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Brian I must say I really enjoy your blog. Its a shame that all of this interesting insight you have is wasted on the Sixers. I feel just meh about the sixers because they are pretty mediocre and dont seem to have any cap space to change that...I wish the Eagles blog had as much action as the Sixers blog. Both in fans comments as well as new stories because at this point they are a whole lot more interesting..to me at least. They may not win it all but they always seem to be really close. Anyway...good job. If the Sixers dont win today they wont win another game until November.

Rob reply to Gdog on Apr 12 at 10:48

The blog and insight from Brian is because he loves the Sixers and the game of basketball as do I.This becomes the worst time of the year for us fans when the season is just about over and we know our team will not compete for a championship. Then we start to look forward to July 1 when teams can talk to free agents and trades happen. Then maybe we can share some optimism that maybe this will be the year.......

You know, I love the Eagles, but it took an absolute miracle for them to get into the playoffs this season and their front office has been more concerned with long-term cap flexibility than taking a risk that might get them a ring since the TO signing. At least the Sixers aren't afraid of bold moves. The Sixers are also going to the playoffs for the second straight season, which is something the Eagles haven't done since their Super Bowl season.

Ben friggin Gordon...he sure would look good on the floor for our Sixers. He was on fire last night. As many close games as we play, all we need is a 3 pointer here or there to come out on top. And like Mike said a few weeks ago, the crowd just bubbles over with emotion when a 3 is launched by one of our guys only to sound like a deflating tire when it clangs off the rim. Oh well, the offseason awaits on that front (hopefully).

Looking at tiebrakers:

Am I right that if Miami and Philly tie Miami wins the tiebraker by way of better conference record?

Does that make Miami's magic number 2?

Yes, I believe it does.

Anyone see that Hedo had to be helped off the floor for the Magic last night? Looks like a sprained ankle and I'm guessing the same time frame as Thad's injury, which means he'll probably be gone for most of the first round.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 13:37

And Rashard has tendinitis in one of his knees. We really need to get the 6th seed as the Magic are now locked into the 3rd. And they lost last night with no Devin Harris for the Nets even though I think they were tired b/c of something like 4 games in 5 days.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 14:09


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