidence that the bench will at least be able to tread water when DiLeo starts bringing them in?

Running plays to get Dalembert jumpers and isos doesn't seem like sound strategy to me.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 22:04

have fun with the 7th seed guys!

7th? They can still sink all the way to 8th, and that's exactly what they're going to do if they continue to play like this.

Well, it's good to see them just fucking give up. 1/4 from the line when you're trying to mount a comeback.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 22:21

i thought i was being pessimistic when i said 2-4 in their last 6. it's looking more like 1-5.

Where's the 1 coming from? I have zero confidence they'll win another game this season. This has been the most pitiful display of basketball, and heart, I've ever seen. They've always been limited talent wise, but I never thought I'd see this group of guys just roll over and play dead.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 22:31

Agree. Where's the heart and passion??

I give up.

Just leave the Andres on the bench at this point. No use wasting them on this lost cause.

It's so stupid to be pushing Miller and Iggy past 40 minutes in this lost cause when they have a game tomorrow night.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 22:44

seriously. what is dileo thinking?

Miller chunked that ball, after the shot clock violation, all the way to the other end of the court after the whistle. Is he pissed or just me?

I knew when Thad went down that we'd suck.

Some days this team fights really hard to pull off a remarkable upset. Other days it just gives up. You'd expect inconsistency in the play of young players but definitely not inconsistency in their attitude.

Not pinning it on him, but where is our supposed leader Iguodala, he of the nine assists in the 1st half, towards the end of this game? He should have been all over the guys, either on the court or surely in the huddle. Get in somebody's face and tell them to man-up.

Miller heaving that ball was the only outward sign of anger/frustration I saw from anyone on the Sixers.

Iguodala played a good game. 19 points, 10 assists, 7 boards, only 1 turnover and he put 5 fouls on Salmons and held him to 14 points.

Unfortunately, like you said, just doing his job isn't going to cut it on a night like this. Not when the rest of the team is content to do nothing.

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