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First-Person Report: Sixers vs. Cavs

I was glad to hear booing during LeBron's ridiculous ritual after intros where he snaps the imaginary camera at all of his teammates.

I really hope that whoever knocks them out of the playoffs does it in Cleveland, and poses for one of those imaginary pictures in the middle of their court. I hate that crap.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 23:17


"I couldn't help but think at this moment that this franchise is completely fucking delusional. Despite being much better than the squad they trotted out in the mid-90's, this version of the Sixers is just as irrelevant. And it doesn't seem like anything is going to change in the near future."

You think they don't realize how irrelevant they are? I think they do, otherwise they wouldn't be selling Sixers tickets/free spa treatment/free food combo packages. Have you seen the ad with Zumoff, where they're basically saying "come to the game so you can eat bad, cheap food for free... and take in a soporific basketball game while you do it"? That said, they do have a real marketing problem. Iguodala, his dunks aside, isn't a terribly exciting player to watch, and he's a really dull personality. Miller's a professional type who you have to be a real basketball nut to care much about, Thaddeus could become a fan favorite if he ever reached the point where anyone outside of the very small coterie of avid Sixers fans ever heard of him, but I wonder if he's too nice a guy for the city to ever really embrace him even if he did become a huge scorer. The idea that Brand will ever be a draw, healthy or not, is insane.

On the current roster, I think Thad is the best shot at a box office draw. I don't think he'll ever be the all around player Iguodala is, but he can score and we know that's all the powers that be care about. If he turns into a 25ppg scorer, he'll get the national attention.

Also, one anecdote that I think shows he has a shot at becoming a fan favorite in this city. On March 29th, when the Sixers lost in Detroit 101-97, I remember staying tuned after the final buzzer. They showed Lou Williams laughing on the court, giving Rodney Stuckey a high five, like the loss didn't mean anything to him. Then they cut to a shot of the other players leaving the floor and you saw Thad walk into the tunnel. He looked legitimately pissed off. The guy cares about winning and losing, possibly more than anyone else on the team. That's endearing to Philly fans. I think as he matures, he's going to be the leader of this team and he may just be the guy the rest of the fans rally around. He's got a shot, at least.

I still believe winning will fill the seats no matter who's on the team, though. Put a 50-win team on the floor and we'll see sellouts.


I predicted a win but when I said that, I COMPLETELY FORGOT WILLIE "STINKY" GREEN is still a starter. Without Willie, we would have had a win. Outside of him, we were ok (not great) but....

If we don't either get rid of Willie or put him in Rush's spot next year, we are guaranteed to be losers again. What a waste. I heard he was 3-13 tonite.

If Willie is in the starting lineup next season, something has gone terribly wrong and the franchise needs to rethink who is making the decisions. I don't think it's going to happen, though.

If the Sixers dont win against Toronto they will not win another game this season....even in the playoffs. Ive downgraded my original what some called pessimistic prediction (2 regular season wins and one playoff win) to NO WINS THE REST OF THE YEAR. Can anyone argue with that at this point ? Is it a bad year...despite injuries...considering expectations --hell fucking yes. We are actually worse off this year than last year, no cap space and major holes at important postions(shooting guard, point guard, and center come to mind) ...you've got some work to do Ed, lets see what you got...

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