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I hear you. I'd rather miss the playoffs then limp in like this. The way the team has let down reminds me of:

-Last year going 1-5 to close out the season after clinching a spot when the got to 39-37

-Last year getting swept away after being in control at halftime against the Pistons game 3 up 2-1.

-2001 getting swept away after their high from a game 1 upset of the Lakers.

In all 3 cases it wasn't that they lost the game- that was sort of expected. It was how they achieved a little thing, just to lose focus and get crushed the next 3-4 games.

I will watch these next 8 or 9 games, but it will be painful to see them lose 80% of the games. At best they will show a glimmer of life, but probably not enough to make it worthwhile.

Time to start taking he draft... I wish they had traded away Miller (and gotten someone to take Evans with him.) But that is the past. Either way, this years team was a disappointment all year, and is dead to me. Time to look to the future.

Yeah, those are three great examples. I was at that Detroit game last year in the playoffs, that was probably the most pissed I've ever been leaving a sporting event.

If that wasn't the gospel, then I don't know what is!

While it is probably far from happening, they will come out tom. night like gangbusters and take it to Cleveland. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they did, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they lose by 50 like you said.

Dileo has been quoted recently as saying that Iggy is leading on and off the court now. He definitely led by example tonight on the court, I can only hope he is leading after they hit those closed locker room doors.

Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 23:39

The Sixers didn't defend or make free throws. Chicago shot 52.4 percent and scored 63 second-half points, while the Sixers again stunk from the line (16-for-27, 59.3 percent).

The Sixers' bench didn't have a good day, accumulating a plus-minus ratio of -66 -- the starters were only -4.

On the bright side, Samuel Dalembert had his first assist in 24 games.

On the bright side, Samuel Dalembert had his first assist in 24 games.

That was literally the first thing that made me smile today.

Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 23:47

Glad I could help, Brian. Funny how things can change in five days.

Guess I shouldn't add that Dalembert has 36 turnovers in that time ...

I'm going to have to record the game tomorrow night. I'm on the fence about watching this team anymore this year- and I've probably only skipped out on watching a handful of games in the past 5 years.

Ed better hope Thad is a superstar and Brand is a star again and it all clicks. Otherwise they will just continue to see empty seats and interest in this team continue to wane. Its the #4 pro team in town as it is, and they've been fading fanwise for the past 5+years.

Mike reply to tk76 on Apr 9 at 23:54

tomorrow's game is a sell-out. funny how the dregs of the league could only draw fans when someone like Iverson came to town. and now it takes Lebron to sell out a game here.

Maybe that's the plan, lose out, drop to the number 8 seed so we play the lebrons in the first round. That guarantees sellouts for the two home games.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 1:33

ya know, i am cynical enough to believe that as a possibility.

"Someone needs to be telling Lou Williams that you do not have a big smile on your face after a performance like this."

hey lou got his 16pts tonight. that's all that matters.

Yeah, he pumped up his 3pt percentage with that shot w/ 10 seconds left too. That was sick.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 0:16

his +/- would have been -22 if he didn't hit that.

As long is it was better than -20, you can consider it a good night.

That 3 point shot he rushed up at the end last night had me fuming.

Is anyone all that invested in whether they finish 6th, 7th or 8th?

'd like to see them show some spine, and play better- but other than getting the 5 seed, I do't much care where they end up. I'd be just as fine at 8 and move up a couple of spots in the draft.

In fact I'd rather watch them go against Lebron. I don't want to see them give up 3's to Orlando, and I hate the Celtics too much to see them lose to those cocky shts.

It would not bother me nearly as much to see Lebron beat them... and maybe they shock the world :)

I will say this about Orlando, they're a flawed team and I think it'll be exposed in the playoffs, again. If we meet up w/ them I'll write something about it. If we don't, who cares.

I'm going to bed. It's been like 44 hours since I closed my eyes and I'm definitely getting loopy.

Use this thread to vent, everyone. We've earned it.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 12:15

I hope we can somehow pull off a miracle and draw Orlando in the first round because I am eager to see that post on them that you speak of. Curious to see what flaws you notice, as I have been saying they would not be that tough of a matchup for us regardless of 3 pt shooters but with us having some semblance of a healthy Thad.

Mike reply to tk76 on Apr 10 at 1:32

i'm actually with you there. i'd like to get a chance to witness lebron in the playoffs live. they don't have a chance anyway so we might as well root for selfish reasons at this point.

I'm sure I'll feel differently about this, somewhat, once I get some sleep. Right now, I don't give a crap. If I had to choose which team they would beat in the first round, I'd absolutely love to see them knock boston out. Of course, boston is also the team I'd least like to see them lose to, and that's the more likely outcome.

I don't think the draft slot makes a whole hell of a lot of difference. It's a shitty draft class with a ton of points, so it's going to be a crapshoot anyway. It'll be less guaranteed money if the pick is two spots lower, so stick in sixth if you can't get to fifth, which you can't.

One more thing. If this team continues to go down the crapper, we aren't going to have to worry about what the front office does about Andre Miller. He's going to hit the bricks as quickly as possible to get to a team with a better chance at winning. May even take less money to go to Portland.

Let's face it, without Brand and Thad this team doesn't have the quality to make the playoffs. I suggest just saving the two Andres for the playoffs since the Sixers will probably lose every remaining game anyway.

That way Miller and Iggy will have a bit left in the tank for the playoffs. Hopefully with Young back the team will have more belief to put up a better effort, regardless of who we face.

Now that it won't be the Hawks I rather face Orlando than Cleveland than Boston, but that's a debate for another day.

I think we're just seeing what happens when a team with questionable depth plays without two of its primary scoring options. We're at the point now where our only chance to win is to leave our starters in for the whole game. A look at the box-scores from our last three games shows that the cumulative +/- of our starters has been a mediocre -31. Meanwhile the bench has been a -199. And that's all I have to say about that.

james rongurson on Apr 10 at 4:25

i'm in sydney..and we just got this channel which shows live cast of american sports...i was excited when i found out sixers were on tv at 10am this morning so i woke up early (on a public holiday!) to catch the game....first quarter was good..second quarter started to declined...after the halftime i was cursing ! the turnovers were so bad today...and defense wise the rotational help was bad too... omg this team ruined my day!

Brian it seems youve come to the point I have. Sick of caring so much...
Sixers at best will win one game. Like I predicted a few days ago(and some called this pessimistic) the sixers will win one more game one game in the playoffs(a closely contested game). Thats it. They will probably get blown out in the other games. So I ask you guys again..successful season ? I say even with the injuries...a pretty dissapointing year. I will say Andre Iguodola has earned his money for sure. Elton Brand ? Jury is still out....

I may have called you pessimistic, but that does not mean I don't agree...

In terms of success, I look more at trying to judge where the team is headed. They committed 160M last summer to Brand and Iguodala. Injuries are not in anyone's control, but at this stage that bold move is not looking all that promising. I guess there is always next year.

Wow never thought I'd see the day. Have you finally come over to the dark side? I doubt it. You will be back with full Sixers exuberance and optimism after their next strong performance (whenever it comes). And that is a good thing. Brian need you to balance the scales.

We've probably been on the opposite side of Sixers optimism for a while now with our blogs. You've given them a ton of support and chances to prove and show what you believe them to be.

I've been at this point for a while now. The picture you have above isn't a new thing. I've watched guys penetrate and everyone just stare as Sam tries to defend alone not just the penetration but his own man when the pass or miss shot occurs. Not rotating to an open man isn't a new thing.

I think one of the biggest flaws of the Sixers is they are not a team defensively. They are a collection of individual defenders. Some are good, some flat out stink. When something breaks down on an individual basis you rely on the team aspect to make up for it. That part is sorely lacking right now and I have to believe a lot of it could be resolved with the right coaching philosophy and focus. Sixers are under a less optimistic microscope right now. I been pointing this out for a while. Tends to get swept under the rug when they win despite it though. Festers and exposes itself by causing a horrid 3 game stretch like this.

One thing I've been saying for a while now: Inconsistency isn't just losing steaks (or the way they lose). It's also winning streaks as well. It's nothing more than the peaks of their inconsistency and the valley will inevitably come. I felt people would go a bit overboard when the Sixers would win (or have a big win i.e. Lakers) in terms of this teams potential and would ignore, forget or not think the valley was still coming. But that's maybe that's just me.

Inconsistency I can live with. They're a very young team, the quality of their play is going to have peaks and valleys. The thing that's driving me nuts is the effort level. Ugh.

You know, I'm not even sure if I'll be able to muster up a ton of optimism if they go out and beat Cleveland by 20 tonight. I don't get why they seem to just not care about these important games.

I think it helps to stop thinking the sixers are better than they actually are - even when Thaddeus Young was healthy - I stopped watching actually during the nets game but win or lose I'm not shocked or surprised at any outcome for this team - it's just the island of mis matched toys with a bad coach who contrary to the popular belief is in way over his head.

They are a 500 team - give or take a game one way or another - nothing more nothing less - they aren't a real threat in the playoffs to anyone who has been there before and they aren't one piece (even with a healthy brand) away from contending.

They're going to stay around 500 unless a few major changes are made to a team that starts bench players (3 of them right now) on a real contending team has two redundant backups who might be over paid (williams and green) is godawful at rebounding (defensive) free throw shooting and 3 point shooting not to mention 3 point defense, and these issues are not new or unique to this year or this coach, they are persistent issues (especially the 3 point stuff) that were 'masked' by the excitement allen iverson would bring to games and his ability to 'will' the sixers to some wins (if you believe in such nonsense, I personally don't)

The sixers are what they are - they are what they were last even with brand healthy - i didn't see anything that made them much better going into this season and the expectations were insanely unrealistic - really just people not thinking rationally and being impressed by a name just like they were when the sixers obtained an old broken down chris weber(no i'm not saying brand is on that level but everyone got real excited when webber was obtained as well)

They need a new coach, they need a back up point guard (and they need not to sign miller for more than 2 years) they need speights to take a huge step forward in the off season, and thaddeus young, they need Iguodala to be as comfortable at the two slot as the three slot, they need Thaddeus Young to take ANOTHER huge step in the off season and they need him to do it night in and night out or fans will think he's not trying hard enough as opposed to only being in his 3rd year and only being 22. They need a 'defensive stopper' on the bench who actually, you know, is a defensive stopper not a chicken with his head cut off who runs around and makes others think hes 'trying harder' regardless of his impact.

Billy King operated after Brown left like the sixers were constantly 'one piece away'. They weren't. They were't 'one piece away' before the brand signing either, and they aren't one piece away now either, which is why even if miller has game left you might want to think about maximizing his value because he only has a few years left (two by my estimation, at best) and I don't think the sixers are that close....TOO MUCH has to bounce their way...the odds are against it

I'm not going to argue with most of this. I will say that people don't seem to realize that they were a very good defensive team before Brand got hurt. They've fallen off the cliff since then, but their starting lineup was lights-out defensively when it was Dalembert, Brand, Thad, Iguodala and Miller. They also dominated the defensive glass.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 13:20

Honestly - with two coaches and limited appearances (and the fact that I don't think he was ever healthy) nothing good or bad can be taken and extrapolated from the play of Elton Brand this season - to me it's small sample size - and next year is his 'first year' with the team - assuming he's healthy come training camp.

Maybe they'll be better with Brand on the boards, but like I said, to me these aren't single season issues - they've been around for a while which makes me wonder if the folks in charge really realize how bad it is.

BALANCE, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is a depressing time but we are missing 2 important clogs of our team. Without Elton, we survived. Without Thad, we are done! Come on, guys. Do you really think we had a chance with REGGIE EVANS starting??????? Honestly? Come on, no chance.

And, it takes a team. I agree w/ Iggy trying. Miller has not been playing as a teammate the past several games. Dumb fouls, techs, turnovers, shots. I am at the point where almost where I want Miller gone. Sorry, he was one of my favorites on the team but he is a selfish player right now.

Brian, we need to play as a team. That means all, not just 1 or 2. When Lou (or whoever was in the corner and had a turnover), NO ONE WAS NEAR HIM TO THROW THE BALL TO. NO, ONE, NOT ONE DUDE. OUR COACH WAS CLOSER THAN ANY PLAYER! You cannot blame the player for that turnover, what choice did he have?????

Yes, I am sick of the sixers. I did not look at this blog since yesterday afternoon. Sick, yes. But I have to be honest, we are dead w/out Thad, w/out Elton. HOpeless..................

I've dealt with bad games and bad stretches pretty well in the past. Mainly because I realize that they're under-manned against most teams. There's a difference between sloppy play, bad play and lazy play, though. Over these past three games I haven't seen the effort or the desire on the floor. I just can't stand that, no matter who's in or out of the lineup. It makes me sick.

"In all 3 cases it wasn't that they lost the game- that was sort of expected. It was how they achieved a little thing, just to lose focus and get crushed the next 3-4 games."

In 2001, they were right there in games 2 and 3 as well. I don't think they put it on cruise control, I just think they got beat by a significantly better team.

Yeah,the 2001 example was not really a let down on the same level of what we have seen to end these last 2 seasons. Should have left that one out.

... and as for Dannie's point about defense- it is their philosophy to try and deny penetration but give up open jumpers. But they don't stop penetration either.

Since DiLeo was named coach I've seen some improvements in the offense, but no real change in the defense, either stylistically or substantively. Are people in favor of a defensive minded coach? Thibidou (sp?) is a hot name. Their are others like JVG, who I feel would be a horrible fit.

They need to get a better defense without going away from running. That is a tall order. Ironically, a Larry Brown philosophy might work well for this team...

john reply to tk76 on Apr 10 at 13:00

I'm in favor of a coach who is going to look at the pieces he has and build the best defensive and offensive system to play to ALL the strengths on both ends of the court - I'm not in favor of a guy who will try and stick round pegs in square holes.

... and as for Dannie's point about defense- it is their philosophy to try and deny penetration but give up open jumpers. But they don't stop penetration either.

I don't think they even have a defensive philosophy anymore. They basically expect Iguodala to shut down his man, and everyone else sort of freelances while not really guarding their own men.

I would just comment that, while I wasn't as disgusted by their play as Brian, I don't see how that loss was about Thad. Offensively we did just fine. We even shot the three well. Game came down to a lot of missed foul shots, really poor defense, and, oddly enough, a big differential in team rebounds.

This loss was about effort, the only difference Thad could've made was if he was on the floor and he somehow convinced his teammates to care if they won or lost.

Tom Moore on Apr 10 at 13:40

Been down 20 or more in each of the last three road losses to sub-.500 teams. Enough said ...

john reply to Tom Moore on Apr 10 at 13:46

Not really - many teams in the NBA are better at home than on the road - and vice versa - and it ignores the bulls post trade performance at home since the salmons/miller acquisitions...so not really enough said - it just looks at the surface and ignores the facts

john reply to john on Apr 10 at 13:47

not facts per se - wrong word - but definitely isn't 'enough said' - it's poor analysis of the available information making a generalization that might not be supported

Charlie Henrickson on Apr 10 at 18:01

I was ultra-disgusted too. 2 or 3 loud curses and one hand-slam, which is what I do when I'm really mad at the Sixers. (Not a dunk, just a hard slap on the nearest flat surface.) What got me is they played really good defense, and offense, in the 1st quarter and the first couple of minutes of the 2nd, then they just stopped. The defense stunk the rest of the game.

Now we get to look forward to 6 losses to Cleveland in the next 3 weeks. Fun.

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