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The Paris Hilton Of NBA Rosters

What was the lineup Cleveland had on the floor when he put Lou in 1st only to take him out seconds later for Willie? Wasn't LeBron resting during this time period? Was he possibly doing it for defensive reasons and there was a big lineup on the floor for the Cavs?

It was Varejao, Joe Smith, Wally, Mo Williams, Delonte West. Smaller lineup, if anything.

Strange. Did DiLeo feel that Lou couldn't guard either of those two (Williams or West) or did he actually think Willie had it going on offense? It sure as heck can't be the latter. And I'm not sure if he knew the former either, or at least had a feel for the situation considering the offense/defense matchups.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 11 at 9:26

Not sure how specific you can track the rotations but it seems to me just casually eyeing the post-game rundown you've been publishing lately that 90% of the time Ivey is on the floor with Speights, the plus-minus is negative.

Bri, I've said it before, good on ya to give DiLeo every benefit of the doubt, but this guy keeps making bewildering calls (and non-calls) with the roster each and every night. His small-strokes strategizing leaves a lot to be desired. Overall he's at least a -2 with his play/roster calls. He is not the coach you want for a contending team.

@Real - I agree with you. You don't want DiLeo as your coach trying to make it into the playoffs.

She is certainly one of the smartes stars in my opinion, i am a major fan.

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