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Dead In The Water

The really is not much worth saying at this point. Its all been said.

I'm looking for positives to focus on, and all I can think is that in 2 more years Sam, Evans and Green will no longer be Sixers... and if any are re-signed I might blow a gasket!

All I can manage is shaking my head and swearing under my breath.

Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 22:23

Five straight road losses.

The game marked the fourth straight time opponents scored 100-plus against them for an average of 108.3.

I give Iguodala a little credit for taking the blame afterward: "I just had some bad turnovers and miscommunication, so it is all on me."

I'd rather not be in the situation where our best player has to admit he blew the game, but I guess it's good that he owned it.

Any word on Dalembert's hand? He was grimacing and holding it after just about every play he was involved in tonight.

Again looking for silver linings in a hurricane... but any shot DiLeo makes a change in the starting line-up? Maybe sitting WG or Evans so we don't have to look at players in a Sixers uniform starting who 90% of the fanbase dislike?

I'm not suggesting changes would yield more wins, just maybe a line-up that is easier on the eyes?

I doubt it. They're so stubborn with their starting lineups. This time last year we were begging for Thad, and it only happened when Evans got injured, then they went back to Evans for the playoffs.

Lou Williams with a career high in foul shots made, tied his career high in foul shots attempted. Williams is, by the way, tenth in the league in foul shots attempted per minute. So if you're looking for a silver lining in the all-too-often inefficient cloud that is Louis Williams... there you have it.

deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 9:15

3 good things to take from this streak; 1]moving up in the draft 2]maybe E.S. will bring a toughminded coach 3]maybe this small lineup thing will be rethought next year

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