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Who Knows What To Expect?

Hey, wasn't Garnett supposed to play today?

He isn't playing until the last game of the season vs. Wash. Or at least that was the last plan I heard.

What if they're just setting us up for the huge upset in the playoffs as the 7th seed?!

I said it before, there's no upset I'd love more than the Sixers taking down the Celtics, but there's also no team I'd hate to be knocked out by more than the Celts.

Well, it's going to be up to the Sixers to ruin Cleveland's home dominance on the last day of the season. They pounded the Celts, up by 30 in the fourth quarter right now.

Same starting lineup, I wonder if Evans will be on Bosh. Find out soon enough. Tip is coming up.

Brian - did you see fagans interview with DiLeo?

Yeah, he seems to have his head screwed on straight about everything. Good to hear him say he'll either be coaching or back in the front office next season.

My favorite part of that interview actually :)

Game is on NBA TV today

I love getting the other team's feeds. This is a direct quote, "Willie Green can shoot the lights out!"

Yeah, i heard that (background, more studying for me today - trying to figure out a good blogging model) and wondered if they actually meant he'd break some bulbs

2 on dalembert and 2 on bosh early. advantage sixers.

Terrible energy to start the game. Picked up a little when Lou came in. Down 22-27 after 1.

it's probably too much to expect them to play any defense today. that's understandable.

What's defense?

Lou should play 40 minutes tonight. They don't have anyone who can keep him out of the lane.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 18:45

Wishful thinking, Tony's coaching.

Literally, Lou should score 50 in this game.

Rush in the game

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 12 at 18:48

He has to shoot the lights out better than Willie, doesn't he?

Doing absolutely nothing.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 18:58

At this point, I'd rather see him get those 5-6 min. than Willie.

Jesus, they're doubling Lou at the top of the floor with a big to get the ball out of his hands. Move the ball and you're going to get dunks, easy dunks.

Bargnani can shoot, man.

Ivey w/ 2 threes. Hilarious.

Make it three. I'd say he's feeling pretty good w/ that jumper, huh? He had a hand in his face for the third.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 18:53

yea that last one was a heat check and he made it

Just somebody make Tony keep Reg and Will on the pine for the majority of the 3rd. And he's fighting the plague here in the 2nd.

+12 since Lou came in for Willie.

Why do they not keep going to the guys w/ a hot hand? We get quick points then they don't touch balls for minutes. Why?

That's a good question. A better question right now would be why did Lou stop going to the hoop. They have no one on their roster who can stay in front of him.

I think he has to be given the ball w/ time. I believe he only had the ball 1 time, Reggie, sammy, Miller, Iggy (the guys that are hot tonite) kept the ball.

What about that lane violation...

53-53 at the half. 8-1 run for Toronto to end the first half. Unacceptable.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 19:14

It's when he went 3 on 5 again when it occurred too. On offense. ugh

Let's go Knicks? Up 2 at the half over Miami.

Let's go Sixers, they have to win this game. Come on.

Shocking news, DiLeo goes with the same starting lineup to start the third.

Do you guys know Iggy has thrown away atleat 4 times the ball.

2 of those should've been caught by Sammy. The behind-the-back to Speights was stupid.

Wow, he has 6 turnovers. Possibly quadruple-double. 12 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, 6 turnovers.

Looking much better to start the third?

I wish Sam would play D that smart everytime.

Just grab it, it's round...

8 shots for Reggie. That is unacceptable.

Make that 9. I think 4 of them have been blocked.

Put Lou and Sp8's in the darn game..

1st time he has went to the rim too it seems like tonight.

Speights draws the charge on Bosh. That was a nice play and he was set.

Well, down 1 heading into the fourth. I think this final 12 minutes will tell us just about all we need to know about the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 20:00

I really don't want to pile on the guy, but it will tell us all we need to know about TD also.

Hate this small lineup.

Did he have to go this extreme with the lineup to start the 4th?

what in the world is wrong w/ Iggy tonite. He stinks, guys. Can someone tell him to stop playing STUPID, please.

This is fucking pitiful. Small ball is really working for you, Tony.

87-80 Raptors and the Sixers are showing no life. 8 turnovers for Iguodala now.

By the way, Dalembert is leading the team with 16 points, he has 8 boards and only 2 fouls.

But he is still playing 3 on 5 essestially with Theo and Ivey out there.

I can probably tell you exactly how this game will end. The Sixers will go on a run, cut it to 1 or 2, then Toronto will can a three, and the Sixers will shrivel up and die.

It's so much fun watching them just quit. I mean, absolutely quit.

Congrats to Iguodala for his double-double, by the way.

Miami took control against New York. The #5 seed is officially gone, if Chicago wins tomorrow night, the #6 seed will be gone as well. It'll be a battle between the Sixers and the Pistons for #8.


COme onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

They'll get it to one possession, then Toronto will hit a three. Mark my words.

I think Sammy has a broken hand.

Well you wanted the Celts B.

It's going to be the cavs.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 20:35

just like you said, at least they will sell out their home games

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 20:39

If the Pistons lose to the Bulls tom. night, aren't they assured of 8th? Even if we lose the last two.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 12 at 20:53

Nope, so basically we will need the Pistons to lose to the Heat too, that is, if we lose our last two. Hope they don't sit Wade in that one, which they probably will.

Nah, Sixers hold the tiebreaker over the Pistons. Check my wrap, I break down the playoff possibilities in there.

40-42. Sounds familiar.

"Yeah but Thad's out." (post game excuse/quote from every Sixers player and coach.)

did you see lou shoot that 3 before the buzzer, then slap his hands in disgust after he missed? what a piece of shit. he's permanently lost my respect this season.


don't pick on Lou, he is the only guard that was worth anything tonite, IMO.

Mike reply to DeanH on Apr 12 at 21:45

he played well but he obviously doesn't care at all about winning

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