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Prepare Yourselves

"How about a test to see if your team will actually show up?"

Yep, its like CPR. You check to see if they are breathing (and arguably they have choked) and then you next check for a pulse.

Last night I though they would play well with a nothing to lose mentality. Since that did not happen last night, its hard to think they bounce back tonight.

But then again, loosing against OKC and beating the Lakers has been sort of their M.O. all year, so you never know.

This might be one of the rare games I watch the opponents play and sort of ignore the Sixers.

I'm still a little pissed that DiLeo left Iguodala in there in the fourth. 42 minutes last night, I think that's going to rob us of a good Iguodala/LeBron showdown tonight.

You'd be surprised what not watching the games does for you - i just stopped watching after that sunday double dip of disasters (the phillies game MADE the sixers loss worse) - yeah i still want them to root but after that Nets game I just accepted that to me they are what they are and they'll lose in the first round and I can't take the aggravation of watching a team that starts 3 bench players (for a variety of reasons) any more - i'll pay attention but i won't watch fervently - i have hopes for the offseason but very low expectations of even half the things getting done.

ANd since I expect the starting point guard to be lou williams next year i think i've already given up on next year possibly :)

Come on, guys. Yes, they have looked horrible this past week. I agree with most of the thoughts BUT they are in the playoffs. We are not the worst team in the league (even though we have been playing like that for the past week!).

A blog is for opinions. Remember, we all have opinions but not facts often.

My thoughts for tonite:

1. I predict a win. (yes, I am prepared to be ripped if they lose but I am expecting to say i told you so).

2. The biggest problem with the 76ers is that we do not allow each player to use their strengths and make them play to their strenghts (Miller - assists, open shots, Iggy and Lou - driving and causing other team to get fouls, Dumbert - rebounding and dunking, Green - on the bench for trash time, Reggie - energy when we need a momentum change, and so on).

I have watched the sixers be selfish, lazy and I think tonite is a new start. They have reached their low.

I will be there and will enjoy my ride home after a big win.

john reply to DeanH on Apr 10 at 15:32

If you feel making the playoffs and losing in the first round is an accomplishment - then yippee.

I however, care about contending for a title - and they've made no progress in that direction in my opinion, and probably taken a step backwards cause they'll either have another bad coach or a new coach next year.

There are facts - a lot of them - that indicate this team is mediocre - and was mediocre last year - making the playoffs doesn't mean your good - i'm not sure why people say 'well they're in the playoffs so they must be good' - BFD - they aren't a CONTENDER - there are only 4 or 5 contenders for real in the NBA - and everyone knows it - don't settle for mediocrity - if you are happy with a one and done playoff team with no real shot at a title - that's good - i'm glad it's good enough for you - me - settling for 'mediocre' isn't something i accept in general.

I can only call it pollyanish to predict a win tonight - the cavs are the best team in the league when they don't have to play the best teams in the league (they suck against the 'upper echelon this year' - they're still playing for something vitally important to their playoff chances, they DIDNT get embarrassed on TNT last night, they are healthier than the sixers - and even when both teams are healthy it would take (to me) a lot of denial to say the sixers are even 'as good' as the cavs - let alone better.

There's the best team in the league - the one that hoists the trophy - and then there's 29 others - no one remember what the 29 others finished at once the season is over - you're either the champion or the season is forgotten.

That's just how it works - and yes we all have opinions - but a lot of those opinions are based on AVAILABLE FACTS

I'm not sure what available FACTS (not opinions because all you've got in your prediction is your opinion of the emotional state of the sixers which is something that is the most silly thing people do all the time) you have that would make one so confident the sixers would win tonight.

The sixers MIGHT win tonight - it's not outside the realm of possibility - it's not outside the realm of possibility that Sam Dalembert will spend the offseason improving at basketball - but there are available facts and history that indicate likelihood - and to me - all the available facts make it likely that the sixers will lose tonight

You don't have to be unrealistically positive to be a fan of a team -


I do not know where your reply comes from my statements. I did not appreciate you taking my thoughts out of context. I did not say that it is an accomplishment or that I am happy with them. So, if you want to express your thoughts, which, btw, I do agree with you overall, don't say you are replying to me. Where did I say this:

If you feel making the playoffs and losing in the first round is an accomplishment - then yippee.

I didnot say much of what you "accused me" of saying. Care to clarify?

Joh reply to DeanH on Apr 10 at 16:14

BUT they are in the playoffs

You emphasize the point with your use of capitalizing but - thus indicating that you feel like this is something that should moderate the unhapiness with the current and future direction of the team, so to me the emphasis indicates you think that being better than about 'half' the NBA is an accomplishment.

There's also that 'i can't wait to say i told you so' smugness combined with to rah rah attitude

That Philadunkia blog added to the Truehoop network looks horrendous based on the first post. He is basing Iguodala's contributions entirely on points scored. HACK

I agree with your point about entirely on points. But, on the other hand, Iggy has been very much up and down this year. So, I tend to agree with the blogger's thoughts even though they are not well presented.

Which, actually brings up a very good point. I have a hard time reading blogs and "fans" comments because they so often are from people that do not understand basketball and how it is played. How often do I read, "who cares about the sixers, anyway" in a sixer blog response. I often see people MOCKING people's expression of thoughts with sarcastic responses.

Any thoughts, anyone?

All I can say is blogs and forums are much like the rest of life. Find people who are interesting to talk to and make good points. Ignore the rest- particularly people looking for a fight or who are dismissive.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and style- but that doesn't mean everyone is worth talking to.

Great thoughts. Perfect points.

I usually try to stay out of the fights people get into in the comments because I find that joining in means hijacking threads and for the most part, people here care about the sixers, have strong opinions and voice them. That's all I want.

I don't really have a commenting policy, all I really ask is that if you're going to get in a fight, attack ideas and not people. If you disagree with something someone said, fine. Provide your point of view and say why the IDEA is wrong, in your opinion. Don't just call the guy a moron. That doesn't accomplish anything.

Dean, I'm not criticizing you, or anyone else, here, just commenting on the point you brought up.

Bryon reply to DeanH on Apr 10 at 18:03

Dean, you are entitled to your views and opinions of this team however you see fit. This blog is the best around for having intelligent basketball and Sixers discussion.

There may be some that feel they have to respond or reply to every single comment especially if it doesn't fall in line with their way of thinking. Just chalk it up to something similar to attention deficit disorder. You know, if you are occupied with something and not paying your kids any attention - what do they do? They lash out and spew off verbally until you finally give them the attention THEY feel they deserve.

Just do like you would do if it weren't your child - ignore them and keep on keeping on. tk76 couldn't have said it any better.

Tray reply to DeanH on Apr 10 at 18:40

I have a tough time caring about the Sixers. For one thing, my loyalties are more to players than franchises and there's no one who I really like, personally, on this team, like I did Iverson or Mutombo. For another, they aren't a contender in any way, shape or form and probably won't be for several years, and it just seems odd from my perspective to care much for a team when you know it's not going to win a thing. To be honest, I have so little affection for this team and so little investment in whether they win or lose any single game that, though I certainly hope they improve, I've enjoyed this season's heartbreaking losses in a kind of comic way. I admire people who are capable of extreme loyalty to a franchise, no matter how mediocre it gets, no matter how little continuity there is in the roster from year to year, but it isn't a character flaw to not possess such loyalty, and it doesn't preclude you from taking an interest in the team. Though I can understand the frustration true fans feel with those of us who take in our ball in a more dispassionate fashion.

That whole player vs. team thing has kind of been beaten out of me by rooting for a basketball team that first traded Barkley, then Iverson.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 19:00

I never really understood it myself - i think because I became a fan of the teams of philadelphia in the mid to late 80s and at that time i latched onto the teams but not the players themselves - plus i learned from my mother and sister who rooted for teams (or against teams, like villanova)

Joh reply to Mike on Apr 10 at 16:06

See - when they launched the true hoop network of nonsense i sent an email to abbott about this blog being worthy and the fact that they didn't have a sixer blog when there were quality ones out there was kind of insulting to the sixers fans as well :)

I'm not surprised they picked a bad one - espn can't have guuys who write better than the folks they pay as part of their 'network' now can they?

Disappointing is the only way I can put it. Is that a brand new blog? Or was he blogging somewhere else about the Sixers and just re-launched w/ that one post?

I wonder if the fan base can get a quality blog stuck in there...content wise this is probably the best sixer blog out there (now - your engine back end - well that could use some work but that's not your fault :) )

Well, it's my fault in that the server/host I use blows. Some day I'll be able to afford something better.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 17:33

Who do you use? Have you looked at dreamhost - there's also a link i found of 'affordable' domains if yuo're interested - just seems to take a long time to insert a post and get a response always wondered if that was the back end engine or the host itself.

I'm running about 20 blogs on a gridserver through media temple on movable type software. it's not ideal, but it's affordable. the gridserver doesn't allow fcgi which is what you really need to get movable type to perform quickly. If I had more money, I'd get a dedicated server for these blogs and they'd pretty much fly. Right now, I just can't justify the cost, though.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 17:53

20 blogs? Jeez i thought you only had the three - I registrred one domain with dreamhost - and got like a 70 dollar off coupon so it was only 20 bucks for the year

i added a second domain at no additional costs

I haven't tried to add any more but so far I've not been charged anything but the first amount but then again the only activity i really have is the basketball game which is ending shortly - then i spend all summer solving database set up problems (Who would have thought four little fields for one game could present so many quandaries depending on what data you're going to want to extract from it). I might set up a couple blogs so we'll see. Not sure about hosting - but I talked to derek - and I don't know for sure if he's interested - or if you're interested - but i'm hoping to find a few folk to go in 'together' on xml team box scores for next year - not just the sixers (41 bucks for the season) but the whole league (600 bucks) to allow for more homegrown analysis

Ah passive aggressiveness such a womanly way to approach things

Not sure if i should be encouraged or discouraged that my preseason record prediction seems to be coming true (same as last season)

You had them winning 40 games before the season started, with brand on the team? Do you have a link to a comment you made somewhere w/ this prediction?

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 18:58

I predicted around 500 yes - 3rd place in the east and around 500 - i think it was on a place i've been banned since (derek might have it) - I felt people were over exagerrating the brand impact and i was concerned about his health (and concerned when i found out he wasn't a low post big man as much as i wanted)

Of course I thought the raptors were going to be mcuh better too - so can't always be right :)

At least shake up the starting line up tony - i mean seriously - do SOMETHING -

Thorpe has Thad as the 4th-best soph this season.

Same starting lineup, tip in a couple of minutes.

I hope I don't wind up hating myself for watching this one.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 19:10

Found this on november 6th when they were 2-3

Last year the ‘experts’ were too down on the sixers and people thought they ‘over performed’ – this year everyone freaked out cause they thought that elton brand was the missing piece and that a bigger contract would make andre iguodala a different kind of player than he’s ever been and improve his outside skills. They also seemed to think that Andre Miller would play at the same level he played at last year (which could be argued as the best overall season of his career) and that Mo Cheeks was a good coach.

Therefore maybe the expectations were off by more than a bit on the other side this year.

Like I said, 3rd place in the atlantic is what I see coming, cause the nets and knicks just aren’t all that good…this isn’t a championship contending roster folks – it’s better – but it still needs work.

Don't expect too much - try not to 'care' about what happens and just watch analytically - without emotion - you might be less upset - it works

You said you thought they'd be better :)

And Miller's numbers aren't far off from last season's. I think he's been better by some advanced metrics.

john reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 19:13

Like i said - early in the season - there's no definitive thing on jsams blog - i voted 42-50 - so i think i was thinking 42-40 instead of 40-42 - but i wasn't 'super contending now that they have brand' thinking - i mean heck i didn't think they'd do better than the 5 seed (3rd place can be no better than the 5 seed usually)

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 19:11

Consider me a hopeless fanatic, too.

LeBron goes by Iggy, no help from Sammy. -1 on rotations.

Mo Williams somehow guarding Iggy, easy jam, good recognition. +1

Miller gets bumped- no call. LeBron gets bumped the same way - free throws.

Stupid double 20 feet away from the hoop. -1 DiLeo. LeBron is too good of a passer to double like that.

23 seconds of good defense. 1 second of Deltone West wide open for three. -1.

Offensive rebound on missed free throw. -1.

And to finish off the quarter, Lou watches Boobie Gibson grab an offensive rebound and put it back in at the buzzer. Awwesome.

23-19, Cavs after 1.

Down 9 early in the second. This is the time it's going to happen. Either they're going to give up, like the did the past three games, or they're going to show some heart.

Loose ball on the floor, no one goes down to get it. Cavs hit an open three. -1.

Sp8's needs to stop showboating and go play some defense.

That was a good rebound he had a second ago. Ben Wallace had position on him, he just out-jumped him. Of course, it would be better if he didn't let Wallace get position on him on the defensive end, but still...

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 10 at 19:53

And put a body on somebody.

I think mareese speights is a 19 year old rookie and just doing fine - adjusting to the NBA - and if he doesn't show improvement next season then i'll worry about him...right now he's the least of the problems on this roster

That doesn't mean he gets a free pass to avoid boxing his man out.

Overall, he's playing pretty well tonight, though.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:04

No - it doesn't - but 19 year old rookie who slipped into the draft due to his work ethic is going to have a tough first year and i'm less worried about that than the fact tht sam doesn't know what the heck he's doing 3/4 of the time and he's been in the league how long?

I'm not even sure speights factors into the top 10 things i worry about 'right now' - 20 games into next season if he's still doing the same i'll be all over him for it

This lineup w/ Dalembert at the 5 and Speights at the 4 actually looks pretty good. Don't know why DiLeo avoids it like the plague.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:06

I personally called for it the moment thad went down but i've been told repeatedly by various folk that Speights isn't a 'four'

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:06

Agree. At least we're playing 4 on 5.

Now that's what I'm talking about, even if it was help-side.

Son of a biscuit, Iggy. Let's see some more of that...


That was sick.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:14

The reason you won't hate yourself for watching this one.

That was a nice move by Iguodala - wish he would remember more often that he's much faster than most the guys guarding hi

Alright, down 52-46 at the half, they didn't fold when the deficit was pushed to 10. Now we need a quick start to the third and smart subs by DiLeo. If he was really smart, he'd go w/ Speights at the four to start the third, that worked well.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:24

True. He needs to flip the tide and let Reggie spell him. At least to make the defense have to respect another guy since Sam poses no threat.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:26

I've never understood the whole 'start the game start the 3rd' mentality - it makes no sense when a guy is so obviously being outplayed (and your starter is a bench player anyway)

Pacers Hawks tight mid 2nd quarter
Heat Celtics - early 2nd - basically tied

Delonte West steals rebound out of hands of reggie evans

Jesus, Miller. Get a hand in his face.

Remember when the sixers would sell out every road game just so people could see Iverson?

I miss that

I care more about them selling out at home, but yeah, I miss it too.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:38

In a league that revolves around superstars it's the kind of thing you notice when it's gone - and i don't think anyone currently on this roster is going to make them a road draw either - i mean thad could be very good to great but I don't think he has that super star potential.

Of course - if the media wants you to be- you're a superstar (or bust) whether you really are or not ala Roy (and Oden)

Good foul by Sammy. I like it.

Do I sense a pulse...

John reply to Bryon on Apr 10 at 20:55

If they were defending the primeter in a way that didn't suck they'd be winning.

But alas - poor rebounding poor perimeter defense cost them even when they're shooting better

No rest for the Andres in the second half? Down 4 with 2:34 to go in the third.

Giving us hope...i hate hope...

Keeping that calf muscle tight, I like that.

Good move getting Miller and Iggy out of there at the end of the quarter. Extra time on the bench.

Still down by 6 heading into the fourth. I think I might go with a lineup of Speights, Donyell, Iggy, Williams, Miller to start the fourth. See if we can spring Donyell for a three or two. Get a nice offensive spurt.

Do I hear a beat....

Come on...................

So Green gets burned on penetration, Sammy leaves his man to stop the ball, and somehow Wally winds up wide open for a three. Why? Why is his man cheating down?

And DiLeo leaves that ugly lineup in too long. 9-2 run for the Cavs after the Sixers cut it to 2.

And Tony still has the plague.

Miller getting abused by Wally. Just wonderful. Down 10 w/ 4:43 to go. Game over.

Somebody has got to recognize they are trying to set a baseline screen off that high pick-and-roll. Open three.

Extra minutes for Willie. Anyone realize he's 2/11 on the game?

And, he hits a three.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:19

He's been kind of playing back up three too, though. His defense has been good but sporadic.

How can you make a come back with Ratlif, Evans and Green on the floor?


Lou has played well tonight. DiLeo yanked him w/ 7 minutes left in the fourth, haven't seen him again since.

Daly + Speights seemed to work well. He decided to go w/ Ratliff at the five for most of the fourth.

Had a chance to compete if they could spread the floor, Donyell never took off his warmups.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:33

There's no way this guy should be head coach next year.

If he some how is made head coach for next season Stefanski is deader to me than Billy King was after the Willie Green debacle.

It's fun watching them miss free throws. I really get a kick out of this.

Can I just say - for the long term success of this team, I have no desire to see Thaddeus Young play another minute this season - nothing truly good can come of it and a lot of bad can happen if he comes back too soon.

Disagree completely. Playoff experience is much more valuable than meaningless games in November. Getting him back for the playoffs is important for the team in the short term and Thad in the long term.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:36

A. I think that's over rated
B. I think he got playoff experience last year
C. I'd rather he be 100% then play in a series where the sixers don't have a realistic shot of winning and maybe win one extra game.

Sixers won two against the pistons last year - didn't make em that much better this year or better in the 'crunch' - an extra few playoff games isn't going to make a long term difference as much as not healing completely might.

It's a risk reward thing to me - and honestly - i'd rather worry about the next 5 seasons than a few games in a playoff series they aren't going to win

Well I think your risk/reward ratio is skewed in the wrong direction. The kid is 20 years-old, and to be honest, I bet he could playing right now from a pain threshold point of view. Waiting 2 weeks is being cautious, if you ask me. Holding him out of the playoffs would be silly.

John reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:42

Well let's hope you're right and I'm not...

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 22:29

Dude. If Sixers were honest to goodness contenders, I'd consider the shorter timeframe. But to risk long-term damage over a low probability series win is high risk behaviour to me.

If they were true condenters, yes, the playoff experience would be valuable b/c a lot of the playoffs is about handling things under high pressure. There's not much pressure on them going in, stick to your original statement on it and make it a medical decision (90% +). There's always a greater risk of reinjury when you're not at 100%.

Grant Hill was young once, too.

Are the sixers really only going to win ONE of their last six?

Mike reply to John on Apr 10 at 22:58

ugh seems that way

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